This Globally Systemic Bank Just Went Into Crisis Mode (Derivatives)

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Cameron Long

  • @jwhite6750 says:

    Revelation 18:23
    “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

    King James Version (KJV)

  • @metricdeep8856 says:

    It’s not falling apart yet. They make the rules and the money….they have time to massage the system. Don’t expect the hierarchy to just hand in a resignation. C’mon George. …You’re clearly smarter than that. Ever played Monopoly with someone who didn’t want you to leave the game despite you being bankrupt? They gave you money to stay in the game…..but it all went back to them because they already dominated….and it was unwinnable….because most or all of your money went back to them no matter what you did. Right?

    • @fatfatthewaterrat5010 says:

      George is a doom peddler. It sells better than honest market analysis and observation

    • @ScottRachelson777 says:

      @@fatfatthewaterrat5010 It’s no easy task to predict the exact moment the system unwinds, but it’s easy to know it will. It’s better to prepare for the worst than have the worst happen and not be prepared. The smart money, I assure you, is ahead of the dumb money and has prepared for total collapse long before the anticipated EVENT begins to unravel.

    • @justincase3108 says:

      Agreed. Did you watch the last minute of his video? That is precisely what he described. They simply leverage it out farther, kick the can until they run out of street!

    • @NoOneToNoOne89 says:

      Never take advice from someone that uses “…” in place of correct punctuation. Communication is vital for properly understanding information. If you can’t get the basics, why believe that you understand anything far more complicated?

    • @metricdeep8856 says:

      @@fatfatthewaterrat5010 Agreed. Silver and Gold peddlers alike. Every human gears their words to their beliefs. I’m quite sure our fiat system is very shaky….but the ones who really suffer are the ones who collect our money….not the ones who spend it. Our debt is status to the hierarchy and statement of wealth to flaunt with their contemporaries. Don’t discount being the worker bee….if they lose enough of them…they lose the hive. Yes you are a number…but at some per-determined statistic… are invaluable to them. It’s best to not be there…but you are needed …for their survival. Manage yourself accordingly. Get out as you can.

  • @condeerogers5858 says:

    I would call these banks, bad managed casinos.

    • @thomaswright1057 says:

      Well they were told that if they win the gamble they keep the winning, and if they lose they get bail out. So win win. To to mention your bad loans essentially creation of money

    • @Ambassador_Gkar says:

      Except casinos are more honest, in their dealings, with the general public.

  • @happyday8691 says:

    Not a matter of if it will happen, just a matter of when the market goes down.

  • @labandonaldhock80 says:

    He is by far not the only one crying panic over this today. A hiccup in the derivatives system will cause the biggest crash you could imagine. A 63 billion $ dump is currently void of liquidity. If you folks would listen you could learn something.

  • @williammcdowell3718 says:

    47 trillion is derivatives in banks… crash is gonna happen one day.

  • @MrNorm-lr5iv says:

    So “Slick Rick” IS the Derivatives Swap Bank!😳🤣

  • @fernwood says:

    So soon after the end of the Petrodollar? Who would’ve thought.

  • @mutantryeff says:

    A debt-based economy is just a variation of a Ponzi Scheme. New debt pays for old debt, and it takes more and more debt to sustain the economy.

    • @petroffnik says:


    • @zGoodMan187z says:

      Theworld is run by debt. This is why they hate me. I have never had debt. I live in my means and have never owned a credit card and never will. Cash is King as the old saying goes.

    • @mutantryeff says:

      @@zGoodMan187z I guess you don’t realize that the US dollar is a debt instrument.

    • @romarsit1795 says:

      if you don’t use debt, does not mean the debt uses you . green pieces of paper are debt. also not a bad idea to give debt and depreciate it through inflation. hyper depreciating debt is the best. finally, remember debt is tax free money.

    • @jcgoogle1808 says:


      There’s good debt and bad debt.

      If you don’t use good debt,.. then you must be relatively poor.

      Congrats on the not using debt thing.

  • @jakbo_ says:

    What’s hilarious is they pay their debt with credit but they won’t allow you to pay your car loan with a credit card😂

  • @END-THE-FED says:

    The derivatives market is what’s propping up the entire house of cards

    • @daveofyorkshire301 says:

      Derivatives don’t actually exist, it’s just a legalised gambling market. The problem will start when they realise it’s actually just betting on outcomes not actually an asset of innate value.

  • @OrlandoStreets says:

    As I’ve said for years; it’s a shell game.

  • @brandonbaker5884 says:

    I just rewatched The Big Short. This isn’t going to end well.

  • @pjdepaolisii says:

    It’s even crazier than I had thought.

  • @sadns2000 says:

    Been waiting for a derivative collapse for 10 yrs

    • @mrmines2000 says:

      It just occurred to me reading this comment. Just speculation. I wonder how many FED meetings had of the record discussion about this and how much did the derivatives markets factor into the changes in the way CPI is calculated and thereby they could keep the fed rate low without it looking bad in the media (and ultimately in the retail stock and real estate markets)

    • @Ambassador_Gkar says:

      @@mrmines2000 Next month they’ll probably take chewing gum out of the CPI data 🤨 Just about everything else has already gone.

  • @user-pj6lu9lh1y says:

    If taxpayers are not the bailout funding providers, then these banking crisis , government debts crisis or big corporations bankruptcy crisis will only be entertaining HOLLYWOOD movies 😂

  • @habyalexandru2265 says:

    Get currency out of the banks Buy gold and silver

  • @model3life says:

    George, your content is always helpful to be aware of what is really going on in the world. You have great editing skills! Thanks for taking your “valuable time” to share IMPORTANT information, insight & wisdom with us!

  • @GeorgeGammon says:

    CORRECTION: I misread the unemployment chart (went back more than 12 months.) Unemployment low was not 3.4% in the last 12 months it was 3.5%. So delta is now .5% NOT .6%, Sahm rule will still be triggered if we have a few more months at or above 4%. Thx for watching!

  • @liberty-matrix says:

    “There’s one overriding fact. The entire financial system of the Western world is in private unelected unaccountable hands, the hands of people who meet in absolute secrecy. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) every four to six weeks has a meeting of the top governors of the banks, and they meet in absolute secrecy. And they have the big banking families and so forth, they all meet up. The ‘minutes’ are never made available and they decide on the money creation and the money supply of the world. But none of us are allowed to know anything about it.” ~Justin Walker, 03/20/2023

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