How to Attract Clients & Turn Them Into Ambassadors – Tom Wheelwright & Richard Weylman

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Join Tom Wheelwright as he discovers how business owners can acquire the best clients, be the best for their clients, and keep them for life with researcher, consultant, serial entrepreneur, and author, Richard Weylman.

For nearly three decades he has shown business owners and professionals around the world the path to proven business growth and success. He uses his unique ability to see things from the client’s or customer’s perspective and interpret their needs to then create the prescriptive strategies and tactics needed to elevate business performance in today’s marketplace. As a researcher, author, consultant, and serial entrepreneur, he helps to deliver personalized and dynamic presentations that achieve real outcomes and measurable results.

In this episode, learn the path to permanent success and how to build an authentic, caring, and strong relationship with your clients.

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00:00 – Intro.
05:09 – Elevated experience creates emotional engagement.
11:58 – Demonstrate that you really care.
14:39 – Emotional security and why it's important for entrepreneurs.
19:04 – "Please. Thank you. My pleasure."
23:25 – Meaning & Significance: People want to belong.
25:35 – Training: Teaching empathy & the hiring protocol.
30:00 – The power of "Let me get that for you".

Tom Wheelwright, #CPA is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Worldwide Authority on Tax.

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