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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes naturally, without medications. It is a curable disease, but as a dietary disease, it demands a dietary treatment. The principles including fasting and weight loss are outlined. Dietary modification is the cornerstone of reversing type 2 diabetes. Check out my blog at

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Pique Fasting Tea (recommended)

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0:00 Type 2 Diabetes can be treated Naturally
6:15 Insulin Resistance Explained
12:35 How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
18:00 Case studies

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Cameron Long

  • keke13905 says:

    2/19/16 I was diagnosed with severe type 2. A1C of 11.6, fasting glucose of 290. Doctor put me on insulin immediately. I immediately got to exercising and eating low carb and after seeing Dr. Fung started intermittent fasting as well. I noticed through this process that each time I fasted my sugars would go down. I started with 16 hrs. daily, moved up to not eating for a full day here and there, and just last week made it 3 days. I stopped all medication 3/10/16. Each time it gets easier, and each time you just feel so much better. Since last Friday my waking up sugars have been under 100, today it was 81. I just wanted to thank Dr. Fung, and if anyone is looking at this with similar circumstances as mine, have hope! Thank you Dr. Fung!

  • Black Panther says:

    I have never heard diabetes explained in such easy terms. Great video…….why can’t we have more honest Doctors like you Mr. Fung?

  • Jan Anthony says:

    A doctor that puts people before profit i applaud this man wish we had more like him .

    • Koni Royval says:

      One of the insurance plans our practice handles–pays us $6.00 per patient. SIX dollars–and those members complain about their $10 copay. Can not afford to keep such a contract–our STAFF wapaid more than we collected. Try paying for staff-insurance costs plus the numerous products–tools and equipment when Ins. companies issue thes rates. We did drop this group—I told the CEO–we would be better doing the work for NOTHING and write it off as charity.

    • B.L. says:

      @Don Turco Yeah, but it’s more than him being profitable in the way of money, because he also risks his reputation, which is not easily gained back, once you do speak the truth.

    • Susan Apollo says:

      This world badly needs people like him

    • Bryan Dagotdot says:

      Jan Anthony 💯

    • YallKindaStupid says:

      Jan Anthony You do realize he charges 175 USD for a 30 min consult right? and he offers free trials, a common way for businesses to get your credit card in the database.

  • D K says:

    My dad was diagnosed in the 90s. This was the exact treatment he got until he was insulin dependent and needing heart surgery. They had him eating small meals all day and keeping soda close if his sugar dropped. Wish I could have helped him back then, but your methodology is keeping his son from suffering the same fate. Thank you, Doctor Fung. Much love from Cali 💙💪

  • Maria Camacho says:

    I’m 64 and have been fasting for almost a year, have lost 12 pounds and feel great. Everyone needs to fast. I stop eating at 6pm and won’t eat anything until the next morning around 10am. I’m fasting about 15-16 hours and I’m not tired and feel much better

    • Khizar Qureshi says:

      Islam is great religion and I am not a very practicing Muslim but this video just opened my eyes. I remember from the Friday sermons the prophet Muhammad PBUH used to fast intermittently during the year outside of Ramadan and there are religious fasts that are not obligatory but recommended a few days every month. I’m so thankful to be Muslim and I plan to study more about my faith and become practicing. Such a universal and natural religion.

    • Zhejiang Machinery says:

      If you do the fasting it help you to safe from cancer too. As in every human there are many types of insects which are necessary and they help to eat your dead cell. When you do fasting they not get the food resulting they eating dead cell resulting you feel better better. You may try this.

    • soosai nathan says:

      I eat at 5.30-6.00pm the next meal consist of coffee with less sugar, brunch at 11.00-11.30am. I always stop eating while I am still hungry. This I have been doing for the last 25 years. The blood pressure is 120-130/65-75 and BPM is 90-105.
      I can still do 50 sit ups. I will be 70 years old at the end of April.

    • FOOT SOLDIER #11 says:

      @Khizar Qureshi Islam twisted Christianity and mocks Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Believe in Him and receive the free gift of everlasting life🙏🏽

    • TysenHaoNG says:

      So do you eat 1 regular meal and just snack during the 8 hour period?

  • Jason Fung says:

    Learn more about fasting – solving the 2 compartment problem –

    • Saaid R says:

      thank you Dr Fung from South Africa. what is your take on cruciferous foods like cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, etc? i’ve stopped taking insulin, although i take metformin. with these foods i could feel the difference in my health. i think i might have LADA diabetes, because i don’t gain weight, but i lose it in wrong places: my legs, butt and arms, and not my belly.

    • ishaque maharoof says:

      Hello Dr iv losing my weight, is that a symptom of diabetes, any suggestion, and how can I get your boo6,I’m from Srilanka

    • Saaid R says:

      @ishaque maharoof that could be a symptom yes. i’ve had the same. chances are you have LADA diabetes(look it up on google or youtube). Do you feel weak as a result? stay away from carbs and sugar and eat lots of protein and veggies, like cabbage, spinach and broccoli and follow up with exercise. i promise you’ll feel a big difference. it might be your pancreas is not producing enough insulin to convert the carbs into energy.

    • ishaque maharoof says:

      @Saaid Ryes I feel unhealthy, thank you for your advice

    • Saaid R says:

      @ishaque maharoof sorry to hear. don’t take too long to change your lifestyle. also drink lots of water, don’t eat rice, etc ramadan is a great opportunity to strengthen your body with healthy foods. inshaAllah, you will overcome this.

  • Joseph Anderson says:

    Hello Jason
    I am a nurse and I listened to your presentation for few minutes this night and all you are saying makes factual sense. I hope other doctors will tap into your natural concept of curing people with diabetes. Lifestyle and dietary habits are the factor of this thing and you exactly know the curable requirements to safe lives without mounting their problems.
    Bravo to you doctor and know that you are my mentor.

    • Monica Rudesindo says:

      I am a Nurse as well. Most Drs won’t follow these type of teachings because, a patient cured is a customer lost 🤫🤫🤫

    • Jennilyn Arellano says:

      ​@Monica Rudesindo I believe so. So they dont really care about their patients?

  • Daffy Duck says:

    The magic moment 10:52 came when Dr. Fung pronounced that “This (diabetes) is not a chronic disease but a curable disease.” Give him the Nobel prize in medicine.

    • Cultured Sims says:

      I know my father had ever since he was 17 and passed away at 43 in 2019 and I’m 13 my doctor says I’m prone and that I have high blood sugar I feel like my doctor is trying to scare me and my mom but I’ve stumbled over this dr and I have hope now and I will make sure to fast and eat healthy and work out more

    • Garvin Lightbourne says:

      You sir are so very right, you are very smart man and genius doctor . I appreciate you

    • Marcus Witt says:

      Yes, but some people that I know have been saying that for 40 years now.
      Unfortunately, the medical profession and drug companies that make Billions from diabetes, don’t want the world to know this.

    • Imelda Sabrina B says:

      Encouraging…light at the end of the tunnel

    • dellria T says:

      This doctor is here to help people and not in for the money . These drugs are just masking the symptoms not treating the root of the problem..It’s like taking pain killer for an achy tooth instead of finding the cure and deal with once and for all. Just take it out and stop masking the symptoms because it will keep coming back.

  • Gay Davenport says:

    after 3 months of no carbs and IF 16:8 my husband is now 22kg lighter , no diabetes meds and cholesterol levels lowered , living healthy now , thank you Dr Fung you changes our whole families way of eating and living for the better , we need to share, share, share this information and rid the world of Diabetes 2 !

    • positivity2402 says:

      I have high LDL ,can I still do keto

    • Healing Naturally with Natalie Jayne says:

      @positivity2402 of course. Even more reason to.

    • Pepe Rodriguez says:

      Dr are making money by telling us to increase are meds for example insulin price for 2 bottles over 2 hundred in a year just for insulin two thousand so I m feel ing and lost wt buy doing what this man says my sugar level down a lot I will conger this

    • James Nguyen says:

      hmmmm that is awesome. keep it up. any update?

    • Gay Davenport says:

      @James Nguyen thanks for asking yes he has lost 40 kg now sitting at 76 kg , a very different person , his last bloods showed normal sugars, normal cholesterol and triglycerides , he is off all meds and exercising daily , I have lost 14 kg and counting , feeling much better as well , the fasting method is simple and effective cant thank Dr Fung enough for a simple video on YouTube that made more sense than any GP , in fact the GP wanted to re prescribe statins even after these great results , we couldn’t understand why you would give someone statin after reversing all the negative results.

  • Charles Kuyon says:

    You are very correct! I am a diabetic for more than 13 years and took insulin for years. I realized that eating less kept my sugar down and didn’t need insulin. I really didn’t link it up with fasting.
    Thanks for the education!

  • Nishan Haniffa says:

    Dr Fung, you saved me from years of agony ahead. I did a routine blood test in February 2021 and my Fasting blood sugar was 14 and A1C was 9.5. My doctor immedietly prescribed pills for me to take after each meal. I was reluctant to take medication and i was just going through You tube to look for suggestions. God directed me to you so randomly and i got hooked on to your videos about reversing diabetes and weight loss. I did not loose anytime to start intemittant fasting and got on a low carb diet. 3 months later, my A1C is 4.8 and my fasting blood sugar is 4.5 and i have lost 30lbs. You are the most genuine doctor i have come across and you really care about the well being of humans. I am so grateful that i came across your videos and wow your advice has changed my life around. I look better than when i was 30 and i have more energy than when i was 25. Thank you doctor Fung, may God bless you and your family.

    • sheimaa elawad says:

      Thanks for your comment….
      For how long?? … Just 3 months or lifestyle????

    • minla naidoo says:

      Thanks Dr

    • Goose Letona says:

      His words are real and simple.
      I like that he became the Dr he is now through an open mind and inquisitive. He is amongst the best out there. Clinical Dr really helping people. His suitcase stuffing analogy, from previous podcasts is so basic to understand. Love his work

    • Zqosh says:

      By low carb, how much do you mean exactly? Please reply. 🙏🏻

  • Mary David says:

    Thank you doctor. God bless you. Just by listening to you again and again, I, a lay person, as far as science is concerned, have reversed T2d of 10 years, not to mention 20 years of prediabetic state, with low carb diet and intermittant fasting of 20/4. Thank you very much and God bless you and all your loved ones 🙏

  • kilpel2 says:

    You’re not only a great Dr, but a very good teacher. Thank you Dr Fung.

  • Amila Lunsford says:

    As a nurse this makes so much sense but most doctors don’t tell you this. I’m impressed by DATA!!

    • olive guqa says:

      Im am going to try this treatment coz i have more symptoms everyday of diabetes, my insulin is being raised each an every visit to the doctors im trying it tomorrow

    • Paddle Junky says:

      @olive guqa I highly recommend getting a copy of his book. You will learn so much more and details are incredibly revealing. All the best on your quest.

    • Raindrop Lee says:

      @Paddle Junky Thanks for your advice! Definitely gonna read this book. Both my grandma and my mother have type 2 diabetes, and I suspect I have insulin resistance. So I start intermittent fasting and go on a low carb to keto diet. After two weeks, I already noticed that I was doing better and better. I am much less hungry, lose carb craving, and I don’t feel drowsy after meals anymore. So I decide to collect more reliable information about reversing diabetes so that I can help my mom.

    • Rob Burgett says:

      Chiropractors do and have known this forever

  • Charlie Seymour Jr says:

    One of the clearest diabetes presentations I’ve seen… and I’ve watched many. Love the infection treated with Tylenol analogy… perfect!

  • CM Lee says:

    Thank you, cousin Jason Fung! Much love is sent to you for fully explaining this to us. I heard for years about intermittent fasting, but was never given the information you provided in this discussion regarding reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Vipin Kumar says:

    As a traditional Indian medicine doctor, this makes sense. We categorize diseases into many classification and in one type we divide diseases into 2 categories, one caused by over feeding or sedentary reasons for eg diabetes and other caused by less nutrition or over exertion. First protocol for different fevers is fasting. So that explains the importance of fasting.

  • camaxtedsparkluck says:

    My wife was diagnosed with type2 1.5 years ago. Rather than take all the drugs we both switched to Dr. Fung’s keto lifestyle. End result was she lost 50 lbs and I lost 30 lbs. Our health has improved dramatically. No diabetic drugs. Sugars are stable. If we eat sugars or carbs or processed food we immediately feel ill and the blood sugar increases. Thank you Dr. Fung.

    • Jennilyn Arellano says:

      So after fasting and lowcarb, are you going to continue that lifestyle?

    • Mareena says:

      ​@jennilynarellano6528 I bet they do. If you don’t have diabetes, you have no concept of how bad it makes you feel. Diabetes impacts your life a lot, so the incentive is there to keep up a very low carb lifestyle.

    • Sal Pena says:

      I’m have 1.5 is it reversible !!!??

    • LaBronnasmom says:

      Absolutely. The easiest way to start wanting to fast is on a carnivore diet. I’ve tried fasting last year while I was still addicted to sugars/artificial sugars and carbs. This past April I learned about carnivore diet. It is so much easier to break your addictios and makes you WANT to fast.

  • Cecilia McCallister says:

    I’m 64 with D2 diagnosed 12 yrs ago. I refused to take meds..and I been on Keto for couple yrs now, low carbs, high fat and fasting. I’m not on any meds, not even aspirin 😅..and i am doing very well. Yes, it does work❤

  • N L says:

    Can we all just cover this man in prayer and thank God for him and what he’s done! This is so informative and inspiring to hear that indeed these ailments can be improved and chucked out even.

    Wow. Thank you sir

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