Will Javier Milei’s Policies Create an Economy Boom or Bust?

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Cameron Long

  • T B says:

    Fantastic content and insights once again, thanks George G!

  • MrLion says:

    Wonderfully done. I was just trying to explain this to someone

  • Norsefalconer says:

    New term, “Core GDP.” It’s GDP minus Gov’t spending, because Gov’t spending is too volatile.

  • John Hasse says:

    Consider New Zealand in the 80s, and the experience of a man named McTigue, who helped save New Zealand from bankruptcy.

  • Valerie Price says:

    Banks were creating their own paper currency in the 1800s too.

  • Silver Liner says:

    Maybe Argentina needs to cry for all of us, because they have found the right way and we haven’t.

  • victor yaurima says:

    Now I got questions about the FED’s role in the 1920s

  • rrangana11 says:

    @18:29 The best explanation about what people think about ( made to think)FED.

  • Paul says:

    You are great George, serious issues are coming here in NZ, housing prices, ect

  • Linda Nates says:

    *My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in US. The government has really called things more difficult for its citizens and even on retirement, and we can’t sit back and bear all the consequences of the bad governance. We need to take our financial life serious….. I recommend stock market investment and digital currencies*

    • Peace Leader says:

      We can’t grow our human species’ ambitions with national identity, sovereignty jurisdiction, and patriotism flags.. we need a one world government. 🌎.

  • RacingfortheSon says:

    You got me…..
    I totally thought you were going to say negative things about him from the first few minutes.

  • All Nighter Heider says:

    This was a fun one and very well explained
    Thanks George and rebel crew

  • Rya J says:

    America’s currency is on the chopping block for many countries who don’t want to be held hostage by American politicians. Which that’s any economy that produces everything we use lol.

  • Ian Penswick says:

    This will not end well. Best wishes to Javier. God’s speed. >……………..:|

  • Joyce Koch says:

    If Argentina can be patient and give this guy 2-3 years to reboot things will work out well but the pain will be bad up front.

  • Alastair Dagg says:

    It’s possible for governments to create debt free money. The central banksters don’t like it much though.

  • George Boutwell says:

    Thank you for the whiteboard. Some what you said avoided my question but you gave more answers than I ask. Thanks George

  • AverageJoe says:

    George, thank you so much for this whiteboard video. It was hilarious. 😂

  • Jim Bob says:

    If Argentina uses the dollar, what controls the interest rates, the business cycle will be at different stages in different countries eg when Ireland joined the ECB its interest rates were high in its then currency Irish punts, the ECB rate was much lower. This is what fueled the celtic tiger economy into a major bust economy

  • Ken Davis says:

    Argentina is going to be an interesting economic experiment, should they be able to both implement and stick with the new economic regime for at least a handful of years.
    Unfortunately, there are many globalist entities that will be doing everything they can to make it fail. I wish the Argentinians Godspeed and hope they can withstand the forces that will almost certainly align against them.

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