4 Keys to LOWER FASTING GLUCOSE – How to reduce blood sugar in the morning.

The fasting blood sugar test is a standard tests nearly all diabetics give themselves. And it can be so frustrating when the number on the meter is far higher than desired. But what can you do about it? In this video Dennis Pollock shares four keys which can lower that fasting blood sugar number and make your morning blood sugar test a much more happy experience. You can beat diabetes!

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  • CV Hawkeye says:

    Hi Dennis, excellent real life common sense video. I do notice you mainly focus on diet and more recently fasting. I think it might be quite interesting to see the effects of light exercise (say 20-30min walk) on BG levels (Before exercise, shortly after exercise, 1 hr and 2 hr after exercise). I am currently trying a 2 low-carb meals 12-16hr fasting regime daily (Breaking fast at about 12-1pm and dinner at 7-9pm). I try to do a 20-30min light workout prior to both meals. The reasoning of my pre-meal exercise is to enable the emptying of my glycogen stores. This seems to work for me so far, I am less prone to post-meal BG spikes with BG levels returning to normal levels (often around 95-105) after 2hrs. I am trying to treat my glycogen stores as an extra sponge for the glucose produced from my meals (the more I can empty it the bigger the sponge effect). I know the body stores around 2000 calories worth of glucose energy (I know a 20-30min workout won’t completely empty it but every bit helps). I am a recent T2 diabetic, taking 1500mg metformin and 80mg Gliclazide daily. I am thinking to go on longer fast – 24hr up to 72hrs (perhaps weekly or monthly), but I would need to consult my MD if this is wise especially on advice with taking my current medication which I have to take with meals. PS I would like to ask if anyone here can share some general advice/views or tips.

  • Ricky B says:

    Good video, Dennis! I eat dinner at 5PM (meat & 3 veggies) and then breakfast at 9AM. My fasting is in the 80’s when I do that. If I snack at all at night, like even a few nuts, I’m in the 90’s or early hundreds. I never skip breakfast but I do 10,000 steps a day. This is the formula that works for me. Glad you have found one that works for you! I always look forward to your videos.

    • S. Lynne Price says:

      May I ask how many meals/snacks you do? I do a lot of steps, about 6 miles a day and am trying to figure it out.

    • Ricky B says:

      S. Lynne Price I have 3 meals a day plus a very small afternoon snack, like a piece of cheese and a few nuts. You just have to keep testing and experimenting to find the right formula for you. Good luck.

    • S. Lynne Price says:

      @Ricky B Thanks, Ricky!

  • James Kantor says:

    Really good video! My fasting blood sugar was 100 mg/dl. this morning.  A month ago I was seeing 117-124 mg/dl. My blood pressure is coming down too. I have lost 65 lbs since Dec 4, 2018. 
    Going for a walk after I finished watching the video and write this review. 
    Thank you for your books as well. I finished 60 ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar ( I like this one the best) and Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar.
    Thank You for your support in the community.

  • Dennis Koyle says:

    I’m not diabetic because I check my blood sugar every day plus after some meals to see how they might affect me. It’s a big motivator and I learn what makes my body tick. I also eat low carb, one meal a day, with periodic multiple day fasting, to keep my fasting level under 100. I wouldn’t be taking any of these steps if I didn’t check my blood sugar.

  • MYF3T says:

    I’ve been intermittent fasting since 5-5-18, about 13 months now, and have lost 166.9 pounds. I have cut out processed foods, sugar, and carbs considerably. I didn’t have diabetes but have been watching a lot of Dr. Kevin Fung videos and believe in making sure your insulin stays low for the majority of the day.

  • Rhonda Garrett says:

    Thank you Dennis. You are definitely God sent to help us with the battle a lot of ppl are fighting! Your videos are always so informative. A lot of this is really common sense. So thankful for your insights.

  • doofus__ says:

    1) eat no later than 6 pm
    2) eat a low carb dinner
    3) dont overeat
    4) 3-4 times a week..skip breakfast.
    Thank you Dennis. 😍

  • Billy Redden says:

    My fasting glucose levels were in the 200-300 range. I started doing keto with intermittent fasting, and they dropped to the 170s-200 range. I hit a plateau on weight loss though, so I decided to do another veggie juice cleanse for 21 days. Today will be day 7. My fasting blood sugar this morning was 91. This afternoon, I had a reading of 73. After consuming my juice, it popped up to 95 again. I juice raw organic veggies, and some fruits (tomatoes, avocados) on my kitchen table. Lots of dark green leafy vegetables, with a low speed masticating juicer. I use a “super angel” juicer. It doesn’t heat the juice up, so all the enzymes are preserved. Very expensive, but I figure getting my health back is worth it. I quit taking all insulin 3 weeks ago. They had me taking around 20 units per day short acting, plus 30 units of long acting at night. I decided to treat the problem, and not just the symptoms.

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      You are doing very well. Let us know your numbers once you start eating solid food again.

    • Billy Redden says:

      Oops. I meant they had me taking 20 units of insulin per meal, not per day. Plus 30 units of long acting at night. Now taking zero units of both, thanks to keto, intermittent fasting, and my juice cleanse.

    • RDU TAXI CAB Taxi Cab Service says:

      @Billy Redden when you started doing intermittent fasting, how was your ketones, did ketones went high. I did water fasting and my ketones went high to 80. I was in ketoacidosis

    • RDU TAXI CAB Taxi Cab Service says:

      @Billy Redden what do you eat for lunch and dinner

    • Billy Redden says:

      @RDU TAXI CAB Taxi Cab ServiceI eat eggs ( organic pastured), steak, grass fed beef, lotsa veggies, love asparagus, avocados, salads, with avocado oil dressing. Keto bread. Churwaffles. Watch sauces, dressings, avoid bad oils, and anything with sugar. My ketones never got over 5.2. I did stop taking all insulin, no metformin, glyburide or anything like it.

  • David Wong says:

    Thanks Dennis! I am not so sure if skipping breakfast has any real effect on lowering fasting glucose – after all the next time you check your fasting glucose is nearly 24 hours away. Also, I have read that not eating breakfast actually can negatively impact your glucose level during the day. When you body senses that you don’t have food in your body, it taps into your body’s supply of stored glucose (glycogen) and your blood glucose can actually increase on an empty stomach. I used to skip breakfast, but after my diabetic diagnosis I also make sure I have some form of breakfast – low carb of course!
    I am a type 2 diabetic myself and I also manage to bring my fasting glucose level down on the 90s without the use of medication/insulin. I agree with the rest of your suggestions, such as eating a low carb dinner (actually I already eat a low carb diet), and not overeating. Eating no later than 6pm is a challenge considering what time I get off work, so my personal limit is 8pm. I would add one more to the to-do list: Have a 20-minute brisk walk after dinner. I have found that also helps with my fasting glucose the next morning.

    • sreeram murthy says:

      Nvr skip a break…. Fast
      Rest is ok
      One meal a day makes u a 👑 king..
      Two makes u a ok..comfort
      Three makes u rogi( a patient)
      Fasting…. Makes ur body more immunity… Japanesse.. Nobel luareat.. Proof thumbsup up.. All the best

  • Sue k says:

    Totally agree with your assessment. The earlier I eat, the more my sugar has a chance to drop. I usually only have 2 meals and I font drink coffee or tea so no bulletproof for me. The lower my BS is, under 100, the better I sleep. Unfortunately, I still suffer from the dawn phenomenon.

  • D. Frazier says:

    First of all, let me just say that I love how you’re speaking with a calm voice and bringing Godly wisdom to the forefront. I’m not a diabetic, but this sound advice is relevant to the masses. I’m doing Omad and love keeping my body in a fasted state for 23 hours. I’m not suffering in the least bit – once you’ve gotten passed the first 7 days it becomes easier. It also lowers your blood pressure, rids the body of bad cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, heals the body (inside/out), corrects poor vision, repairs damaged cells, reverses erectile dysfunction, aids in weight loss – there are many other pros that come along with fasting. Animals instinctively fast whenever they’re sick, or wounded. Thank you for this knowledge.

  • Tony Cardall says:

    I eat at 6pm and usually have a chicken breast or 4 meatballs,a cup of cauliflower and a cup of green beans.I test my levels at 7:30am and my last 3 readings are 4.1 , 4.2 and 3.9 so it works for me.Your information is greatly appreciated and it works.

  • Patricia Nunez says:

    Love this advice! Thank you so much for telling us how to get our fasting B/S down. I have been struggling to get back on Keto since the holidays.

  • Treva Graham says:

    I just recently discovered this channel. I love your advice Dennis! I’m not a diabetic, but I’m always looking for ways to keep my blood sugar low.

  • Wayne Sanday says:

    Another excellent video on a vital subject. To get that optimal fasting sugar number you need to eat early, make it the lowest carb meal of the day and never never stuff yourself. Thank you Dennis for shinning the light on this area.

  • brittany smith says:

    This is just an update from my last comment yesterday. I took your advice and my number this morning was a 91 ☺️ pregnant women are supposed to be under 95 in my state. So I’m finally within range. I was getting 100’s lately. So this is a big win for me. I had a huge steak with veggies last night. I’m going to see if making the portions smaller tonight will help my numbers out even more in the morning. Thank you again sir for helping me and making this informative video. God bless you 🙏🏼❤️

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      That’s great, Brittany! May God bless you and give you a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and a long happy, healthy life.

  • Tricia M says:

    Thank you Dennis. I tried this with my dinner last night: light meal, no starches, and my blood sugar stayed low all night and into today, and still going strong. Bless you for your wonderful advice and information.

  • coco silk says:

    I’ve been eating low carb / keto (although not that often in ketosis I don’t think) for the past 3 years since I had gestational diabetes. It helped at first to lose 10kg of baby weight but I seemed to stall at a certain point and haven’t been able to lose the last few kilos, but worse, my fasting levels have been going in the wrong direction despite eating low carb. I’ve been waking up to readings in the 6 mmols lately so I needed some new motivation to take things seriously again. I’ve seen lots of other people talking about how to do this low carb lifestyle and include fasting but because I’m still breastfeeding (sometimes) my 2 year old, I wasn’t sure if fasting would dry up the last bit of milk so the only thing I’ve done is not eat breakfast till 11am. But because I was still in the habit of late night snacking on my keto snacks – small piece of 90% low sugar dark chocolate and a handful of macadamia nuts with a few dried cranberries or fresh blueberries and a cup of Rooibos tea with milk – my overnight fast was still often only up to 12 hours. I was just snacking too often still, even though it was on keto foods, I realise overeating is the biggest problem because you can have this sense that you can eat whatever you like as long as it’s low carb. But when I watched this video of yours, I realised I better take things more seriously and quit the evening snacking! So I only started doing this 3 nights ago. The first evening I was really missing that mouthful of milk I’ve been having before bed since I was I kid (did I ever wean?… Lol). It was hard the first night. The next morning my fasting was 5.9mmol when I woke at 6am (which was not enough sleep as I go at midnight often), so after being awake an hour, I managed to go back to sleep for another hour or so and tested again and it was only 5.1mmol! Which is as low as it’s been for a while. The next day at 5:30am (I’ve been waking in the early hours for a while now – interrupted sleep in other words), it was 5.1 and then at 9.25am when I continued fasting, it went up to 5.3 mmol by itself (I have this dawn phenomenon problem a lot). The next day I had meat balls which I’d added a little gluten free flour into and didn’t manage to eat dinner before 8pm, and I also ate one too many! Result – 7am fasting 5.5 mmol (not as good as previous 2 days), but even worse, at 9am, while still fasting, it went up again by itself to 5.8mol. Still only in the prediabetic range I know, but I know I can do better. Again last night, I had lamb’s fry and salad but didn’t get it finished till 8pm. This morning at 7am 5.2mmol and at 9:40am still fasting 5.4 mmol. So I still need to shorten my eating window, but gosh, there are not many things you can do which show such immediate results as the advice you have given in this video! I’m in the 5s again instead of in the 6s! For the first time, I feel like I might actually get control over this after all and not find my fasting readings running away on me despite doing low carb for a few years. It’s all down to overeating (even though I am not overweight anymore) it’s just the bad habit of wanting to chew on something at the wrong hour! And now I think I’m ready to give that part up. It’s a journey, isn’t it? Thank you for your contribution to humanity in sharing your journey. ❤️

  • LeeKobe says:

    Brought my blood sugar down from 141 mg to 109 mg in 7 days. Here’s how: started exercising every day – mostly walking, or biking, with light weight lifting; went on strict keto/low carb eating; started intermitten fasting with one larger keto meal a day (around 1 pm) – including huge spinach/spring salad; strictly no food intake after 5 pm. My new life! Side note… I’ve also lost 12 pounds in that time period, along with feeling incredibly better overall.

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