ALERT: Huge Risk To The Housing Market Was Just Discovered

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Cameron Long

  • @sdrc92126 says:

    This time the criminals are running everything, so it *is* different. They only had partial control last time.

    • @mg-by7uu says:

      lol they’ve had control since chase sank their competition on the Titanic and quickly founded the Federal reserve

    • @sdrc92126 says:

      @@mg-by7uu But it hasn’t been complete until their recent acquisition of the US treasury 🤣

    • @droyal104 says:

      Gotta 🛑.

    • @KapteeniKaaos says:

      They have way less control over public opinion this time. Globalist media can’t meme, or be authentic, to save their life.

    • @jamesconley9753 says:

      😂😂😂😂 ok. NOTHING has changed with our rulers—the only thing that is different is that EVERYTHING is worse this time, cost:income, debt, inflation, world is dumping our dollars, world is not buying our treasuries.

  • @ReconPro says:

    I wish everyone the best of lick! 😢❤

  • @scottray9021 says:

    Hit the nail on the head George. Been waiting for someone to talk about home ownership price increases. The talking heads are always spouting off about how low inflation has fallen, not for the everyday needs and purchases.

    • @craigbrison4241 says:

      I keep telling my real estate friends this and it’s blank stares. They will be in for a big surprise.

    • @gerryandre3847 says:

      Heat pump replacement is 10k, That in itself will break a lot of younger home owners

    • @TreatsOnTheStreets says:

      People mistake inflation falling for deflation. Prices arent getting any lower, just going higher a bit more slowly.

    • @peterburns1004 says:

      House prices are a function of the turnover of credit …… Anyone who says it’s supply and demand is a moron…….When the credit supply is increased house prices are bid up…….. When the turnover of credit levels off or goes negative house prices fall…….The system relies on the level of credit continuing to expand

    • @johnuppole says:

      @@gerryandre3847it’s not just younger homeowners, the majority of folks can’t take a 10k sudden expense

  • @amanonfire4him says:

    2:31 they say “five-one arm”

  • @davidadkison9098 says:

    Don’t know looks like hyper inflation is coming so houses may keep going way up.

    • @craigbrison4241 says:

      they’ll have to to keep the prices up. It’s time for the people to come for what’s been stolen.

    • @davidadkison9098 says:

      @@craigbrison4241 yes so many people want to steal the hard works of others sad times ahead.

  • @margator1036 says:

    Our country desperately needs to restore historical income to price ratios, a whole generation is being denied home ownership, no good for the U.S. as a middle class country. Home ownership an important part of retirement planning.

  • @maskcode says:

    SAHM Rule
    Stay At Home Mom Rule
    If she has to return to work to help with bills, we’re fucked.

  • @donfain6608 says:

    You are applying the SAHM rule incorrectly. You are going back to Jan 2023. The rule says “within the prior 12 months”. The rule has NOT been triggered at its current 0.37 measure.

    • @wesleyhurd3574 says:

      George may have misinterpreted the rule. However, there is no denying that unemployment is currently on an upward trend.

  • @amorino77ify says:

    You will own nothing and be happy.

  • @Ultrajamz says:

    During lead up to GFC house values (and thus property tax) also went up so at the same time as the ARM payment going up. So probably we still need more pain to cause sell off – but who knows how much more…

  • @scottray9021 says:

    Maintenance costs have also skyrocketed. Andvtry finding quality contractor. I was contractor for 30 years and took pride in my work, not today. End up doing many jobs myself rather than babysitting flakes

  • @stevekoffeld9071 says:

    High tier houses are not at all time highs any more. They’ve already started to crash. Just like they did in 2006 and 2007.

  • @jasminel3430 says:

    The cost of home ownership is high but so is the cost of rent

  • @austinmackell9286 says:

    In Australia floating rates are the norm. It’s a disaster.

  • @Corkfish1 says:

    I bought my house in CT during the 1980s real estate bubble. I bought in 1987 and thirteen years later it was still worth less than I paid for it. In 1990 the housing market crashed and there were so many foreclosures the government had to establish the Resolution Trust Corporation to sort out the mess.

    • @FreedomTalkMedia says:

      I bought a condo in 2003 and it’s value did hit what I paid for it unto 2019 or 20. Even today, it as not doubled like houses have

  • @armandocespedesiii2049 says:

    30% of mtg’s had adjustable rates in 2007. The cost of ownership affects 100% of homeowners today.

  • @ayush-hq1ie says:

    I knew that AMS69X was ahead of the game, but my mind is officially blown

    • @totalbullion5882 says:

      Damn, you losers are infecting George’s channel also? Get a life and take your scams elsewhere!

  • @jagdishborichiya7322 says:

    Just swapped all of my last ETH and swapped it into AMS69X. Already up a little bit. Unfortunately I have some other junk staked which won’t free up for a while. Still now I am on the train!

    • @user-ob9tu9bf4i says:

      I’m buying this right now

    • @badalkumar-iq9ox says:

      It’s actually a big deal. Usually I’d say that this year is bad and you shouldn’t buy into anything when we don’t even know yet how far the drop will go. But this goes against all of it and they have the system to avoid drops during the current sale so you can just hodl it and wait for the better times without any money loss.

    • @bebullaskar7725 says:

      Verified by coinmarketcap, it’s real.

    • @ravishankarchauhan6657 says:

      easy 1000x for sure!

    • @_thakor_op_ll says:

      They will go 10x within this year, easily. Even if there is a massive dump at some point this is STILL the earliest entry right now

  • @jcisme says:

    They weren’t kidding when they said “you will own nothing and be happy”.

  • @lizardhunt96 says:

    People need to get out of the mentality that increasing home values is a good thing. Taking into consideration taxes and insurance costs, rising home values is detrimental. It is only good for those who are seeking debt as a way of life and for those who are from a state like California and move to an area where home values are much less. These people literally ruin the economy of their new community.

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