6 Go To Foods That Keep My A1c at 5.0

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Dennis Pollock shares some of the foods he eats that keeps his glucose close to normal levels.

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Cameron Long

  • @TheSkite575 says:

    Good morning from Minnesota Dennis

  • @user-nn7yv7tb6f says:

    We want specific there are different ways well said. From Johannesburg South Africa 🌄🇿🇦

  • @stonerman4206 says:

    Good morning from Canada everyone
    I hope you are having a better day than I am so far

  • @annettejohnson7790 says:

    Thank you Dennis for helping me go from 6.1 in May 2023, down to 5.2 April 9th 2024. Your guidance has helped me immensely!!! ❤

  • @annettejohnson7790 says:

    From Dallas, Tx

  • @bobbkg762 says:

    Good information…

  • @Beethechange1 says:

    👍🏿 Ben kept looking at the ☀️ without glasses on 😱

  • @sheilam8748 says:

    Good morning… MN here as well… I love strawberries. I eat those, blackberries and raspberries. Not a fan of blueberries. We had enchiladas last night. We rarely do anything like that. They were so good. I know, i know not good for you but really good tasting. The problem with doing that is it’s hard to stay in the right track after but we are…. You can’t always be perfect. Right?

  • @woodennickel2231 says:

    Thanks Dennis for all your hard work in helping us to understand diabetes and in helping us overcome it.

  • @slugo915 says:

    Good morning Dennis. Thanks again for sharing more ideas. This lifestyle isn’t hard for myself any longer. God bless you for helping so many. 🙏

  • @jobrown8146 says:

    *My minimum fuss mug cake method* I have a mini scale, place the mug on the scale and turn on, weigh 14gm butter, cover with round takeaway container lid and microwave for between 30 & 45 secs. During this time I beat an egg (I have a plunger whisk which is great for this), to which I add 1T sweetener, 1T coconut flour, flavouring (if using cocoa powder 1T but increase butter to 20gm), 1/4t baking powder and use a mini hand whisk then mix the egg mix into the melted butter in the mug. No need to spray. I have cut off the top of a cream bottle (made from the same plastic as milk bottles here in Australia) and it makes a narrow container of a suitable height for beating the egg and mixing the ingredients. I have a silicone spatula that I have cut along the thick side to make it narrower to fit in the cream bottle.

  • @patrickfoh3638 says:

    Denise thank you for your service to humanity thru your video’s.
    Can diabetes cause pancreas cancer?

  • @larrywhitt1649 says:

    You can still eat bread. Pick you out a low carb bread and freeze it and toast it before you make a sandwich. It knocks about 40% of the spike.

  • @Paulamorenzie says:

    Dennis Love you and your family. Happy for you and wife ❤️ 💕

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  • @emh8861 says:

    She keeps looking at the sun 🤣. So funny, she’s such a happy camper. 🙏

  • @karahamil3657 says:

    We didn’t get much of the eclipse up here in MA …. I loved hearing the excitement and joy in Ben’s voice.. the excitement at Gods handiwork ! Doing low carb I still have to count calories … makes it hard … my glucose is rising every time my dr tests but says it’s fine ..fasting is up to 108 …. Not sure of the A1C…

  • @jackleentoop7693 says:

    I have finally got my A1C to 5.0, it has taken me two years. Losing 14kg helped, walking helped, swimming helped, but keeping away from the carbs has helped the most. I just eat meat and vegetables and almost negligible processed food. Everything is done from scratch.

  • @emh8861 says:

    Dennis you look awesome for 70 . I think you’re going to live a lot longer than 80 !

  • @gohbeekheok2985 says:

    Thank You Dennis for all your Beat Diabetes Videos. They are just Great !!

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