Cameron Long

  • @paranoidandroid9825 says:

    No money since 1933 only DEBT and remember DEBT belongs to the PUBLIC and the $ Dollar does not pay DEBT.

    • @scottdaunhauer2453 says:


    • @seeker2118 says:

      No money since the late 1970s, before the money was backed by gold or later oil.

    • @ace9840 says:

      Does your dollars pay your debt .. yup .. and your dollar also pays the governments debt since they have no money put what they take from you. Can you keep going into debt .. nope .. and neither can a government. A simple balance sheet shows where your finances are at and the same balance sheets shows what the govs finances look like. And it ain’t pretty.

  • @johnniewalker7628 says:

    Trillion is the new million…

  • @mh01769 says:

    Jerome and Yellen playing games… Jerome trying to squeeze liquidity and Yellen and Congress loosing it 😂

  • @27leafs says:

    Never go to Target, Home Depot, or Walmart.

  • @rogercassady5511 says:

    Taking covit money to bail out banks

  • @lisaclark3704 says:

    Meanwhile Yellen and Powel are watching this video to understand what they’re doing…

  • @thomashusted says:

    Sounds like the biggest, most complicated ponzi scheme of all time!

  • @josephpurdy8390 says:

    I remember hearing in 2009.
    “Get out of debt now, because next time you will not be able too.”

  • @MartinJG100 says:

    Yep, Granny Yellen has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar…again….

  • @i77kir17 says:

    They absolutely criminals

  • @TheJeffatan says:

    The FED is the ultimate protection racket.

    • @kylewatson5133 says:

      Yes, it comes down to taxation, which back stops the entire system.

    • @drx1xym154 says:

      over all the *_Big Industry_* and *_Industrial Complexes_* there is the *Bankers Cabal.* Maybe the _money changers_ do need to be kicked out!

      Creating currency out of nothing, at will, for any reason or no reason and requiring timely payments with interest is one crazy and powerful racket!
      I mean billionaires are wealthy.
      Trillionaires are 1000x wealthy.
      The private bankers cabal is @ *_Infinity_* since they have a slice of every transaction – for USD for The Fed, for Euros for the ECB, for Pounds for the BoE, Yen for BoJ, etc…

      The back of the napkin math is impressive. Congress can dissolve The Fed and create *REAL* _Progress!_ once again!?

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    • @tabs9213 says:

      Protecting you so that you can eat.

  • @MK-ft3qt says:

    The old trillion dollar vanishing trick….we’ve heard this before. When will we start hearing about QUADTRILLION??

  • @lindamorris1035 says:

    HB:8279, no one is talking about this. It’s the no tax on gold and silver act, or the monetary metals neutrality act! Call your congressman and get them on board!

  • @jayworley1583 says:

    The whole point of QE is to put excess liquidity into the system, so that when the Fed stops buying treasuries, then there’s ample reserves in the system to buy all the deficit spending that keeps the economy propped up. Without those excess reserves, the whole system would blow up due to a lack of buyers for treasuries. Yields would spike to crazy double-digit levels. That’s the purpose of QE. The vanishing money is exactly that. The draining off of reserves from the system until it gets down to a crisis level at which point the Fed will ramp up QE because we’ll either be headed towards a recession or knee deep in one.

  • @neunistivlija says:

    10 percent for the big guy

  • @randyosborne3971 says:

    Congress is for sale. On the take. BOTH PARTIES. And Congress mandates the Federal Reserve. What could go wrong?

  • @silentbullet2023 says:

    I think they’re buying the securities Chinese are dumping.

  • @dustinmiller2775 says:

    This country deserves Janet 😊

  • @tomgrundy5060 says:

    George you should be the head of the Federal Reserve. I learned so much from watching your videos. Thank You!

  • @poonampal9288 says:

    Thank you for your research. I find your videos are well done. RIght now I’m keeping an eye on Eledator

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