Build Your Diabetes-Reversing Diet Around These 8 Foods, and WATCH GLUCOSE LEVELS DROP!

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses some of the core foods that make up a diabetes-beating, diabetes-reversing diet.

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Cameron Long

  • @lorettacaputo6997 says:

    You two, should have been the replacements for Wheel of Fortune. You could have renamed the show Wheel of Food.

  • @spookyfish3792 says:

    Been watching you guys and learning. My a1c was 8.5 three weeks ago and i decided to go low carb heavy on the meat. My sugars are averaging in the low 90’s for a week with a low one of 76 and I’ve lost 9 lbs! Thank you for all you do.😊

    • @nancydb1390 says:

      Good for you!

    • @thatguywithteethandhair5641 says:

      since I started watching your video’s 2 months ago and started to watch what I eat I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and got my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7 my meter is in the normal range now and I have stopped drinking pop the next thing is to quit smoking lol

  • @kayfreschly6272 says:

    What a jacket! Giggles. You two can be so funny.

  • @CodesterCamie says:

    LOL. Great presentation! Thanks for the chuckle in this serious topic.

  • @slugo915 says:

    Good morning Dennis I got all awards right except chia seed pudding. Can’t say it enough, God bless your channel 🙏 Must admit in the beginning when first diagnosed type 2 I was over whelmnd and you made so easy to understand how to bear it. When I was young I never knew eating carbs turned into sugar. Also when were young we think , all that’ll never happen to me. Well, most people it does catch up and fast. 🙏 You and Benedict are now family as others on this channel 🎉💐

  • @memefree3101 says:

    Hey what a nice surprise seeing Benedicta ❤ great work you two

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was really educational. Thank you, Dennis and Benedicta.

  • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

    Just watched an interview with Dr Lufkin by Dr Tony now im at the academy awards😊 life is good ❤
    You two are beautiful ❤️

  • @williamberliant8145 says:

    Wonderful & fun video. No diet is perfect, but thank you so much for steering us in the right direction.

    • @kathym6603 says:

      Right about no diet being perfect. Everybody’s body is different. And . . . different at different times of their life.

  • @ameliastelmach148 says:

    Yes it’s true! You are back by popular demand. You two are fantastic and I am so thankful I found you two.

  • @crysdavis7815 says:

    Love your videos ,always keep me inline …Great to see Benadicta..looking beautiful as usual…thanks for sharing guys ❤

  • @justasimplesomeone says:

    Love you, both! Thank you so much!

  • @maryjohnson863 says:

    Mr. Dennis and Ms. Benedicta: I had my diabetes follow-up appointment this past Monday. My new doctor was proud of my management of my blood sugar. It averaged 130 over the last 4-month period. So I am no longer taking glipuzide, and my dosage of Metformin dropped from 1,000 mg to 500 twice a day.

  • @lovesJesus448 says:

    ❤Very nice!❤see you guys in heaven someday soon we hope Lord Jesus come quickly!❤

  • @MichaelTheophilus906 says:

    Dennis, everyone should eat this way, not just diabetics.

  • @gailcurtis5156 says:

    This is a fun video to watch. Benedicta is lovely. Thank you both for all your information on Diabetes, you have helped so many people. May God bless you both in all you do.

  • @sherriemckee1792 says:

    Been watching you 2 for years. I’m now 30 lbs lighter and Dr. Told me to throw away my metformin l didn’t need it anymore as long as I behave myself.

  • @richiprosadmistry414 says:

    Wonderful Video! Appreciate Denise’s dedication to educate to increase awareness of blood sugar.

    My recent A1C was 5.3. I have recently changed job and went to see a new doctor. The doctor sent me to a Dietician. Dietician asked me not to fast. Also, asked me to eat 3 square meals a day with 50-60% calories from carbohydrate. When I gently mentioned that more carbohydrate may increase my insulin and create more insulin resistance.

    She mentioned that she cannot go against ADA recommendation. That is her job.

    I was wondering, why I am wasting my money!

  • @amaliamorales5606 says:

    My two favorite people who have been an inspiration in my journey fighting the beast diabetes. Thank you so much.

  • @robyndavis5192 says:

    Thank you so much. So happy to have your links. You Dennis and Benedictine have put alot of work into helping people with diabetes.

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