Two Big Lies about Type 2 Diabetes

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The first big lie is that Type 2 Diabetes is chronic and progressive. The second lie is that treatment of blood sugar is the primary target of therapy. Check out my blog at

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0:00 Type 2 Diabetes
8:49 Treatment of Type 2 diabetes
14:55 Complications of type 2 diabetes
22:02 Fatty Liver disease and type 2 diabetes
29:00 Insulin Resistance explained
37:07 Cure for type 2 diabetes?

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Cameron Long

  • Bridgette Allan says:

    This makes me feel like crying. The global situation is so desperate and yet every day medical professionals are perpetuating the advancement of the disease and contributing to the deterioration of their patients. We need to take a very serious stand against protocols based on flawed studies and profit hungry drug companies.

    • DowskiVision MagicalOracle says:

      Sorry Jason, but fasting when you’re T2DM is anything but easy. You can’t get that “energy” for days of overwhelming hunger due to failure of ketosis. This is because the liver’s gluconeogenesis is in overdrive feeding you carbs whether you want them or not. Even if you do manage to become ketotic by the end of the day you have to start from square one thanks to the dawn effect.

    • DowskiVision MagicalOracle says:

      +Bike Vids They’re not evil, they’re profit-oriented and amoral. The fundamental difference to keep in mind when dealing with them is that they will not do evil if it results in losses (or a risk of losses) to them.

    • Kimberly Cooper says:

      Bike Vids , I moved my money from a bank to a federal credit union. Credit unions are non-profits. If the credit union has a financial advisor on staff, you can move your non-retirement plan, college education savings account, and non-retirement investment money to the credit union, too.

      A lot of investment companies have, like banks, become publicly-traded corporations. Vanguard is one investment company that doesn’t trade its stock on the stock market. Instead, Vanguard sells its stock to its own Vanguard mutual funds. Thus, the clients are also the stockholders. There might be other investment companies that do likewise. I am not a financial advisor. So, do not invest in anything that I say; instead, consult your financial advisor.

    • ModelSupplies says:

      4 years ago! I only just found him a couple of months ago. I started working with his program and lost 22 lbs in about 3 weeks, then another 2 lbs last week. I am furious at being told to eat “6 small meals daily” to prevent type 2 diabetes. My mom died from it, needlessly =(
      ‘Greed, for lack of a better word, is NOT good.’

  • chiteira says:

    Many thanks for your courage and generosity Jason.  This video changed my life.  About 10 days ago I was googling to try to understand why I get indigestion if I don’t eat every few hours, or from doing housework or gardening.  I read about a condition called “dyspepsia”, found it was due to insulin resistance and from there found your videos.  So much of what I heard was so familiar.  I can’t fast because I get pain if I do, but I have gone high fat, low carb, no processed foods.  Within days the indigestion stopped, my lower back pain was mostly gone, my entire body lost it’s puffiness, and I felt taller.  Someone I live with even commented that my posture has improved. It is almost like I can feel my body rebuilding itself after decades of fat restriction.  

  • George Khun says:

    Jason, It worked for me! I was diagnosed a few months ago but I couldn’t accept it since I don’t have any diabetics in my family. I didn’t want to take any medications so I followed your advice. I started a “strict” carb diet for a few weeks only (that’s all it needed) and manged to drop my blood sugar from 170+ down to between 98 and 116. I’m continuing with my diet and checking my bl. sugar as often as possible just in case. THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • zahria says:

      George Khun Please, couldyou tell me what a “strict” carb diet is?
      My friend is so sick, but non of us umderstand WHAT he can eat at all. He has no problem fastimg, but anytime he starts eating again it goes wrong.

    • RJO says:

      Zahria- go to James’ website the Diet Dr. it goes into detail about low carb foods.

    • Dan Bunch says:

      George. Can you add 30 min physical exersize like a 1-2 mile walk? you will lose another 10-15 points off your blood sugar.

    • Seven Streams says:

      Bike Vids too much food, wrong kinds. Fasting helps, but the plan has to be in place to watch the carbs

    • Seven Streams says:

      @Kimberly Cooper you can take a D3 supplement that has k2 added. The carbs simply have to go. Esp simple sugars

  • TheBurnabypete says:

    Billions of dollars spent on a totally reversible disease. Good on you Doctor Fung for not slinging for drug companies!

  • Greg Hollingsworth says:

    If you have Type 2 diabetes or are Pre-diabetic, this video clearly shows how to CURE your disease and shows you why you have it.

    • Tom says:

      Some people will only be able to achieve remission or reduction (even Newcastle diet had non responders who saw no improvement in first phase insulin despite massive weight loss) as not everyone’s pancreas is in good shape, but regardless, everyone will see a big improvement that improves their life!

  • Maxi Love2Learn says:

    Thank God for doctors who are open and continue to research and learn when needed. Thank you, Dr. Fung!

  • Oggygolfer 66 says:

    Give Dr Jason Fung a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • camila neo says:

    love this guy and his work. thanks for speaking the truth!so many practioners made people feel helpless, that nothing could be done to control our conditions our body problems. thanks for making us feel that we can, and that our health lies in our own hands!

    • Jessica Johnson says:

      I was just going to talk to my doctor about me feeling helpless about my diabetes but long story I have to find another doctor now

  • Dorian Christe says:

    Dr Fung is brilliantly open minded, curious, and fearless with his search for truth. His proven method of treatment is what we need as healthy humans. We have been used as a profit point for the old for-profit medical industry.
    Dr. Fung cares to help people survive & recover their health.
    Fasting works! Thank you, Dr Fung.

  • Gspsx says:

    Listen to this man. Following his advice, I lowered my a1c from 13.9 to 5.3 in 6 months.

    • cricket and cricket says:

      Gspsx pls explain Diet of whole day

    • Ligays Sanyarin says:

      Gspsx, can you pls explain your diet,or what is keto diet? ?

    • Meenu blog says:

      Please sir suggest me your s plan how to lower diabetic within 6months .

    • Gspsx says:

      ​@Meenu blog It’s difficult to do in a comment, I’ll give it a try. We become resistant to insulin (type 2) because we have too much. Your goal should be to lower insulin production and insulin spikes. anything you eat will cause a spike of insulin, but carbohydrates have the most impact and raise insulin the most. Cut out carbs, they’re the source of constant hunger, cravings, and weight gain. Next, lower the frequency of eating. This means fasting. Start with 3 or 4 meals a day and cut back to 2 or even 1. No snacking at all.

      When you eat, eat whole foods with fiber. stay away from processed foods. If it has more than 5 ingredients avoid it. You’ll have to educate your self on all the crap they put in our food supply and cut out what you can . It’s not easy, but anything worth doing isn’t easy. I’m over 2 years in and still in remission. We don’t tolerate carbs well that’s why we became diabetic. come to peace with the fact that your life will need to change and you have to give up some of the carby goodness you’re used to. If not, you’ll end up loosing parts of your body before you’re gone.

      Read DR Fung’s books. Look up Eric Berg and Robert Lustig here and listen to their message.

      cc: ​ @Santosh Naik @Ligays Sanyarin @Mizz Khan

  • Zewdu Wondifraw says:

    I reversed my type 2 diabetes with low carbohydrate diet, intermittent fasting and regular exercises. Dr Fung. Thank you once again. God Bless you!

  • Craig Hunter says:

    I am not a patient of Dr fungs but I found him after an officer put me up for a medical evaluation to keep my driver’s licence, my blood sugar was 300 and my blood pressure was 165/110 and my A1C was 9.5 . My doctor said he could not allow me to drive and notified DMV and they took my license away. One month later after starting Dr Fungs extreme fasting last Friday I saw my doctor again to be reevaluated again and my A1C was 7.2 and my blood pressure is down to 130/80 and my doctor has reversed his decision so I’m getting my license back very soon. PS I’ve lost 20 LBS in the process.
    Thank you Dr Fungs for what you’ve done to save our home on wheels our motorhome. My wifes gone blind and am the only driver. For sure you’ve saved my eye site from diabetes complications more than likely. From what I’ve learned, I’m very grateful …. thank you we’ve told everyone our story and passed on your mission to everyone we know and meet.
    Eternity grateful.

  • Sabina Silaula says:

    I am convinced you deserve a Nobel recognition. Humanity will be ever grateful for your research that led to the discovery of such a profound solution to the Type 2 DM plague

  • Jason Fung says:

    Learn about Fasting here –

  • Gin T says:

    Just a superbly explained video! Dr. Fung has such a talent to make a complex subject so clear. He also isn’t afraid to admit that his previous approach to treating diabetes was wrong and why accepted treatment must change.

  • Sol ypunto says:

    I am incredibly thankful for your work. I’ve read the obesity code and the diabetes code and thanks to that my mom was able to lose 40 kilos since February, she no longer needs to use insulin, her metformin dose was lowered, her blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol are great. She has diabetic nephropathy, and we are trying to prevent or delay dialysis, which she was told she’ll eventually need. However, her doctor adviced her to start eating bread, pasta and rice again… She supposedly needs a “more balanced diet in order not to keep losing weight”🥴 it kind of feels like her doctor wants her sick again!

    • It's MaritZA says:

      Watch out for Metfomin. There’s a Lawsuit against it.

    • Nana Medium says:

      Time for a new doctor

    • Tennis Kinsella says:

      I we t for diabetic eye cheque quite a few people waiting a d no one overweight except me but I’m not obese thinner people can get diabetes

    • Tennis Kinsella says:

      I think it’s over the top this diabetes advice mine is well controlled and has been for 13 years but I probably don’t eat all the right food that’s if you are allowed any and my skin is OK for my age 77

  • Laowai RC says:

    Doctor, you have given me so much hope. I’ve been overweight and or obese most of my adult life and diabetic for the past 5 years. I thought there was no cure until I stumbled upon your videos. I have been watching and reading everything you’ve done on fasting and diabetes and I am so hopeful now. I’m doing 16/8 and 24 alternating, following the plan I got from your website. Thank you so much for changing my life.

  • barbarasboi1 says:

    I love the fact that you acknowledge you were treating your patients incorrectly because of the lack of knowledge you had at the time. That’s BIG! I commend you sir. You are such a blessing!

  • Mike K says:

    Dr. Jason Fung should be award a Nobel Prize for this. My A1C was 10.3 in Sept 22, Now in Mar 23 my A1C is 6.9; while my regular Dr. wanted to increase meds on me. I simply do 18/6 intermittent fasting and low carbs & low fructose diet.

    • Alma Burns says:

      How is your A1C today, after another six months have passed? I’m thinking you’ll soon be off your meds.

  • Sandra Carter says:

    Thank you Dr. Fung for continuing to spread good information about insulin resistance and about how we have been treated by doctors over the past 30 years. I always knew my diabetes was getting worse and it was from the insulin injections mostly but also a higher carb diet. I am working on reversing it. Have reduced my insulin injections by 70% already with low carb and intermittent fasting

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