These Calendar Blocking Rules Help Me Stay Focused

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AD | Thank you to Akiflow for sponsoring this video. 🚀 Take control of your schedule and boost your productivity with time-blocking! Try Akiflow today:

In this video, I'm sharing the rules that help me make calendar blocking productive. If calendar blocking doesn't work for you, it might be because you need to set some important boundaries like one of these rules!

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Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    AD | 🚀 Take control of your schedule and boost your productivity with time-blocking! Try Akiflow today:

    • @brittanyalleyne9760 says:

      I use Morgen Calendar it basically does the same thing as Akiflow, for me and I don’t have to pay an expensive fee.

  • @romansoehuazelei1925 says:

    First. It is so useful

  • @elizabethh4329 says:

    Do you calendar block for yourself and kids together? trying to meld our routines into something cohesive is SO difficult!

    • @AmyTV says:

      Totally get that. I block everyone’s life if they live with me haha. Sometimes it’s cohesive. Sometimes it goes awry. But we just gotta do what we can to the best of our ability! Anything specific about this that you struggle with?

  • @polyglotmona says:

    I often think when I see you, it would be easier for me to return to a normal life in a house. Traveling full-time I always have some challenges. Most of them are driving time and internet problems. It’s very annoying because I can’t really do anything about it except give up and return to living a house. I wonder if there’s anything I could do while driving… (except listening to audiobooks, podcasts, phoning a friend) Have a great day 👋

  • @tvdavis says:

    I keep trying to use tools like this, but corporate email is locked down & they don’t allow you to load software onto your work computer, so work and personal tasks are separately tracked. It’s a disaster, because I never have my work calendar handy when I’m at the doctor, for example, and it never fails that the ONLY appointment available for something in two months is the EXACT day some meeting is happening. I always wonder how people who have normal W-2 office jobs manage to do this.

    • @gray_mara says:

      You should be able to export your work calendar or link it to your Google calendar. I forget how I did this, but it worked a few years ago. You still have to use their email client, but at least you can view your schedule.

    • @nicolashea8234 says:

      Completely get this! I have my work calendar on my phone and am working on integrating my Google calendar into the same place. Still a WIP but it’s getting there.

  • @karenrich9092 says:

    I used to have a basic week plan with something assigned to each day. Then my kids grew up, my husband died, and it’s just me. It is VERY hard to set a routine unless it’s for doctor appointments or something. I try to plan, but then I usually have a health setback that ruins those plans. It’s very defeating. So, I just have to get up the next day and start over again, hoping to make progress.

  • @laurenh8736 says:

    What if you don’t have control over your meetings?

  • @MsTwiggy28 says:

    Do you have any advice for someone who works a full time with split shifts and would like to get things done, have a hobby and continue studying? 😢

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