BREAKING: Unprecedented Moves In The DOLLAR Is Causing Panic

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Cameron Long

  • @MrHydenunderwood says:

    Inflation in the things you need, deflation in the things you have

    • @electroncraz91 says:

      wise comment here.

    • @alexmarshall8894 says:

      I’m sitting on cash waiting for the deflation in the things I want. Can already buy about 30-40% more in some of the collectables I’ve been looking at.

    • @AKlover says:

      Inflation in energy and food and deflation in everything else……………….. to be more specific.

    • @helenachase5627 says:

      Sounds like a Keysian depression

    • @AKlover says:

      @@helenachase5627 Depression was caused by tariffs. Look up the Smoot-Hawley Act. It’s best for everyone else if the EU/ECB takes the majority of the screwing. Europe is already cutting rates, Powell should raise. That said it is inevitable that the zombie corps get culled, may as well get it over with. There are harder things in life than going without uber eats or grubhub.

  • @10000Islands says:

    presidential switcheroo

  • @raymond_sycamore says:

    Mortgage rates sit solidly at 7.5% and auto loans are double digits. Nobody is buying anything right now, at least not “normal” people. Housing market dead!

  • @Robert-sy9ji says:

    Sell treasuries for dollars. Use dollars to buy oil.

  • @thiosemicarbizidebenzoylal2921 says:

    See what happens when financialization is the only market and driver of economies?

  • @piersonone7181 says:

    Snyder never saw stagflation coming, hilarious.

  • @adambeauchamp970 says:

    Excellent white board!!!

  • @brotherlance2781 says:

    Brother George is a wise and GOOD man –

  • @abemanzur6985 says:

    They should start buying gold instead of yen 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @steveokken8113 says:

      Gold, yes for the long run. But everything will deflate temporarily when the buble bursts. A precious metals dip is coming.

    • @brawndothethirstmutilator9848 says:

      @steveokken8113, the generalized market bubble won’t pop until the the business/real estate cycle concludes. Historic average places that at about early 2028.

    • @Twisted86 says:

      Time to buy Gold was 2-3 years ago.

    • @BigRudy53 says:

      Good luck getting it unless you have strong connections with bullion dealers when it comes​@steveokken8113

    • @KeithWhittingham says:

      @@steveokken8113 No. If everything deflates then nothing deflates. Math I’m afraid.

  • @Resmith18SR says:

    My entire Life can be characterized as a Doom Loop.

  • @jerryvalchine4213 says:

    Love your laugh! Yes everyone and everything is upside-down starting with the US Dollar that we are all in.

  • @JoonasPalin says:

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    • @JoonasPalin says:

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    • @DavidBurrows174 says:

      Yes I can believe that, I got victory with her, I was so sad after receiving the first try knowing I invested so low with fear.

    • @VickyBurton0098 says:

      The same high-yield potential exists in both bullish and bearish situations; what matters is how information and technique are used. Not neglecting professional advice.

    • @StuartAllen2332 says:

      Renee gave me the autonomy I need to learn at my own pace and ask questions when I need to she’s so accommodating.

    • @DavidHetherton says:

      She appears to be well-educated and well-read. I ran a Google search on her name and came across her website; thank you for sharing…

  • @dfergu12 says:

    “That dog don’t hunt” is my new favorite saying

  • @mike9132 says:

    The Dollar is starting to look like the Penny. You can’t buy anything for a dollar anymore.

  • @MJ-ge6jz says:

    Not only does That Dog Don’t Hunt, he’s staying in his house cowering from the Sun.

  • @TreyJam2 says:

    The dollar symbol Dxy is up 1.23% in the past month. Also 10 year yields are only down 3.12% in the past month. This is a typical move not a flash crash or anything.

  • @HaleFire7 says:

    This is the 15th time this year that everything was imploding.

  • @BillGuyHawaii says:

    Thank you for your presentations. Well organized and informative.

  • @darrenloudfoot378 says:

    ty George, you are a constant lighthouse in the coming storm.

  • @raft5205 says:

    it’s a pleasure to share your thoughts mr Gammon, thank you !!!

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