These Productive Habits Make People Think I’m Weird

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

These productive habits may not be socially acceptable, but they work for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Amy Landino is an award-winning YouTube creator, global keynote speaker, and 3x bestselling author—best known for her book “Good Morning, Good Life; 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings and Upgrade Your Life” On this YouTube channel, Amy is dedicated to sharing high-performance mindset strategies for women so you can get more confident, motivated, and productive on the way to the life you want! As an entrepreneur for over a decade, Amy Landino has been featured as a guest expert in media outlets such as American Express Business Class, CNBC’s MakeIt, The Tamron Hall Show, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Fortune, and The Washington Post. She and her husband reside in Connecticut with their 2 daughters.


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Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    Shout out to the baby spit-up on my shoulder 🙌🏻

  • @oliviahinkel3695 says:

    Would love a video on your end-of-day / bedtime routine

  • @brianna2278 says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m the same way about texting and parties and it has caused some tension esp with my best friend. He texts constantly and I would rather do most of my hanging out in person. I feel that this is related, but something I’ve noticed is that because I’m not a big texter, when I’m hanging out face-to-face I’m really engaged. But then the person I’m talking to will be ignoring what I’m literally saying while *they* text someone despite us hanging out in person. It just seems like people have their priorities mixed up sometimes re: communication-via-text and communication face-to-face. And everyone is entitled to communicate their own way, but it’s frustrating.

  • @Xel-Wellness says:

    Thank you for saying all the things in my head and owning it!!

  • @brittany6429 says:

    I relate to this SO MUCH. Every last word 😂

  • @productivelychildfree says:

    If I did not go to bed at my bedtime the night before I definitely know the day after. Groggy all day and barely get anything I needed to done. Yay bedtime! It took a while to figure out a sleep schedule that works for me, but once it was in place, I get so much accomplished.

  • @candybear2230 says:

    I started leaving my cell in another room at night because you suggested it. It was so hard to get used to, but now, I keep it in the other room from dinner to leaving for work the next day. Almost 12 hrs. It has been amazing.

  • @outinarizona says:

    If you are not on my contacts I don’t pick up the phone. Even if you are and I’m busy, leave a message or try again later. I can’t convince my mom to stop picking up the phone. “you don’t know them, don’t answer.” but she’s still stuck in the old era where that was done and you didn’t get a lot of calls and there weren’t constant scamming calls/text, etc…

  • @swd42 says:

    I love going to the fitness center in the morning then walking in the park. Before I speak to anyone or even have breakfast. Love it. It’s my me time and it fills me up, first thing in the day!

    I also silence my work apps outside of work hours. My boss knows he has to text or call my phone if something is urgent outside of work hours (and he rarely does).

    I also silence non contact calls. Love that feature. I also do not have my voicemail set up. So no, I haven’t checked my non-existent voicemails in years 😂

    Almost all notifications are silenced. Love that my phone rarely makes noise. Only important things like my partner’s texts, phone calls from my limited number of contacts, my calendar alerts and my alarms.

    Also put my phone on airplane mode at night. My sleep is my #1 priority.

  • @DanielHerrera-rl1vw says:

    It’s funny that young people track each other on maps 📍 because a lot of young people have no sense of direction or know how to read a map 🗺️

  • @sassywitslive says:

    That denying parties thing. Gosh! It feels so so so good to know I’m not the only one 🥂 And yes, if you want the freedom to choose a later bedtime, you got to understand that others have equal freedom to choose an earlier bedtime as well. Really simple. Oh and that question about calls from unknown numbers too 😆 I mean whyyy! I think my phone is perpetually on silent and I don’t even remember what’s the ringtone 🤣 The social media thing too. It is creepy. If something’s going on in my life, people who really need to know will know because I tell them directly. A third-party platform really does not need to know the live status of my life. And yes, I was typing this while watching your video. That’s how excited I am about these habits. THEY SURE WORK 🌟

  • @PinkDiamond7777777 says:

    0:05 – 0:11 Your introduction is such a flex. Go, Amy! 🥳

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