Investing Beyond Wall Street: Exploring Mineral Rights and Real Estate – Mike Mauceli, Mat Sorensen

The Energy Show with REI Energy, hosted by Mike Mauceli, dives into the underutilized world of self-directed IRAs, presenting a staggering $16 trillion opportunity for investors. Guest Mat Sorensen, a wealth lawyer and CEO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company, sheds light on how self-directed IRAs can diversify investment portfolios beyond traditional stocks and […]

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The Real Impact of Financial Policies on Your Wallet – John MacGregor

In this episode of Full Disclosure, host John McGregor dives deep into the current financial landscape, highlighting several critical issues that directly impact your wallet and financial future. MacGregor discusses the IRS's focus on the middle class despite promises to target the wealthy, revealing data that disproves common perceptions about the tax obligations of the […]

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