Protect Your Wealth with This Asset – Robert Kiyosaki, Egon Von Greyerz

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In the second half of this episode, Robert Kiyosaki and his guest, Egon von Greyerz, discuss the global economy, the risks in the Swiss banking system, and the importance of investing in gold and silver. They highlight the potential for hyperinflation to wipe out assets, particularly for the baby boomer generation.

Egon von Greyerz, a Swiss banking expert, shares his concerns about the changing character of Swiss banks due to American influence and greed. He predicts a major crisis or collapse in the global banking system and advises against keeping assets in the banking system, recommending private vaults instead.
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Please read carefully.

This is not financial advice. You may be asking, “What does that mean?”

Let me explain…

Do not just do what I, my team, or my guest say. That would be stupid and irresponsible. Take the education, then use your own brain and make your own decisions.

YOU must take responsibility for your future and your success. That is why you are here. Neither I, nor my team, nor my guests, know your risk levels, prior education, emotional maturity, or how much money you can afford to lose.

We are only telling you what we believe to be smart moves. But you must decide for yourself. There are NEVER guarantees.

Also, understand that we are REAL teachers. We practice what we preach. With that in mind, we often invest in the very projects that may be mentioned on this show. While it is never our intent, we could possibly profit from others investing in our recommendations.

Take the education we provide but then determine your own actions. If it does not make sense to you, get more education before you invest. We will continue to provide education and there will always be more opportunities.

Cameron Long

  • @HA-rp9dz says:

    Robert, good luck accessing your precious metals from 5800 miles away when the SHTF… Additionally, the employees of the place you’re storing your metals will have (faster) access to your “wealth” than you will… IF, and that’s a huge IF, you actually can make it to Zurich, you may find your vault empty…. People will loot as it’s happened in time & memorial….. if you don’t have it in your possession, you don’t own it….

  • @SM-wc8ji says:

    Most people can’t afford gold so demeaning silver is not helpful since it’s the only metal of worth that regular people can still get their hands on.

    • @MvskokeWolf says:

      Silver is a good buy(especially when purchased at reasonable prices). The fact that it’s a highly used industrial metal can’t be overlooked in my mind. Not saying gold isn’t valuable, but silver actually has more day to day utility than gold does. Taking that into consideration along with its sheer affordability for the average person, I feel like it’s a solid investment/store of value regardless of what some of these analyst say.

  • @adeximo says:

    You don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Isn’t that what they say?

  • @raymondnoya5653 says:

    If you don’t hold it you don’t own it.

  • @BlackSwanCapitalist says:

    Great information, he confirms it all

  • @Islowelowe says:

    Since 2006 I only save in gold. I didn’t know about Robert Kiyosaki until years later….

  • @allaboutstress361 says:

    A very merry Xmas Rob and Kim and thank you both for everything.

  • @mbase2028 says:

    Success depends on the actions or steps you take to achieve it. Building wealth involves developing good habits, such as regularly setting aside money for sound investments… 🙂🙂

    • @WilsonBrown-uz2il says:

      I am excited 😊 my life has totally changed. I have been benefiting $10,250 from my $4,000 investment every 14days

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      HOW !! I know it’s possible, I would appreciate if you show me how to go about

    • @mbase2028 says:

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    • @OwenRobinson-qx1ug says:

      I recently came across athletic by investors who still make profile trading with Mrs Sonia as their crypto analyst and trader. How can I reach her ?

    • @mbase2028 says:

      she often interacts on Telegrams, using the user below

  • @monicam.5449 says:

    Thanks so much

  • @jaychow3208 says:

    Great sharing! Thank you!

  • @xichic says:

    In light of the current economic landscape, marked by a disconnect between the economy and the stock market and rising interest rates, investors are presented with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. This situation calls for a strategic approach to investing, emphasizing the importance of value investing and a long-term perspective. While traditional markets face volatility, areas like cryptocurrency emerge as promising alternatives, offering potential for growth. Navigating these times successfully requires adaptability and a keen eye for emerging opportunities in a fluctuating market…..I’ve personally benefited from following Linda Wilburn’s trading tactics, amassing 26 bitcoins in a short two-month period, which speaks volumes about her expertise.

  • @Simonerainez says:

    I lost over $80k when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that’s what everyone said. I’m still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I’m really grateful I found one source to recover my money, at least $10k profits weekly. Thanks Mrs. Charlotte Miller

  • @lubosimaboshe says:

    Awesome episode

  • @oconnorjames says:

    If you are going to buy Silver buy bars, if you buy Gold by basic 1oz coins nothing fancy no special editions etc just eagle or Canadian Maples. Buy as close to spot price because in the future if you sell back to dealers they will only buy at spot price of that time. So remember never buy fancy coins you won’t make money that way on precious metals. Also you won’t make a lot of money with precious metals it’s just a way to park cash to keep up with inflation not a way to passive income or large profits.

  • @gekkehenkie0001 says:

    Gold was going to the skies in 2020 …and then hardly anything happened. During the three years I got about 12% added measured in US dollars that is. However, at the same time that US money is being printed like crazy and everything gets more expensive. So you would expect a larger gap between the valuation of a dollar and ounce of gold. Still, only 12% increase in those 3 years when everything else got 7% per year more expensive
    In the same period my house went up 25%. Not that I think that is a good way of increasing wealth, but the delta between the scenarios is kind of ironic

  • @martinsanders4087 says:

    I really appreciate that Mr. Kiyosaki has created something that has become a cornerstone in the financial minds of people everywhere…
    Quite a contribution to the modern world if someone gives it a think.

  • @maverick1956hk says:

    Robert, very very few, think they need gold. Hard to convince people. They think paper assets are best.

  • @user-ex9jt4sd6e says:

    Thank U Deeply So Much Our Two Respected Daddies… May U And All Teams Be FOREVER BLESSED Same As We Watching And Learning.. For Freedom Be Financial Free… ONE BIG LOVE TO OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD 🌎🌍🌍🌍🌎

  • @KapakSolaya says:

    I’m so happy I made the best decisions by having a good investment, Recently I’m able to acquire my third house even as a single mom at 42 and I believe if things keep going well I would retire early.

    • @KapakSolaya says:

      To be honest, investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future.

    • @lassanatraore2638 says:

      Investors should exercise caution with their exposure and exercise caution when considering new investments, particularly during periods of inflation. It is advisable to seek guidance from a professional or trusted advisor to navigate this recession and achieve potential high yields.

    • @EmeldaDiego says:

      This is superb! Information, as a noob it gets quite difficult to handle all of this, and staying informed is a major cause, how do you go about this are you a pro investor?

  • @atseer says:

    One of the greatest talk shows i ever seen. Thank you Mr. Kiyosaki for your work and to inspire all of us with a true, realistic economic and social views of the world.

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