Fasting and Weight Loss – Solving the Two-Compartment problem

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Why intermittent Fasting is a simple solution for weight loss. Body fat is simply a method of storing food energy. When we eat, our body wants to store those calories. When we don't eat (intermittent fasting), our body uses those calories. So, if we want to lose body fat, increase the duration of time that we are not eating. Check out my blog at

More Information:

The Obesity Code – Reviewing underlying physiology of weight loss and how low carb diets and fasting can help.

The Diabetes Code – Reviewing how type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease and dietary strategies.

The Cancer Code – Scientific exploration of how cancer develops –

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**Fasting Aids**
Pique Fasting Tea (recommended)

Fasting Community and Coaching:

YouTube Medical Lectures (for specialist physicians):

1. The Roots of the Obesity Epidemic –
2. Therapeutic Fasting – The Two Compartment Problem: ​​
3. Does Calorie Counting work? ​​
4. Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes –
5. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally –
6. Insulin Toxicity – ​​
7. Saturated Fat – Friend or Foe?
8. Diet and Disease –
9. Dangers of Fructose –
10. Insulin Resistance –
11. Role of Hormones in Weight Loss –
12. The Obesity Code Lecture 1 –

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0:00 Fasting and Weight Loss
10:15 Fasting physiology
16:38 The Two compartment problem
22:22 Metabolic changes with fasting
26:34 Fasting does not destroy muscle
31:05 Advantages of intermittent fasting

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Cameron Long

  • Anna Warner says:

    I would like to recommend dr Fung for the Nobel Prize for popularization of effective methods to reduce/reverse obesity, diabetes and all other associated maladies (strokes, Alzheimer, high blood pressure etc).

  • Granny Kim in Alaska says:

    crazy story. my dad lost his drivers license 10 Or so years ago because of the diabetes and it wasn’t safe for him to drive. he basically pulled a cartman. about 2 years ago at the age of 88 he had quit eating and his alzheimers was reaching a terrible point. we thought he was getting ready to die.
    this spring his doctor declared him cured of diabetes. he is 90 now
    so this week I discovered this lecture series and it answered some things we didn’t understand.
    1. 10 years ago he weighed 230lb, he now weighs under 180lb but he has zero sagging skin.
    2. he cured his diabetes
    3. his alzheimers is A typical. he still recognizes us all. he seems to remember the past the best but he can still carry on a conversation, and other things,
    4. the last check on his heart disease found an unusually healthy heart.
    thanks for sharing this, I’m looking forward to greatly increasing his fat intake to see if we can bring him back a bit.
    I myself have started intermittent fast with a keto diet to fix my own diabetes.

  • Lee Hargreaves says:

    Fasting has been a revelation. Jason described my history of reduced calorie diet failure perfectly. I now fast for 2, 3 or 4 days. The big difference is that I don’t feel hungry, tired and cold all the time. In fact I go cycling a lot, it’s fine especially as I know I’m burning pure fat as I cycle. Thanks Jason. Weight-watchers is a money-making scheme where repeat business is key.

  • Pluto 57 says:

    I got rid of my diabetes and cholesterol within two months of fasting and no carb diet.When I went to see my dr.he was shocked . so was I .Your book is also amazing of course . Very easy to understand with a lot of scientific back up. I have told about your fasting method to many family member and friend who at first were very skeptical but seeing me how healthy and thin I have become, they all following it now! every one is greeting great results.
    Thank you so much no wonder you are my hero!

  • Laurie Logan says:

    Thank you Dr. Fung, for actually promoting something that doesn’t cost the consumer anything. It shows that you really do care about humanity!

  • Smith Family YouTube says:

    This man should have MILLIONS of subscribers. A low-cost effective way to lose weight which many humans can benefit from. I love this man!

    • Emily says:

      He’s improved and extended not only the life of my 75 year old father, but me as well when I had to find out how dad was losing all that weight. Dr Fung and Dr Jamnadas are angels here to save us from what capitalism did to our food.

    • Tonda Lea says:

      Unfortunately people think this is extreme and the average doctor will say the same ! Fasting =life !

    • Christine Parker says:

      You are right 👍 but I say more 🎉 This man lower my A1c from 7.ish to 5. 0 and I really appreciate it ❤❤❤ Because everyone I knew that had diabetes didn’t have a clue 🤷 they were eating rackless 😢 so yea I love Dr. Jason Fung ❤🙏🏿💪 I forgot to say God directed me to him. Thank You God in the Name of Jesus ❤❤❤❤

    • Sarah Murphy says:

      @tondalea7097  my doctor says he doesn’t believe nine fasting!!! I was shocked. The benefits are amazing. Makes me question any advice I get from the doctor now.

  • Jason Fung says:

    My Top 3 Fasting Tips –

  • Ben Hayat says:

    I remember I watched this video in 2016 when I had started leaning about Fasting, and 5 years later studying this science, and I watch this video, I’d say this video is the BEST source of information you can learn about fasting. Although Dr, Fung speaks in a casual manager, but there is a lot of information in it, especially when he talks about lowering insulin.
    Lowering insulin is a huge topic related to fasting and Autophagy.After 5 years of learning and practicing fasting, I say Dr. Fung has one of the best understanding in the science of fasting

    • Ieshiaaa says:

      I’m right there with you, Ben. My first “fast” was the Master Cleanse about 12 years ago. Then I attempted a water fast about 5 years ago for 23 days and felt the best I’ve ever felt. Now, I’m looking for sustainability, and Dr. Fung makes it easy to grasp and implement long term.

    • Sarah Murphy says:

      @ieshiaaa  where to learn aboutthe master fast??
      23 days is a long gig time.. id be afraidnid die..!? Teying to get back ninth fasting after time away from it

  • The Trusty Sidekick says:

    Isn’t it incredible how we can essentially break free from the unhealthy habits we have just by not eating?

    • jelena says:

      I lost 15 kilograms with intermittent fasting, 20:4. But two years later it all started coming back. The doctor said it could be hormones or thyroid, but intermittent fasting is not working for me a
      anymore. I even started going to the gym for three months and I gained weight 🙁 On the other hand I was just fed up with everything, I went on vacation to Greece for ten days and I ate like a cow there, from dusk till dawn and I lost two kilograms. Something’s doesn’t add up that’s for sure.

    • Sri - says:

      @jelena maybe its all in our mind!!!!!

  • NLR759 says:

    The thing I love most about fasting is that it frees up SO MUCH TIME during my day. When I fast, I am not spending any time shopping or cooking food. I can do other things to get out of the house or distract myself from thoughts about food. Unlike calorie counting, which essentially makes me obsessed with thoughts about food, meal planning, and looking up everything I eat on some app to figure out calories. Fasting is definitely the way to go!

    • Jana Leja says:

      And constantly cleaning kitchen 😄

    • Moisés Sandoval says:

      Hello, what protocole you are following? (5:2, 16:8, etc)

    • JoAnna The Singer says:

      Kane Can you say “extreme gas”???

    • Violet Wade says:

      That sounds really disordered. Sorry, seems to be working for you but fasting during the day (starving yourself to save calories for later) sounds like a one way ticket to binge-eating disorder.

    • JoAnna The Singer says:

      @Violet Wade Apparently you’re behind the information curve regarding Intermittent Fasting. You aren’t “saving up calories to eat later”…you are not eating for a specific period of time, then eating within a specific window in order to keep your insulin as low as possible during your fasting window. It’s ONLY when insulin is low that your body can access its fat stores and utilize them for energy. You can have whatever you’d like to eat within your eating window…but the hormones ghrelin and leptin prevent you from binging during your eating window.

      When you Intermittent Fast, you engage all sorts of healthy behaviors AND can reverse Type 2 diabetes which is epidemic in our society today.

  • Belinda Wallace says:

    I find his lectures remarkable. I am in medical field. When I mention fasting most of my coworkers tell me I am starving myself. I do intermittent fasting with an occasional longer fasts.

    • Hana says:

      Same. Work in a hospital. I told my coworkers I couldn’t join their ice cream party because I was fasting. They thought i was crazy. I find people that work at hospitals have the worst diets considering they work in medical field.

    • Quantum Universe says:

      People follow their own believes, I.e. CAN’T explore, contemplate anything out of their own truth, regardless of their education, religion, culture, tradition etc. My point, girl you get it! Heng in there and enjoy YOUR way to be healthy! Thumbs up 👍🥰😇

    • Water Fall says:

      @Belinda Wallace Do you see any changes in your health while doing only intermittent fasting?
      Since combining intermittent fasting and a one day fasting day what improvements have you seen in your health?

  • Yara says:

    I lost 10kg through fasting and I feel SO powerful. I feel so happy and confident it’s unbelievable, didn’t spend a penny on diets and trainers, did it all through fasting :’)

  • wisetech1970 says:

    I’ve been on the OMAD diet for two weeks and have lost almost 10 pounds. I worked my way through the other fasting levels until I was ready for this one. I fast from 7 pm to 6 pm with a one hour eating window and I find this actually pretty easy with a Higher energy level. I’m down a total 0f 35 pounds in less than 5 months. I’m making this a life style and love it, along with working out, Its amazing

  • Doctor Dan says:

    Dr Jason Fung’s book on the complete guide to fasting, changed my life and that of many patients. As a doctor who also struggled with weight and metabolic syndrome, I would usually tell my patients that you can’t cure hypertension or diabetes easily or even at all; but after reading his book, I realized a lot of the teachings were based on convenience, commerce and a culture that sustains pharmaceutical companies, not the actual science. I reversed high blood pressure and worsening obesity without any drugs and achieved a high HDL (good) cholesterol for the first time in a decade. Thanks to “medical fasting”, taking long daily walks and not counting calories

  • Louise Graham says:

    This is the ONLY weight loss talk we’re ever going to need. It has it all! Thank you so much Dr Fung🙏👍🏻

  • Tracey Holley says:

    Jason is such a good teacher, easy to understand explanation , humour, and repetition and good visual aids so we can be de-programmed from our false concepts of weight loss and have that aha moment of realisation of the real truth .

  • kerry beri says:

    I listen to you almost everytime I’m fasting. pushes me through.

  • Sincerely says:

    Been doing a 16:8 for about 150 days now, lost 50 lbs. The crazy thing is I’ve been catching my legs bouncing around when I’m standing still, because my metabolism is ramped up for the first time in my life. Feels amazing


    Dear Dr. Fung. I’ve studied your work for about a year and a half before I self-experimented on water fasting. I started with a few short; 3, 5, and 7 day water fast, before going for my ultimate goal, of a 40 day water fast. I thought it would be interesting, to check my blood glucose, twice per day and my blood keytones once per day. I was shocked by my results. My blood glucose never went higher than 96 and no lower than 64 on my blood glucose meter. My blood ketone went as high as 7.4 and simply went back and forth, not going lower than 4.0. Sadly, I only was able to make it to the 36th day of my water fast, due to the most extreme nausea I’ve ever had in my 51 years of my life, due to contracting COVID-19 from a family member. I broke my water fast with some chicken bone broth. I ended up being hospitalized from COVID-19
    Not once was I hungry after the 7th day without food. I lost 48 pounds in the 36 day water fast, and I know, with 100% certainty, I would have gone the remaining 4 days, to fulfill my water fast goal of 40 days, had I not gotten extremely ill. I know water fasting works! Thank you Dr. Fung!

    • Demetris Sheppard says:

      did you take vitamins or anything like that. i only made it 11 days i was on the verge of gaining at work and i was out of breathe everytime i moved.

  • Mickey says:

    I’m 55 pounds over weight and it is all my fault. Lazy! Lazy! Lazy! Depression, life, over eatting, not doing the things that kept me in shape. But thank you for this information. I’m on it, fasting. 3, 5, 7 days? I need prayer and encouragement. Self wake up! 145 here I come! 200 to 145? Yes I can! 😊

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