When You Want To Blame Burnout, Fix This Instead

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0:00 A Real Burnout Scenario
0:45 The Root of the Problem
4:00 AD | Calendar Block with Akiflow
7:00 Streamline What Works
10:00 Refresh Elsewhere
12:00 Love the Projects of Your Life
13:00 I'll Do It When I Have "More Time"

Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    #ad 🚀 Take control of your schedule and boost your productivity with time-blocking! Try Akiflow today: https://bit.ly/amy-akiflow-2

  • @suvendroseal1724 says:

    Please disable that typing sound for EVERY on-screen caption.

    • @taniaaponte9878 says:

      😂😂😂Nice to know there’s people out there who can handle sounds like these either. Don’t get me started with ASMR!😬

    • @gray_mara says:

      I was barely a minute into the video before I came to the comments to figure out what that annoying noise was. God, I hope this doesn’t catch on.

    • @EvelinsAtelier says:

      I enjoy them

    • @suvendroseal1724 says:

      @@EvelinsAtelier Then just type on your keyboard and listen, don’t comment here.

  • @Ezinma88 says:

    Don’t mind the clicking sound. But, you are overtaking it to death. Perhaps just for two or three key points per video?

  • @bilbofaggins9136 says:

    I actually really like this.. I think now days we’re so inundated with “follow your dreams and quit your day job” that it’s almost a little unrealistic if everything is already working fine and your just “bored”. Life can be monotonous sometimes and we need to remember work is work and most of our happiness and joy should and will come from our personal lives..

  • @crumbcake9101 says:

    I can’t focus on what youre saying with all the sound effects 😢

  • @MJHButler says:

    This was a message so many people need to hear.

  • @HealthandBeautyAP says:

    I’m not bored. I own a business.
    I have 2 locations and list so long I can’t catch up. I have assistants, a manager and I am burned out because I’m the only provider and if I take time off we cannot cover the overhead. Somwrimes it has nothing to do with boredom. I love my job.

    • @ashleyvanstone6999 says:

      I have a 8-4, a job I love. I also have a 5-9 where is a similar job but I do everything. I also have a family to look after, as well as all the household chores. I am not bored.

  • @sassywitslive says:

    Anddd as always, you say the unsaid often overlooked facts of the commonly thrown-around concepts

  • @ashleyvanstone6999 says:

    I love your talking points and your way of delivering sensible points. However, I have noticed a lot of sponsorship, and I do congratulate you on getting all those deals. I have however noticed that lately, when I watch this channel it feels like constantly watching ads. I’ve noticed for quite a few of the videos this year. It’s quite difficult to watch when a lot of the video is all about a specific product with namedrops everywhere.

  • @christinewong8436 says:

    OMG, this is perfect! I love that you aren’t pulling any punches with your messaging.

  • @mollieasbill2339 says:

    I needed this today

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