We’ve Entered A Rehypothecation DOOM LOOP

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Cameron Long

  • @penderyn8794 says:

    My youtube video suggestion list has definitely entered a doomloop! 🎉❤

  • @ReconPro says:

    Have a great weekend everyone! ❤😊

  • @mmmjd-usa says:

    Ooops! Must update credit score numbers! Top is now at 850.

  • @lanab4103 says:

    O but wait. There is always more 💩

  • @dirgesinthedark5637 says:

    More fancy words for Fraud. We went thru this back in 2011. Ask Andrew McGuire

  • @cheaplaughkennedy2318 says:

    Unbelievable the debt webs that have been created. When this debt market explodes , it’s going to be hideous

  • @nhansgoofyvideos7581 says:

    Sounds like a credit pyramid 💀

  • @RandyBrady2024 says:

    Rehypothecation sounds a lot like Fractional Reserver banking.

  • @alexdevisscher6784 says:

    Nice Bob Ross reference! But is that house a happy house? I didn’t see any happy trees there. Make sure you draw only happy houses!

  • @Johnnodonoughue says:

    And now Larry has realised he doesn’t need banks. Be smart, be like Larry.

  • @TexasNewMoney says:

    Is it me or is everyone excited about the white board making a return in the last couple?! 😝😝😝

  • @dziprick3204 says:

    The doom loop will hit, the question is, will we still be alive or will it take 50 years?

  • @JOMOPressureWash says:

    I absolutely love the random outbursts of laughing. It’s endearing.

  • @JK-rv9tp says:

    We’re in a pretty weird state of affairs where, if the US govt was to balance its budget tomorrow and stop issuing new debt, so that all treasury issue was only rollover of existing ones, the world financial system would collapse unless rehypothecation was ramped up to x1000. The world is addicted to the US’s debt addiction, like a co-dependent couple. An addiction doom loop!

    • @thethan3 says:

      Fiat systems require exponential increases in debt to be issued, pulling money from the future into the now. The moment that growth slows you almost immediately get a deflation doom loop which causes cascading liquidations, lowering of asset prices, and monetary collapse with no tools that work. Its an economic calculation problem, and the models used to make decisions are equilibrium based when in fact the processes involved as stochastic.

  • @rpietryk4690 says:

    Klaus and George sharing a heart box of Elmer’s, like correct phrasing ahhh he k nah😅😅😅

  • @wheatloaf says:

    The big picture of the demand for collateral becomes even more scary when you learn that pretty much every country on the face of the earth has had their laws changed to allow your assets to be sucked up as collateral all the way up the chain. Has George ever talked about The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb?

  • @bennyc6021 says:

    As usual, revealing the hidden ‘”truth” of the banking system. Well beyond the FED’s control because it is a systemic flaw, 1000X worst than Lahman episode.

  • @delmonicofarquhar9893 says:

    Thank you, George! I’ve long thought the same thing about the dangers of hypothecation and the explosion of derivatives, which are all forms of, you got it, financial leverage, and they are all often used to support each other. All this atop a mountain of traditional debt at all levels. What possibly could go wrong?

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