What To Know If You’re Starting a Business (Without Money)

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Amy Landino is an award-winning YouTube creator, global keynote speaker, and 3x bestselling author—best known for her book “Good Morning, Good Life; 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings and Upgrade Your Life” On this YouTube channel, Amy is dedicated to sharing high-performance mindset strategies for women so you can get more confident, motivated, and productive on the way to the life you want! As an entrepreneur for over a decade, Amy Landino has been featured as a guest expert in media outlets such as American Express Business Class, CNBC’s MakeIt, The Tamron Hall Show, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Fortune, and The Washington Post. She and her husband reside in Connecticut with their 2 daughters.


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Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    What should we focus on in the next video? Share below!

    • @sassywitslive says:

      “You’ve only done free work till now and not priced yourself yet.” How to start asking to be paid for work that gets good reviews when done for free?

  • @Alwijd says:

    Nice look ! Happy to see you back again 😊 and congratulations on baby #2

  • @crazyaboutmakeup says:

    This video was so generalized I didn’t know really who this video is meant for? What business are you starting with no money ?

    • @AmyTV says:

      Thank you for the question. My hope was to help anyone who wanted to start a business that couldn’t bring capital to the table, but had a service to offer. These are the main principles I see for making that happen.

  • @lovingtotravel says:

    Omg that thumbnail!!!!

  • @ashleya3996 says:

    Noticed you didn’t say anything about how to ACTUALLY “start a business with no money” 😩

  • @TonyThomas10000 says:

    You need to charge 2-3X as much as you would accept as a salary to make it.

  • @tanushreemishra7007 says:

    Not able to understand clearly.

  • @gray_mara says:

    Clickbait. I didn’t click on a video on How to Start a Business Without Money [How do I get clients?] to listen to the importance of market research and branding. Yes, those things are important, but they aren’t the topic of the video. Maybe you should do a video on how to erode your client’s trust. I used to really love this chanel but this kind of thing feels a little dirty.

  • @SoulInspiredSeller says:

    Just what I needed ❤

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