Cameron Long

  • @tomjones2348 says:

    Yea, George!….the government accountants “fixed” it. Lord help us.

    • @morriganfey6079 says:

      They did the same thing with unemployment, too. I wonder what the comparison between employment looks like between now and the 70s. I’m betting we’re already in stagflation.

    • @JFEnterprize says:

      Like the bobs in office space “we fixed…. the glitch” 😂🎉❤

  • @trailguy says:

    in the 70s my parents used to take us to the new 7-11 every couple weeks and let us spend our allowance on treats. I remember being excited sometimes to see that none of my favorite items went up in price (chunky chocolate bars, pop rocks, yoo hoo chocolate beverage, bubble yum…) usually at least a couple items went up a nickel, which was a big jump.

  • @TheFunkybert says:

    Numbers ALWAYS better before the national election.

  • @eROCKaustin says:

    how in the world have i not heard cerveza sickness before lol

  • @billcarney829 says:

    When the asset prices nosedive, we will have a Wile E. Coyote moment.

    • @donaldbiden9492 says:

      Won’t happen, too many people on the sidelines with cash waiting to sweep them up before they fall to any significant level

    • @morriganfey6079 says:

      @@donaldbiden9492 The government will intervene before they even get to it. They’re already trying to “fix” real estate.

    • @lilblackduc7312 says:

      Wile E. Coyote lives in Toontown with me. He thinks this is worse than any of his moments!

  • @bigqueue says:

    The other reason that they really needed to suppress the CPI numbers is that a version of the CPI is what’s used for cost of living increases for things like social security…. Back in a time when they change the cpi, they recognize the problems the social security trust fund was having, and changing the price increases they were going to be giving to future people on the system in lowering them would also extend that end of life further out….. It’s a bit like inflation being a stealth tax, a change in CPI metric is a bit of a stealth block for social security increases.

    • @shadowbanned4days says:


    • @mylegalassistants says:

      It’s more like STEALING from the American citizens 😢

    • @jimshoe402 says:

      Now they TAX SS when 1983 ??????

    • @morriganfey6079 says:

      This is also affecting low income earners– they raised the amount of income to not owe taxes, but only by their fake inflation numbers. A whole lot of people are not getting anything back for the first time ever.

      …. right before an election lol We’ll see how that goes.

    • @zoraster3749 says:

      It also pushes more of your income into higher tax brackets for the same reason; because the brackets don’t move as far as they should due to underreported inflation.

  • @raybod1775 says:

    Fixed income people like handicapped and retired get hurt the most since their yearly increases are based on official inflation figures.

  • @mrlion2022 says:

    I kept telling everyone that the government kept changing the data, and the real rate of inflation was skewed

    • @morriganfey6079 says:

      Same. They never want to listen, though. No idea why. I was pissed when someone told me.

  • @shadowbanned4days says:

    Stores, resturantes are packed in my city. Lines for fast food…???

  • @frankprit3320 says:

    Chipotle is just beans and rice, I make it at home for a fraction of the cost.

    • @nick4589 says:

      welcome to America where a basic-ash restaurant like Chipotle, serving beans, rice, and chicken of all things in a bowl, is considered some edgy new take on eating lunch. Our culture is dead.

    • @justincase2830 says:

      @@nick4589 If this fad fades away then the stock price needs some put hedging.

  • @sf3486 says:

    Thank you George. I resonate with your great breakdown and synopsis of the devil’s in the details.

  • @keithn4304 says:

    Youtube put an ad at the intro, it was Barrack Hussein Obama asking me to donate to Sleepy Joe campaign. Are they serious? 😂

  • @thebudgetprepper says:

    As you explained how rich peeps were grocery shopping at Walmart, I’m also guessing they are hitting Chipotle (a higher-end fast food that is CHEAPER than going to a ‘regular’ restaurant). Well done. Thanks.

  • @Carol-ssion says:

    Stop telling us this and instead tell us what to do to prepare. Give us tools and knowledge to go against these monsters. Please.

    • @MickB52s says:

      use your brains….he is saying at this inflation decline..because its so slow rate are like 10% if it was measured like in 1980’s CPI OR CP LIE..LOL…So he saying things will get tough say 2025,.. so don’t waste you money..kept it for the rainy day…mid 2025… IMO

    • @user-fi7dj8oo1j says:

      Oh Carol, I think this video was not made for You . Enjoy your life and make fool of guys 🙂

    • @RavBarring says:

      Why stop?

    • @josepablolunasanchez1283 says:

      Inflation is a nuclear winter. If you have the supplies, it makes survival easier.
      No debt. Debt only makes your life less affordable. Get rid of debt.
      Deflation is more complex. You need to help startups to have customers. Unemployment is the problem. Cash is good.

  • @Edward-kn4sg says:

    That is spot on George and I’m still laughing. God bless you.

  • @kruger2035 says:

    Thanks for letting us know the ceo’s are running their businesses to the ground so we can bail them out while they get bonuses and more stock options. We already know because we’re paying for it. We are always paying for it.

  • @MrTripp02 says:

    My entire life, I don’t ever recall prices going down. People tell me they have, but I really only see them getting more and more expensive…

  • @paulyhart says:

    When i was a child, i recall the very day that candy bars went from 10 cents to 25. Now they are 2.50. It will never end.

  • @ashish523 says:

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  • @mithununanak says:

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