Where you should start in Real Estate #shorts

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Where you should start in Real Estate –

This is how I would start in real estate if I was just jumping into it for the first time…


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Cameron Long

  • @michaelb.6007 says:

    “…you’ll make $1.2 million… without doing anything.”

    …except raising rents on 32 families.

    Lol what a prick

    • @maxborton3432 says:

      Its sickening

    • @mhxxd4 says:

      Lol then buy a house, you’re living in someone else’s property that they bought! They have the right to raise the rent to whatever they want on THEIR property. If you don’t like it you can move out and find another place to stay, I’m sure someone will replace you and pay the new price if it’s worth it

    • @twilight1230 says:

      Depends but where I live there are regulations in place to keep rents from increasing too drastically. And these regulations are in place because of people like this guys who need to squeeze as much as they can from their tenants pockets. At this point tenants have so many protections, it makes it hard to provide affordable housing.

    • @mhxxd4 says:

      @@twilight1230 they can kick everyone out and set new rates. Make no mistake about it, the owners have control over their property

  • @Jimi-Check says:

    And this guy is on the podcast Telling the serfs the reason why we can make 2 times as much as 10 years ago and live worse. Because of him and people like him overcharging for a shitty quality of life.

    • @mhxxd4 says:

      Then stop renting and own your own roof. This is what happens when you don’t own anything you’re at the mercy of the market, either you keep up with it or get left behind

    • @Jimi-Check says:

      @@mhxxd4 I own but it doesn’t stop me from having compassion NOR does it stop me from feeling the pinch of the prices rising. Are you a homeowner?

    • @mhxxd4 says:

      @@Jimi-Check the property owners have to pay for their investments, they didn’t spend millions on the complex for charity. Your compassion has no place in business

    • @danisle4379 says:

      ​@@mhxxd4When you own a home, you still don’t actually own it.
      Stop paying your property tax and see what happens…

    • @mhxxd4 says:

      @@danisle4379 well thats the closest you’re gonna get, property taxes are wayyyy more affordable than renting and those property taxes fund the city you live in

  • @user-fb6yp8xt5t says:

    “Grant I’m guna ask u to respect our audience”😂😂😂

  • @jimmybrown2040 says:

    he say raise the rent like it doesn’t hurt anybody… and start with 32 units like its as easy as pouring cereal😂😂😂😂

  • @FloriaWittigXX says:

    Who cant get enough of this amazing content? 💖

  • @truckercharles2106 says:

    I like the way he says that like everyone has his money to do that.he should just teach us that system without charging us.

    • @Money_era says:

      Yeah. I understand completely what he means. Being that small isn’t worth the headache. But it’s really hard to get a bank loan without any kind of small history of doing real estate. Unless you up with a butt load of money.

    • @chaseherb6405 says:

      He’s literally having a FREE real estate event live tomorrow on YouTube. I don’t know why your complaining

    • @danisle4379 says:

      What Chase said.
      Grant does free events from time to time.

  • @rbxzy says:

    Grant has some great advice to give however I wanna say his target audience are people who already prospering in another respective field who wanna 10x their income. Because no, the average person can’t just buy 32 units without a business loan or crowd funding but the lack of knowledge just makes it one huge gamble.

  • @medievalknievel says:

    Slumlord vibes

  • @benodaboy says:

    First off just buy 32 units- what’s thst like 10 million dollars

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