Global Real Estate Markets Could Crash Because Of This…

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Cameron Long

  • @BatmanBoss says:

    Let the prices hit the floor!

  • @happyman999 says:

    Thank you for sharing – as always a grad pleasure to hear your words

  • @MK-ft3qt says:

    People don’t panic anymore….they just go with the flow.

  • @Matt_K says:

    We have multiple job holders at All Time High because we have such resilient and hard working society….right????🤪

    • @robbay8610 says:

      Fed: makes total sense to me

    • @michaelg4931 says:

      Laziness and envy aren’t noble traits….

    • @silenciothequiet3471 says:

      ​@@michaelg4931 Did you even listen? Non-wealthy People holding multiple jobs can barely keep their head above the water, never mind building up wealth, it is about being in survival mode in a “booming economy”…

  • @kimeccleston5586 says:

    Good on you Australia!

  • @markneilson1044 says:

    18 year real estate cycle. Says 2026 is the crash.

    • @Gio-ue8ps says:

      Possibly, it definitely ain’t happening this year. Bc it’s an election year

    • @stevejobs12345 says:

      ​@@Gio-ue8ps08 was an election year.

    • @kevinconroy6606 says:

      Sounds reasonable, there are certain dominoes that need to fall and this takes some time

    • @PineMatrix says:

      @@stevejobs12345True but it was the end of Bush’s 8 year term, not the middle. Different situation

    • @colbyharrington6166 says:

      I’d agree. The globalist will need a back up plan when Trump wins. There will be wage gains once again, but the risk outside the US will take it all down.

      Let’s be honest, inflation exacerbated the real estate market. Now institutional investors are buying up properties like nothing. That’ll keep prices elevated.

  • @btiger1281 says:

    Yes in Australia the prices are insane now !!

    • @kaypendergast5676 says:

      I just wonder … who the hell is buying in Australia. I think a lot of people are selling up Sydney and moving to Bb. But WHO is buying Sydney??????

    • @starbright1400 says:

      @@kaypendergast5676 Chinese investors

    • @user-xd9xy5yl9l says:

      You guys have so much space, just set up a few “sister cities”

    • @bbking0064 says:

      @@kaypendergast5676 I’m guessing wealthy foreigners who want to offload risk from their domestic market (i.e. take money out of their own country) account for a reasonable portion.

  • @7figurefello says:

    Circling the drain and about to go down.

  • @michaelcocheci3696 says:

    Well said, George!!! True, honest economic analysis in plain English !!!

  • @deeeeeeps says:

    The amount of building around me is absolutely INSANE. They are building these tiny homes 20ft from each other. Huge multi family buildings one after another. Everyone is having to buy new because nobody wants to sell their old home. When people realize they are paying 2x what they should for these tiny cookie cutters problems will happen.

    • @frankie2xx774 says:

      Yup the multi family buildings because there are wayyy more renters now since no one can afford a ho e lol I live in Vegas and I see a ton of apartment complexes being built since there are tons of People that can only rent

    • @Evertraveller says:

      15 minutes cities.

    • @zenastronomy says:

      they know. but ppl have no choices as we live in a monopoly hostage economy strangled by banks.

    • @collie8 says:

      that’s a Soviet style living. Congrats America.

    • @klmn2000 says:

      We have a word for those flats in Europe: shoeboxes. Over inflated here also, mainly in the UK.

  • @danielkurek7009 says:

    George you realize that truck drivers are the largest employed career field In the United States and an average work week for a truck driver is 60 to 80 hours a week. Im a truck driver and I’ve been working 80 hours a week for the last 21 years.😢

    • @TheFunkybert says:

      It’s a choice .. simple as that. You are not a slave

    • @danielkurek7009 says:

      @@TheFunkybert I was just pointing out the false data.. I mean seriously, I could debunk every single statistic and data that comes out.. It is literally all lies, perception management. Or as I like to call it psychological warfare!! They’re all guilty of treason! We’re all trying to base reality off of false narratives false data false statistics false charts nothing but lies.. stagflate, tax, lie.

    • @mjwmontgomery says:


    • @TexasRiverRat31254 says:

      Yes, I was skilled trades in construction and maintenance of power and semi conductor facilities and was either working 60-80 hours or waiting for the next one. Fortunately I was a union employee after 1989 and my pay package included a generous contribution to a national pension plan that now allows me to live a decent life at 70 and retired.

    • @danielkurek7009 says:

      @@TexasRiverRat31254 yeah and all the younger generations are wondering what happened to pensions? Now we have extremely risky speculative 401ks. It’s basically nowhere that we can invest and save for retirement that’ll beat the rate of inflation without taking a ton of risk.

  • @HelenNorton says:

    Brilliant video. Everyone in Aust thinks this ‘boom’ will never end… well not so sure about that! Looks like we have 2-3 years at most before the big bang.

  • @Venkatmohan2000 says:

    US real estate is securitized and sold outside the US, whereas China’s real estate is mostly inside China with a lot less risk of “contagion”.

    • @zenastronomy says:

      yes. exactly this is what he’s missing. china has very tight controls on money and assets.

      foreigners technically can’t own property in china. so MBS and such probably don’t exist sold abroad like western mortgages.

      china’s property has been crashing for years now. as well as their stocks. but it hasn’t affected the west as they don’t allow derivatives and leverage trading etc like we do in west.

      west will crash and take down china, and not other way round.

  • @BillGuyHawaii says:

    Excellent presentation. Thank you for pulling together all the facts. Keep on keeping on.

  • @wernermesserer4464 says:

    Houses are for living not for speculation.
    Depending on your perspective, lower prices can be a good thing.

    • @jameslee-dp6cb says:

      I agree. I hate the idea of corporate investment controlling our housing market.

    • @Roylamx says:

      @@jameslee-dp6cb How many things can you name not controlled by greed & corporations?
      There must be something….

    • @waliagovind says:

      @@jameslee-dp6cb Corporate investment is good. We just need government out so free market can adjust. If the price is high, builders should build more so they can make more money. At some point supply will increase the demand and then price will come down. Government interference with controlling permits, manipulating interest rates, wage requirements, solar requirements, etc is increasing the price. In California just the permitting cost over 100k for an average house.

    • @craigbrison4241 says:

      @@waliagovind sure boot licker. Prime example of Idiocracy education.

    • @craigbrison4241 says:

      @@jameslee-dp6cb It should be illegal for any corporation or foreign entity to own a single family home. Period end of story. If you’re not living in it you can’t buy it.

  • @taffmudman says:

    The problem for decades has been that there is credit to buy anything. If we had to pay cash or direct debit for all purchases except for houses and cars, we would have different world around us. The everything bubble will eventually explode!

  • @dilara4130 says:

    I plan to retire at 62 in another country outside the US that is free, safe and very cheap with a high quality of life. I could fully just rely on only my SS if I wanted to when that times arrives but I’ll also have at least one pension, a 403 (b) and a very prolific lnvestment account with my Abby Joseph Cohen my FA. Retiring comfortably in the US these days is almost impossible. I honestly don’t understand why people don’t move to another country when they get older in retirement. It seems everybody has excuses for almost anything to not take action to better their situation.

    • @NaomiVardy-oe5rk says:

      I went from no money to lnvest with to busting my A** off on Uber eats for four months to raise about $20k to start trading with Abby Joseph Cohen. I am at $128k right now and LOVING that you have to bring this up here

    • @ryancihet555 says:

      How do i reach her, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • @NaomiVardy-oe5rk says:

      her name is ‘ABBY JOSEPH COHEN SERVICES’. Just research the name. You’d find necessary details to work with a correspondence to set up an appointment.

    • @TatomWyett says:

      Been debt free for two years thanks to Abby Joseph Cohen Services. So sad to see my friends in their 40s with car loans, mortgages and credit card debt.

    • @glenn9196 says:

      I love people with their initial doubts about the prospects of financial advisors like Abby Joseph Cohen in business/markets today. Gives me more time to get ahead while they stew in their own pity and doubts as they childishly complain about those spreading the word

  • @RaymondKeen. says:

    Great video! For 2024, it’s hard to nail down specific predictions for the housing market is because it’s not yet clear how quickly or how much the Federal Reserve can bring down inflation and borrowing costs without tanking buyer demand for everything from homes to cars.

    • @EddyAgnes-vy4kp says:

      I suggest you offset your real estate and get into stocks, A recession as bad it can be, provides good buying opportunities in the markets if you’re careful and it can also create volatility giving great short time buy and sell opportunities too. This is not financial advise but get buying, cash isn’t king at all in this time!

    • @hersdera says:

      Due to my demanding job, I lack the time to thoroughly assess my investments and analyze individual stocks. Consequently, for the past seven years, I have enlisted the services of a fiduciary who actively manages my portfolio to adapt to the current market conditions. This strategy has allowed me to navigate the financial landscape successfully, making informed decisions on when to buy and sell. Perhaps you should consider a similar approach.

    • @ScottKindle-bk3hx says:

      Do you mind sharing info on the adviser who assisted you?

    • @hersdera says:

      My CFA ’Melissa Terri Swayne’ , a renowned figure in her line of work. I recommend researching her credentials further. She has many years of experience and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the financial market.

    • @CraigLloyd-fz6ns says:

      I am grateful for your assistance. My finances have been in disarray, and I have experienced multiple losses in my 401k, IRA, and mutual funds. I hope that Melissa can provide me with the guidance needed to rectify the situation before it reaches a critical point.

  • @StevenBrown142 says:

    Thanks Mate, the sad truth is that no one has a clue, we all react to what happens as it happens and try to analyse it but can’t predict an iota of what is going to unfold in the markets… content creators are like amplifiers, when times are good they affirm it and try to tell you why it’s good and that it’s looking bullish but then all of a sudden the market turns bearish and everyone affirms it again and try to analyse why… it’s so sad that many are so powerless and it’s not about guessing the market’s next move; it’s about playing it smart and steady during trading…managed to grow a nest egg of around 2.3Bitcoin to a decent 19Bitcoin in the space of a few months… I’m especially grateful to Whitney Eston, whose deep expertise and traditional trading acumen have been invaluable in this challenging, ever-evolving financial landscape.

    • @StevenBrown142 says:

      Whitney Eston program is widely available online..

    • @PeterReiniger963 says:

      I appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the team behind Whitney’s trade signal service.

    • @Lucas53201 says:

      I agree that there are strategies that could be put in place for solid gains regardless of economy or market condition, but such executions are usually carried out by investment experts or advisors with experience…

    • @Heather53466 says:

      Thanks for keeping it light and real at the same time. Much needed for us traders in times like these!

    • @LoriArredondo says:

      Building a good investment portfolio is more complex so I would recommend you seek Whitney support. This way you can get strategies designed to address your unique long/short-term goals and financial dreams..

  • @Frankweily says:

    After building a rental property portfolio, I grew weary of the real estate market challenges and decided to sell. Now, with about $5 million, I’m considering investing in the stock market with solid positions. What are your thoughts?

    • @Madridstrat says:

      With $5 million, a single misstep can have substantial consequences. It’s essential to invest cautiously and diversify, allocating 40-50% in safe investments. Given your budget, I recommend seeking financial advisory services.

    • @Bunnydrille says:

      Absolutely! Most undervalue advisors, but their expertise and risk mitigation strategies are invaluable for savvy investors. For those with busy schedules, monitoring the market is challenging, so we delegate to experts. I’m currently working with one, and my portfolio has grown to $1.3M, a 25% increase from last year, with robust diversification and inflation hedging.

    • @Cottoncandyh says:

      This is mind blowing! As a young adult inheriting about $500k and new to stock investing, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to your advisor. I can’t afford to make costly mistakes.

    • @Bunnydrille says:

      She goes by “Melissa Elise Robinson” I suggest you look her up. To be honest, I almost didn’t buy the idea of letting someone handle growing my finance, but so glad I did.

    • @Cottoncandyh says:

      Thanks for sharing. I curiously searched for her full name and her website popped up immediately. I looked through her credentials and did my due diligence before contacting her.

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