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The world's greatest investors got it all wrong on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was created as an asset that is limited and you can’t make more of it.

Jon and Peter Najarian joined me to talk about insider stock investing and one of the topics we covered was the value of Bitcoin.

Watch this video and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Are you currently investing in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?


Cameron Long

  • Dame Anvil says:

    00:15 🌟 Bitcoin’s value relies on scarcity, a concept key to its creation with only 21 million Bitcoin available.
    00:59 💰 Bitcoin was created as a response to government money printing, aiming to maintain value by limiting its quantity.
    01:53 🖼 Analogizing to the Mona Lisa’s scarcity, the limited quantity of Bitcoin drives its significant value.
    02:19 🤔 Legendary investors like Buffett and Munger might not fully grasp Bitcoin’s vision despite their investment expertise.
    03:13 💳 Comparing the number of stock trading accounts to Bitcoin wallets emphasizes limited access to Bitcoin, impacting its potential widespread ownership.
    04:21 🚔 Discussion shifts to legal consequences and ethical responsibility regarding fraudulent activities within the crypto space.

  • Unaffiliated_X says:

    0:14 Just because its rare, doesnt mean its valueable

  • Truckboy383 says:

    The best asset of this decade.

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