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Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    PICTURE THIS: You printed your own coffee mug… what does it look like and what are you sipping from it?? ☕☕☕

  • @stayhappylittlemermaid says:

    Be aware of how you handle your mind. Be aware of how you treat yourself.

  • @lajourdanne says:

    Etsy is starting to crack down on POD shops. Be careful and make sure you read all of the policies. Otherwise, your shop can get suspended.

    • @AmyTV says:

      Great tip! Always always follow proper policies! Thank you for this comment. 🙏🏻

    • @outinarizona says:

      They just closed thousands of shops for violations. Too many not using their own design creations and selling everything taken from someone else. And if your actual owned design gets stolen and used on Temu or Alibaba or any other big company manufacture site, you tend to be the one suspended for theft and have to prove you’re the owner. They’re favoring the big guys over actual creators.

  • @beautifulday7528 says:

    Don’t you have to have the $ in your personal account for a few days to pay for the mug to be made and shipped? You don’t get reimbursed for 3 days or so when Etsy pays you. DOn’t you have to have that $ or on a credit card to float that sale for 3 days or so? Thanks!

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