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Cameron Long

  • bilboswaggins76 says:

    This is why George is the GOAT. Feel like I’m in econ class just with real world examples.

    • Cat's Incredulous says:

      Brady got nothing on George!

    • Wentzel says:

      George Gammon scammer

    • Nunna Beeswax says:

      I agree…but the real world examples make me sad because the ending of this insanity is going to be bad.

    • Cat's Incredulous says:

      @Silver Liner you apparently can’t pick up on pun. Sports is scripted anyhow. Brady isn’t at all athletic.

    • Cat's Incredulous says:

      @Silver Liner no, but you threw your opinion out on social media. And if you understood how to process what is being said you would deduce that his lack of athleticism and the fact that sports is scripted you would understand that him being the GOAT is like saying a certain wrestler is the GOAT.

      It’s funny when people like yourself think you are smart but you’re far from it.


    Well, all I can say is you definitely earn your 120k a year from these videos. Well done George. Sophisticated yet easy to digest, covering every angle. Thank you so much.

  • Greg Collins says:

    The factor you miss in this video, is the devaluation of the old paradigm money – the Dollar. Would you rather build your business by transitioning to a money that holds its value or by working hard to build your business but leave its foundation built upon a devaluing money? A million worthless dollars isn’t worth much. One experience few people alive today have experienced is the turnover from one dominant money to a new one. Happened after WW1 with the British Pound losing its dominance. Happened when the Spanish plundered the new world for silver and gold making the Spanish Dollar dominant. Happened when the British bankers got a hold of fractional reserve banking and made the British pound dominant. Happened after WW2 when Europe was devastated and the American dollar multiplied by the effect of petrodollar and eurodollar became dominant. In our day with the central bankers creating fiat money to infinity, what will be the new dominant money. Good question….

  • Brent says:

    The more I understand our financial system, the more I realize it is totally corrupt! Great video, many thanks!

  • Lian Light says:

    I loved this video george, it gives me a lot to think about. I think the unknown is the decentralized factor that deletes the 3rd party, the lack of trust in government, just like value, has to go somewhere and these decentralized infrastructures are being built as we speak.

  • R. Ouhel says:

    Seems little unfair to Microstrategy, lower profitability could also be due to investment into the innovation of their product (though it doesn’t appear to be the case according to the industry reports).

    Interesting perspective challenging introspection of one’s motives – totally agree with the emotional part. Humans are mostly driven by their limbic system (fear, greed, ..) and then employ their “rational brain” (frontal cortex) as a lawyer to justify and find explanations for why they feel the way they do. Totally consistent with writings of D. Kahneman.

  • hsaeed8 says:

    What an amazing guy! We need more of George.

  • Mark Davis says:

    Thank you George for the great content you provide.

  • Daniel Liu says:

    Thank you for explaining the whole situation in such clear, objective and logical manner.

  • Pygmonicus says:

    I love how he can’t keep a straight face explaining how stupid this system has become

  • Dan says:

    I saved this video so that I can re-watch it anytime I start feeling overly exuberant about anything!
    I love George’s laugh, and his analysis!

  • Daniel Pellegrini says:

    Great video! Can’t understand why share buybacks are allowed (it’s the same here in Australia). Lazy management with terrible incentive schemes

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