You’ve Been Told “Normal Blood Sugar is Impossible for Diabetes.” WRONG!

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Dennis Pollock discusses the radical idea of normal blood glucose for diabetics.

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Cameron Long

  • @jacquelinefransaw6911 says:

    Cut down on carbs and sugar and walk and more walking is the key I went from 13.8 to 5.8 I still got more work to do.

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀😘🥀 Per Dennis, “Reducing spikes have been my way out of diabetic misery! Reducing gluse dpikes = lower insulin surges!”…Nuff said! 🥀🙂🥀

  • @emcinc9654 says:

    Good morning Dennis

  • @hillfamilyfarms1962 says:

    I’m going to have to quit strawberries. Have tested them twice. They cause a spike 0f 182.

    • @jeleco8426 says:

      How many are you eating at a time. I eat about 2 at a time and it doesn’t seem to do any rising to my blood sugar levels. I had rather have a couple strawberries than nome at all.

    • @hillfamilyfarms1962 says:

      @@jeleco8426 I would say 10. I was under the impression that they were the one thing that we could eat, according to Mr. Pollock calling them “God’s gift”. Guess I misunderstood.

  • @brg2743 says:

    Appreciate your videos. Still working on intermittent fasting and less carbs. Trying to eat less potatoes, bread and sugar. Fighting to stay healthy.

  • @johnbrando8248 says:

    That is inspiring Dennis…

  • @zohaibjaved995 says:

    Attention! Guys I have seen his videos and the research he has done I have applied these things to my diet and routine and they WORK, Dennis thank you for all the info, Hope to soon report back with my A1C, it was 10 in january but BS is almost stable after watching your vids,

  • @nancyballard8666 says:

    After months of trying to lower my blood sugar, I decided to journal my glucose numbers.

    I hate journaling because of keeping track of so many diets and beating myself up. I decided I am an experiment and researchers need information. I bought a calender that had room to write. I started simply and have gradually added pertinent things. Blood sugar(usually 3 times a day), how long I slept, my weight every day (just data, no judgment), if I took a walk, everything I ate (good or bad). After a month I went back and averaged my blood sugars for each day, then for the week. It isn’t perfect, but now I know my blood sugars are gradually coming down. Very encouraging!

    I look forward to my A1c test next month. I hope it is lower than last time but, if not, I can see my own improvement in food choices, timing of eating, etc. I keep my calender in the kitchen near my glucose meter.

    I hope this helps someone.

  • @angelarita7183 says:

    Thank you ,i know who you talking about ,you are the best

  • @Crimepaysaskapolitician says:

    Dr Bernstein’s journey is amazing, he’s amazing. I bought his book Diabetes Solution two days ago.

  • @darkwood777 says:

    Buy a glucose meter and use it! I am 69. Within several weeks I went from being T2 diabetic to an A1C of 5.4. It is still improving. My fasting glucose is now 93 and still falling. I now average 112 for meals. If something I eat ever spikes me over 130, I either cut the serving size in half and retest, or I simply cut it from future meals completely. It is very important to keep a log book of your meals and glucose readings so you can learn. Very happy to have learned so much from Dennis.

  • @carlotalascano5227 says:

    What about ist meal in the morning vegies first then protein & fats but minimal carbs

  • @Sparkling-Cyanide says:

    Thankfully, I had a great doctor. My A1C was always around 5.2 but, like you, I had a problem with reactive hypoglycemia. My doctor checked my fasting insulin and it was just under 30! Then I started checking my blood sugar and saw how messed up it was. The only thing that brought things back to normal was a low carb diet, cutting out all grains and starches, and sticking to above-ground veggies. Long story short, an A1C doesn’t tell the whole story if you’re prone to reactive hypoglycemia.

  • @olly2027 says:

    Getting my blood level checked today. I hope it’s in the 5’s. Wish me luck.

  • @videoproboston2450 says:

    I have been able to control my blood sugar in the normal range for a couple of weeks now with diet. I even stopped my weight loss meds to prove to myself this is diet and not meds. My fasting glucose has been in the low to mid/high 90’s now which is a new trend for me, but what I have noticed is that I get a rise every morning (after coffee and some half & half) by the time I get to work to about 124 and then by 11am I am under 100 for most of the day until I eat. Is this a normal rise every morning? I am losing lots of weight and I’m starting to think my liver is cleaning itself out after years of being abused with food.

  • @slugo915 says:

    Gm Dennis. Thank you again so much for continuing all you do to help the community. In the 5 club and plan to stay there. 🙏

  • @patwalkins2061 says:

    Hi good morning Dennis,what’s a spike really ?

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very helpful. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @timothyjones74 says:

    I’ve brought my A1c down from 11.2 to 6.0 over 2yrs. I still have the “Dawn Effect” and track with a CGM. Lost 40 lbs. I’ve been taking Metformin and hope to be able to reduce the dosage from 2,000mg to zero over time. Not too bad for a 77year old diabetic. Had a difficult time finding a doctor to work with😢

  • @judithoden says:

    I have had UTI’s for years and never once has a doctor suggested that it maybe related to being diabetic. As long as I am careful with diet no more infections. Thank you for mentioning this.
    Good morning, do enjoy your channel so much.

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