How the Upcoming Election Will Impact Our Taxes – Tom Wheelwright & Scott Hodge

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Join Tom Wheelwright as he discovers how tax policy influences your life, how it harms – and sometimes helps – the economy, and what changes are in store in this year’s election with his guest, Scott Hodge.

Scott Hodge is President Emeritus & Senior Policy Advisor at the Tax Foundation, which he led as President for over two decades, between 2000 and 2022. Scott Hodge is recognized as one of Washington’s leading experts on tax policy, the federal budget, and government spending.

In this episode, learn how class warfare has a huge impact of the future of the tax code, predictions for 2025 / 2026, and the advice Scott has for the small business community.

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00:00 – Intro.
02:48 – Taxes on Free Will.
09:00 – Current examples of Taxocracy.
11:40 – History of Political Favors & Punishment.
14:44 – Biggest concerns in Biden's Budget.
19:36 – Small Business Tax Provisions in Biden's Budget.
22:50 – Corporate Tax Increase.
26:17 – 2025-2026 Predictions.
30:05 – Advice to Small Business Owners.
32:10 – Inflation Reduction Act.
36:40 – Employee Retention Credit.

Tom Wheelwright, #CPA is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Worldwide Authority on Tax.

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Books: “Taxocracy: What You Don’t Know About Taxes and How They Rule Your Daily Life”

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Cameron Long

  • @mferr84929 says:

    Nice try. Just pay your taxes like we all do.

  • @mferr84929 says:

    This is not a free market economy. If it was the government would have let the markets do its work and let companies fail that doesn’t do right. If you really believe in free markets that wouldn’t happen. It’s just a hand out.

  • @CARBONTV_ says:

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  • @CARBONTV_ says:

    Thank you for a great conversation

  • @marilyn4274 says:

    Trump is planning on getting rid of taxes!

  • @mR-dc4oq says:

    I still have trouble justifying people like Besos and Musk being worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

    • @tarawaukeri8928 says:

      Try thinking along the lines of being a successful seller.
      Sell on a massive scale, not just national consumers but the population globally! Then, sell to the biggest institutions as well, international governments!

  • @rogerstancill5080 says:

    This guy starts out by ‘assuming’ taxes are legit and a way of life. BS

  • @Scuba-D says:

    Make Tax 1776 Again

  • @WhiteRaven12773 says:

    i agree .. i need more gains as a poor person but a decent saver .. so with the consumption based taxes sounds like a delight to me but no carbon tax .. its a job killer

  • @williammiller9813 says:

    S9 aoc will give up all of her income 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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