Did The Next Phase Of The BANKING CRISIS Just Start?

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Cameron Long

  • @JonSmith531 says:


  • @markmcguire7261 says:

    George is the goat 🐐 of understanding the global monetary system.

  • @2023Red says:

    Nice video George. It was not clear the causation. To me at least!

  • @macitup577 says:

    Lol! EVERYONE should watch Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money”!!!

  • @armandopiedra4913 says:


  • @matthewsemenuk7544 says:

    Lets Go George!

  • @Benjamin_Phan says:

    They always taught us reserve ratio back in school, but the reality is perceived risk. Thank you for the educational content.

  • @csfetsos7 says:

    hahahehe Moody the Millenial with blue hair!!! too funny 🙂

  • @CryptoJBro says:

    I think the Fed raised the borrowing rate and eliminated the arbitrage opportunity on Jan 24. There has been a slight decline in the past week. It will be an important chart to watch! Great vid, George.

  • @MgtowRubicon says:

    The settlement process looks exactly like Hawala services.

  • @unpataunpata says:

    My three fav channels george gammon, Redacted (clayton-natalie Morris) and game of trades

  • @mosesvalenzuela2138 says:

    The basis of the psychology of money is Trust. Without that, money doesn’t exist to have value.

  • @allenjones5960 says:

    The difference between what banks were doing in the 1600s and today is that the gold a hard asset, the bank reserve is a fraction of bank assets.

    • @TraciDoering-hw8hu says:

      And we didn’t have trillions of debt, social division, brainwashed citizens and rapid invasion of borders continuing.

  • @ericsmith313 says:

    your PROPER use of PRONOUNS was stellar. very educated on correct english i see. well done!

  • @sudhirpatel1851 says:

    Powel will definitely definitely renew that program. You will see

  • @user-oz9fs1xs9u says:

    To George and Josh: PLEASE make recordings of the conference available after the event for those of us that can not travel!

  • @James-xu3vc says:

    Would love to see you and Schiff having a good yawn chat. ❤

  • @greyballer1671 says:

    How I protect myself is pay everything off and stock on all the tangibles i might need and lots of metals. Dont wamt to make money. Just want to keep my life going. With 34 trillion in debt i think staying alive will be an issue in the near future…

  • @fufubass says:

    George, at 15:12, the guy in the upper right quadrant should initially be holding a BR & IOU. That would match the Gold coin & IOU in upper left.

  • @72Brundlefly says:

    We are actually in a depression. We have been for over a year. The recession was in 2022. If you can’t see that by now, you are blind.

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