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Cameron Long

  • Linda Fúsková says:

    I just wanna to say how much I love your videos ! You deserve way more views and followers than you actually have . I am watching every single video of yours and you can’t even imagine how much you have helped me in past few weeks. I wish one day I will be as pretty, smart and confident as you are. At this point of my life you are one of my role models. Love you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Frank James says:

    Amy, thanks for your productivity tips! I love your channel.

  • Meg Kerns says:

    I NEED to remember to put my phone down earlier! These videos are SO helpful for getting myself on the right track to be my best self. THANKS, AMY! and side note: Blue Apron, YUM! That looks delicious!

    • Sara Lee says:

      I totally agree: Getting my phone out of my way is so important! I seem to always reach for it by habit and scroll through mindless crap haha Time to create a new routine that doesn’t include a screen! Love your videos, Amy!

  • Victoria K. Dixon says:

    Please do a full video about your skin care routine! That would be really great to see! I’ve been working on my own skin care routine over the past year and I’m still trying to figure out what tips I can to make it better. I’d love to see what products you use and what you tips you feel are the most important!

  • Dulce Zambrano says:

    Great video Amy and I totally agree that a nighttime face routine as well as an AM skin and makeup routine totally counts as meditation! ✌🏽💖✨

  • Danson for Joy says:

    Videos like this are both motivating and relaxing. 🙂 One of the things my husband and I have added to our wind-down routine several evenings a week is brewing a small pot of flavored rooibos tea. It helps stave off the urge to snack, and is both cozy and calming.

  • Erika Finotti says:

    I’m not patriotic at all but the fact your husband has an Italian name made me smile (also the way you say his name 😊) and yes to the morning routine video!

  • D o c t o r K i r a n says:

    I love how you help people out and give all your top tips, but at the same time you show your personality and you’re really funny!! love your videos – never stop ! xx

  • Laura Seipp says:

    Would love a morning routine and also a skincare​ routine! Love your videos! 🙂

  • Melissa Marinucci says:

    I love writing in my planner and cleaning up my room and home office!

  • Meg Sev says:

    Loved the video! I hate leaving dishes in the sink, and reading helps me fall asleep quickly too!
    My two evening productive tips:
    1. lay out my clothes for the next day before I go to bed
    2.Write in my planner the 3 most important things I’m shooting to complete the following day.

  • Shaz Young says:

    Decision fatigue is a thing so I make sure I have my clothes laid out ready to wear the next day. My day also runs more smoothly if I make school/work lunches the night before.

    • Ariel Chadwick says:

      I try and prep lunches for myself and my husband the evening before too! It gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment. 😀

    • joar says:

      Very good point, thank you. Every person has a unique and limited supply of decision energy. Having a good morning and evening routine helps to manage it and to have a more accomplished day, which also a unique criteria.

  • Sunshine is Free says:

    Thank you for your review on Blue Apron, since I respect your lifestyle, I trust your opinions. Friends of ours taught us a game for when the family is gathered for a meal, they play ”Pits and Peaks”. Each person shares a challenge they had that day, a ‘pit’. Then they share a success moment, a ‘peak’. It really begins some productive and educational conversation. We definitely say something we are grateful for before every Meals. Also, it is great to sleep at night knowing you’ve listed your tasks for the next day. Give your brain a spa moment and write down what you were grateful for in your business, so you celebrate your accomplishments. Happier dreams! Fantastic life!

  • Sharon Capehart says:

    What a terrific special this was, thanks so much for sharing!! XOXO Sharon

  • Beth D says:

    Please show us your nighttime skin routine! Your skin is so beautiful!!!

  • The Social Launch says:

    Love your routine Amy! Makes me want to be more organized and structured for night 🙂

  • Martina says:

    I love that a big part of your nighttime routine involves stepping away from the desk and winding down for the night. So important but I forget this because I can get really obsessed with work. P.S. The pink lipstick and sweater suit you so well!

  • Lilli Albrecht says:

    wow! 5 Love languages is such a good Book. I mean I’m only 19 and definitely not married yet but this book is such a great help for dealing with every possible kind of relationship I have. It works with my parents, sister and friends and of course with my future sprouse. Love it. Also this video is great and motivating as always. Thanks for all the work that you put into this channel to help us out 🙂

  • Amy Beth says:

    Loooove your choice of book! Also thank you for so much detail into your habits, it’s really helpful to see how someone else does things! I’m someone who has always been disorganised, messy and running out of time, but over the last few years have been working to change that and am really starting to see changes now, I found your videos about a month ago and I appreciate them so much, along with your sense of humour and your honesty. So good!

  • Midlife Credo says:

    Love seeing other’s routines. I love being productive and thoughtful to set the stage for the next day because I’m SUCH a night owl.

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