Can You Have “Diabetic Complications” Before Becoming Diabetic?

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Dennis Pollock discusses how it is that people below the diabetic threshold can have diabetic complications.

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  • @TheGardenAndWormLady says:

    My pre-diabetes is slowly reversing thanks to your videos PRAISE GOD!!!!🙏🏽❤️🤗

    • @vickymyprayergarden6846 says:

      Awesome !!! Keep going

    • @TheGardenAndWormLady says:

      @@vickymyprayergarden6846 🙏🏽 ☦️ I’m so grateful for his videos, I was plant based for a year and my hair started falling out. It was crazy

  • @nancyballard8666 says:

    I had no symptoms with an A1c of 9.3. Now I am down to 5.5. Thankful.

    • @Beethechange1 says:

      I didn’t either 10.3

    • @Ariella-mx3xq4cw6n says:

      I said I had no symptoms as well, but I did, I put on weight, no matter how I tried I could not lose it. My blood pressure was high. On 3 types of medication. Now on Ketovore, loosing weight, dropped a BP medication. hope to drop more.

    • @Beethechange1 says:

      @@Ariella-mx3xq4cw6n my BP was caused by metabolic syndrome.. docs did nothing until i was diabetic.. Thanx alot

  • @persophone4554 says:

    I love all the hard work you do. But, there are still people who refuse to take care of themselves. A friend of my sister ended up in hospital with a blood glucose level of over 600mg/dL… (33mmol) She’s going blind, has many neuropathies and complained that her meter is useless – its always reading as “too HIGH” and doctors don’t know anything! I can’t imagine she will last much longer.

  • @GerbenWulff says:

    Two reasons why you can have diabetic complications without a diabetic A1C (there are probably more):
    1. A1C is a proxy for your average glucose level and the damage caused by glycation (glucose binding to proteins in our body). There are many reasons why your A1C may be inaccurate. For instance, while A1C is more or less a proxy for glucose levels over the last three months, a plant-based diet can reduce the lifetime of your hemoglobin, which leads to lower A1C results, while a meat-heavy diet can extend the life of your hemoglobin, which leads to a slightly raised A1C. This lady was following a plant-based diet, so it makes help explain why she had symptoms without a diabetic A1C.
    2. Glucose is not the only problem. High fructose also causes damage, so even if your glucose levels are not too high, fructose might already cause damage. We however do not monitor fructose.

    • @Frans1956 says:

      Bought myself a small jar with honey, well the pathway is sometimes so disturbing. Like Paul Saledino implemented honey. But later on i heard of this bad component fructose. The honey went in the waisting. Making the good diet choices is not as easy as it might seem. Lots too learn

    • @GerbenWulff says:

      @@Frans1956 Frans, I eat mostly carnivore, but I also sometimes eat small amounts of carbs, including fruits. And on rare occasions I use honey. Depending on your situation, you are going to have to make choices on where your red lines are. I am a T2D and I did succeed in bringing my glucose and insulin levels down. I can now eat small amounts of carbs. Just small amounts, because I am still insuline resistant. I don’t eat any carbs when I’m hungry unless I have a low carb meal prepared. That is just asking for cravings.
      What you can eat is personal. I think Paul Saladino is not a T2D and he probably works out a lot more than I do. He can burn the sugars he eats.

  • @DutchCarnivore says:

    That’s an interesting fact the jump from 6.3% to 5.7% apparently has much more impact than the jump from say 8% to 7%. I can confirm this as a T1 diabetic. My A1C has always been below 6, but in the high 5s my blood glucose would be all over the place, in the mid and low 5s everything ok.

  • @darkwood777 says:

    I track and plot my blood glucose several times every day. I also calculate and plot the confidence intervals of the regression line to see the variance over time. After opening a new container of glucose strips I noticed all of my fasting readings were now elevated above their normal values. After tracking this for two weeks, I switched to a new container of testing strips and found the readings were now back to what they usually are with this meter. I analyzed my historical data and found that the “bad” test strips were giving me fasting glucose results that were 12 points above the previous 3 month baseline. I’m glad I’ve been so careful keeping records to be able to pick up this anomaly. I’m not sure how these strips are made and tested, but I guess they passed inspection at the factory. They didn’t pass my inspection, though.

  • @johnmadany9829 says:

    A lot of the complications of diabetes are due to high insulin levels. You can have a high insulin level for years before it shows up in the fasting blood sugar or hemoglobin A1c.
    Before starting on any chronic medication it would be worth knowing what the fasting insulin.

    • @MrCljp24 says:

      What value represents a high insulin level? No one seem to know for sure. And, what is a physiologically normal value for insulin after a meal. Again, no one seem to know for sure. It seem to be all relative, with some guesswork and/or estimation!!

  • @videoproboston2450 says:

    These stories always bring me to this question: Why is pre-diabetic not just diabetic? It seems that once you reach that level (pointing at myself) the rules are the same.

  • @darkl3ad3r says:

    My A1C is 5.0 (down from 5.6) and I still get symptoms in my eyes if I have a particularly bad meal. Think pizza and soda, super high fat and carb. My vision starts getting blurry and hazy. I also get extremely thirsty when this happens. It’s pretty clear to me this is a symptom of poor glucose control. My doctor said I don’t have diabetes or even prediabetes and wouldn’t order an oral glucose tolerance test because my fasting glucose is “ok” despite being right around that 100 mark on good days and my A1C is ok. But like the person in your video, I ordered a Dexcom G7 and sure enough after eating a bad meal like that, my blood sugar spikes up to over 180mg and lingers as high as 140mg for hours. It’s pretty clear to me that I’m at the very least prediabetic. It’s frustrating that doctors will be so dismissive until you’re basically too far gone to really avoid the majority of damage. It’s almost as if what we know to be worth its weight in gold (prevention) isn’t what these doctors are after. They want us to come for the cure and cough up the ponies for their pharmaceutical company buddies’ medicine.

  • @dcnike820 says:

    Another very good post. If I may offer an alternative for your comments on the first written comment from a viewer. Often fasting glucose and HbA1c move in the same way, so we recommend people either test fasting insulin (if above 7, it is a problem) or HOMA-IR, which is a combined fasting insulin and glucose. Basically insulin (high sustained insulin) masks the health problems. Waiting for HbA1c to rise can take up to 20 years (published studies).

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very useful. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @tortiecat6459 says:

    I love your videos. They all are so inspiring and uplifting. They give hope and encouragement to anyone experiencing diabetic symptoms. No doom and gloom despair like it’s too late to do anything, just keep eating the SAD diet. Thank you for your devotion and passion to help all of us out there who need to hear some hope and truth about this condition. My parents both had Type 2 and are now deceased. I don’t want to end up on the same road as they were. Your videos keep me going in the right direction. Thanks again. And blessings to Benedicta.

  • @ellen9579 says:

    Congratulations, Ms. Subscriber!

  • @2puffs770 says:

    The body confuses me. Woke yesterday to a 97 fasting glucose, went for a 30 minute walk and came back to an 88 reading, This morning I woke to a 76 fasting glucose, went for the same 30 minute walk and came back to test at 89. I think my meter sucks, or something! IDK

  • @user-tb5fq3qx9g says:

    Yes, most people do not know that you can have SEVERE PROBLEMS in the insulin resistance stage well before prediabetes and diabetes, this happened to me.

  • @kathym6603 says:

    I never miss your videos, Dennis, no matter what the topic is. I’m always glad I “clicked.”

  • @MB19ap says:

    I feel like I can’t live with carbs and can’t live without them. I have symptoms after I eat carbs and some bodily changes, but then if I don’t eat carbs I feel I can’t eat enough calories like I am going to pass out and my stomach doesn’t tolerate a lot of high fat foods. Asked the doctor for a glucose tolerance test, but my hemoglobin a1c is in the normal range so he said there is no need, but I feel like it’s an easy thing to rule out.

  • @billtroutman7172 says:

    Dennis I always thank you for your wisdom and work. I have a question. I have had pain in my shoulders, neck and low back. I went to my Dr. and he put me on prednisone. My sugars were going crazy with the pain 128 but now with the prednisone I’m 157 and staying in the 130’s. What should I do? It’s freaking me out. Thanks God Bless

  • @Ariella-mx3xq4cw6n says:

    The test need is a fasting insulin. Your blood glucose may appears normal, but your insulin could be sky high, The insulin is working hard, trying to keep your blood glucose normal.
    More glucose, more insulin.

  • @goshimasworld says:

    Hey Dennis and everyone. Ok this is the best way to get in touch. There is a non salt spice called 21 Season Salute by Trader Joes. 21 spices that includes onion, cayenne pepper, oregano, lemon juice powder, etc, I love it better flavor with 0 carbs. I use it. God Bless.

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