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The weight loss solution from Dr. Jason Fung's book The Obesity Code in 5 easy steps. The first step is the reduce added sugars. Be careful of hidden sugars in processed foods and sauces. The second step is to reduce refined carbohydrates. These processed foods are easy to overeat. The third step is to eat moderate protein and don't fear dietary fat. The fourth step is to eat natural, unprocessed foods. These contain natural satiety signals that tell us when to stop eating. The fifth step in this weight loss solution is the do intermittent fasting. Check out my blog at

More Information:

The Obesity Code – Reviewing underlying physiology of weight loss and how low carb diets and fasting can help.

The Diabetes Code – Reviewing how type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease and dietary strategies.

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Pique Fasting Tea (recommended)

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 5 Step Weight Loss Solution
0:51 Step 1 Reduce Added Sugars
5:22 Step 2 Reduce Refined Grains
6:56 Step 3 Moderate Protein, Don't Fear Natural Fat
9:35 Step 4 Eat Natural Unprocessed Foods
10:49 Step 5 Intermittent Fasting

Cameron Long

  • Gin T says:

    I am losing weight and belly fat for the first time since menopause at 45. I finally have hope for better health. Thank you for giving me a way that actually gives lasting weight loss. It is so simple, and every doctor needs to recommend this process and dump calorie restriction that totally doesn’t work. I am feeling better than I have felt in 20 years!

  • Drake Santiago says:

    Dr. Fung, I am glad that at the top of your list you put the elimination of sugars and refined carbs first, before you worked your way down to fasting. While many can jump into fasting, for others it is difficult. I always find that when you remove sugars and carbs first, and allow your body to acclimate to this way of eating, it makes fasting much easier.

    • Alex Julius says:

      Yes, you’ll stay at relatively low fat percentages just by eating real food. Doesn’t mean you can get to 12% body fat easily or something, but getting to 20% body fat with nature’s foods is easy. Definitely the way to go before attempting fasting. There’s no point in fasting if you’re just gonna keep stuffing your body with bullshit foods all the time.

    • Jason Fung says:

      Great point!

    • C says:

      @Jason Fung I think it’s really interesting how, the minuet I cut out carbs, my caloric intake dropped dramatically. People say to avoid fat because of it’s high caloric density (and other reasons) but overlook its strong satiating effect. I fast for 4 days a week (96 hours) and I feel so much better. I never realized it until now but Eating all the time makes me tired, sluggish ,and uncomfortable. It’s scary to think that if I hadn’t seen your content I would still be feeling that way. The funny thing is I thought feeling like that was normal.

    • Pratheek says:

      @C It’s great that u can fast for 4 days. But when I wake up at morning I feel like gas is filled in my esophagus which even exerts some opposite force when i drink water and if I don’t eat until noon then i start feeling little burning sensation in upper abdomen region. Here in India, I’ve heard most doctors recommending to have 3 meals at fixed timings and nobody thinks skipping a meal is healthy (I.F). But one day I skipped Breakfast and Lunch, that whole day I was bloated and finally had my Dinner at 10pm. This is my situation. And i wonder how people can fast for days. Pls guide me because doctors can’t help me as they don’t consider fasting as a good thing.

    • Colleen Lazoruk says:

      @C my husband always needs a ‘rest’ after eating because he eats what he shouldn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • متجر الوان says:

    *Reduce added sugar
    * stop drinking sugar
    * Reduce refined grains
    *Eat moderate proteins
    * Eating healthy fat
    * Eating things as they appear in nature ( no procced food)
    * balance feeding and fasting (when to eat )

    All these steps will lead us to a achieve our dreams ….thank you dr Funge🌷🌷…💖💖💖

  • Nicole Nevin says:

    I have done steps 1-4 since I was 20 years old. Shop mostly at health food stores. Eat whole foods. Cook myself. Eat lots of veggies and I eat a variety of meats and fish and healthy fat. I am now 64. Over the past 10 years, I gained about 5 pounds a year. Most of it was on my belly. I got to a point (last year) when I realized that I was now OBESE! This did not feel good and it was alarming. I made a decision to lose the weight – not so much because of how I looked – but because I knew that it was affecting all my internal organs, my joints, etc. I had already tried to lose weight (instead of gaining it) for years and nothing worked. I didn’t get it because I am NOT someone who eats the garbage that most people do. I drink mostly water and I monitor how much – about 64 – 80 oz. per day. I also drink a warm cup of lemon water in the morning. ANYWAY…. let’s just say I have always done a TON of things to keep my body healthy – and YET – I gained the weight. I was about 40 pounds overweight. At that point, I stumbled upon INTERMITTENT FASTING! What a Blessing! It resonated with me so I started to incorporate I.F. into my life. That was about 10 months ago. Slowly the weight has been coming off. I have lost 34 pounds. Slowly is good – as it is the healthiest and most effective way to keep the weight off. I also added walking 3 miles, 5-6 times per week – briskly – so I work up a sweat! I was diagnosed last year with fatty liver disease and was SHOCKED! I don’t drink, I don’t eat or even purchase sugary foods – junk foods – EVER, etc. Yet I had the beginning of fatty liver disease. Since I started the I.F., that has gone away. Completely. I also know that I.F. can help diabetes. I don’t have that issue and never have – but I was probably close to it. AGAIN, I.F. is the BEST way to “lose weight” — but it’s not just about losing weight – it is about helping your body and all the body parts to function well and not have to work harder and sometimes they cannot help you to function anymore if you do not treat them well. THANK GOD FOR I.F. I used to eat breakfast and always felt like I had been drugged. Especially if I ate the “healthy steel cut oats” – no sugar of any kind added – sometimes nuts or blueberries. When I stopped eating breakfast and fast EVERY SINGLE DAY now for 19 hours and have a eating window of 5 hours – THIS has given me my life back!!! I have so much more energy than I did before. I am so happy with I.F. I recommend it to EVERYONE!

    • Cloppa2000 says:

      Great to hear your story! I know most of us become more insulin resistant as we get older. IF and eating real whole foods, especially meat fish and eggs is changing my health for the better. Now I must increase my daily activity.. I work out but apart from that I’m sedentary doing only about 1500 steps a day if that! 3miles a day is awesome and a goal I need to set myself..

    • The Tree says:

      Mr.Raji Nevin, I read your entire comment and felt good. I do not know your nationality, but I am an Indian. Wheat and rice are our regular food. Just want to know, can I include it in my eating window? Also, I am a 51 year old woman. I weigh 86 kgs and fat lot of abdominal fat. Now I notice fat is everywhere….on my upper arms, hips and thighs too. How can intermittent fasting help me? I am sure I am insulin resistant bcoz I have fatty liver and abdominal fat too. How to control hunger? How to politely refuse food when we visit someone? What foods can I eat? Can I have bulletproof coffee while fasting? These are few of my question if you could plz find time to answer them. Thank You.

    • Shazad Karim says:

      Mr nevin thank you for your testimonial on IF. It helps people like me to keep on trying. Thank you sir.

    • Connie Babcock says:

      @Cloppa2000 Thank you for such a complete story it is very encouraging Dr. Fong is fabulous for sharing fasting with all of us. You are helping us all live longer and healthier by sharing thank you

    • Tracker 100 says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write your comment, I found it very interesting to read 👍🇬🇧

  • 🦋 Yanire 🦋 says:

    “The alternative would be to skip it completely, which is always an option.” I love that he said that about breakfast 😊

  • aj svrn says:

    “You don’t see a package of granola bars growing on a tree” 😂. I really love Dr. Fung’s analogies.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira says:

    An entire easy to follow nutrition course for anyone in one single video!! 👏👏👏

  • Jason Fung says:

    To learn more about “How fasting Works for Weight Loss” see https://youtu.be/DzFpMpi58mY

  • Reba Georgiadis says:

    Great advice, really works! I am 63 years and was able to reverse T2 diabetes and lose over 30 lbs to get to normal range. Without feeling deprived or hungry. Maintaining is simple. Hurrah! Thank you so much! Best Dr ever.

    • Geraldine Garcka says:

      Great! I am 60 and since menopause have battled weight big time. I had just recently resigned myself to being a hopeless sugar addict whose future is just being an old fat lady. I have done Weightwatchers successfully many years ago but it is so much cooking and buying ingredients that cant be found and endless exercise. I know all those diets are too high maintenance and wont last. This is a simple, logical approach. I have only started a couple 9f days ago and lost 5 pounds already. I am inspired. Whats even more incredulous about making the scales move is that I cant exercise much due to severe hip osteoarthritis.

  • Wells says:

    The magic in all of this, is that there is no magic! Just follow the steps and stick to the plan, and you will get there. Thanks Dr. Fung. Your info and books have helped my dad lose the need for insulin and other diabetes meds. His A1C is 5.1 and is doing better.👍🏾

  • MiniLL says:

    This is exactly how I lost 6 kilos in 4 weeks, in total 10 kilos between April-September during lockdown! Well I did all what he said plus intermitting fasting 18/6. Best diet video in long – well done.

  • SongAngel says:

    Dr. Fung, thank you for your work and insights into fasting. I am morbidly obese but over the past year have worked my way into and alternate day fasting lifestyle and while the weight loss is slow it is helping and I feel so much better physically and mentally! Reading your books and watching your videos had been a huge influence on my decision to start fasting. It makes so much more sense physiologically than any of the diet plans i have attempted. I have been obese from young childhood so I know it will take time to heal my body from the insulin resistance it has developed over the years. I am hoping to prevent diabetes and lower my A1C out of the pre-diabetic range as soon as possible.

  • Shazad Karim says:

    Dear doctor you may not fully appreciate how much hope you have given many many people to be healthy. I just want to reiterate my gratitude to you for taking your time to help humanity. And you must be a very busy man. We cherish you for your encouragement and also your expertise because you are a very talented doctor. Thank you

  • Fender Been says:

    Removing refined grains/sugar and fasting have been game changers for me. I realize now why I was ALWAYS hungry before but barely hungry now. It wasn’t hunger. It was insulin.

  • Jared Alva says:

    I’ve lost 69 lbs in 4.5 months thanks to Dr Fung. Life changing!

    • J says:

      How? What did you do exactly?

    • Jared Alva says:

      Alternate aggressive fasting. No food just water for 24 hours, then just lunch and dinner the next day. Then no food for 24 hours, then just lunch and dinner and so on. Did that for about almost 2 months. But I also was eating healthy and working out. Now I just fast every once and a while and have kept the weight off. Total of 75 lbs lost and maintaining my goal weight

    • J says:

      @Jared Alva Thank you!

    • Jared Alva says:

      @J just listen to your body and keep a strong mind. You can do it. God bless.

    • NJLev says:

      @Jared Alva

      Rolling 36’s pretty much. Nice work. I did pretty much the same except I added potassium and sodium to the water on fasting days. 50 pounds down since Jan 3 and it’d be more if I was more disciplined these last 6 weeks.

  • Ali B says:

    Great video sir! I’m down 30 pounds doing IF. Im on 5/2. I feel good and plan to keep this going as a lifestyle. It’s interesting how people don’t want to admit that this obesity epidemic has gotten out of hand. I’m doing this for me. So far so good.

  • alzorama says:

    Every single time I get discouraged about weight loss, I listen to one of Dr. Fung’s videos and I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS encouraged that I am on the right path, and not just for weight loss, but for overall health.

    • Andrew Evenstar says:

      yeah I just started fasting this week and I’m still watching all the videos I can lol

    • Whiteboard7 says:

      hahaha, I looked for his video JUST for this reason. I’m not alone. Hope you’ve been making progress and even if not we can always start over in a second.

    • alzorama says:

      @Whiteboard7 Thanks! Yeah, it does help to not only listen to videos like this, but also words of encouragement from others.

    • Daring Greatly84 says:

      Same! Started a “fasting” playlist so I can go back and watch the videos that’s encourage me.

  • Bonnie Mechefske says:

    Can we also please acknowledge the obvious lack of jump cuts in all of Dr Fung’s videos. Straight talk straight through. Just another small but meaningful observation lending more credibility to the message. Thank you!

  • Penelope Pitstock says:

    This guy is the real deal. Not flogging any supplements, and is actually a medical doctor. On another note – is it just me, or does he always sound a couple of sighs away from finally losing patience 🤔😆

  • Lola Lim says:

    I have tried everything and my weight doesn’t come off even when I workout everyday. I’m gonna try fasting now. Thank you Dr Fung for clear instructions

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