Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Make Women Gain Weight

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Is intermittent fasting the right fit for you? With so many intermittent fasting (IF) guidelines out there, it can be overwhelming.

In this episode of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene Johnson shares her personal intermittent fasting experience, alongside groundbreaking research tailored to a woman's life stages. Discover the potential of IF to enhance weight loss, mental acuity, and longevity, all while considering the hormonal fluctuations unique to women. Chalene tackles the myths surrounding intermittent fasting (IF), cautions against generic fasting regimes, and advocates for an adaptable, body-synced approach to fasting.

Chalene will delve into the importance of syncing IF with your menstrual cycle, move away from inflexible fasting rules, and introduce the ideal IF protocol for perimenopausal women. She'll discuss the significance of strength training for boosting metabolism in women over 50, the benefits of concentrating on whole foods and healthy fats, and much more. Stay tuned to master the art of intelligent fasting with Chalene's evidence-based, tailored advice on intermittent fasting.

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Cameron Long

  • Chalene Johnson says:

    What is your intermittent fasting protocol? Does it work for you?

    • Tracey Ní Breitheamh 🇮🇪 says:

      I was doing two days a week, Monday and Thursdays… felt great until it didn’t 😂😂. Now l cut off eating after 5pm and have break-fast at 12pm everyday. I might just get that book, I’m pretty clueless. My skin does look amazing once l cut all processed foods and sugar out. I cook from scratch dinners for my children, so l just need to love myself like l love them 😮.

  • Juys Deano says:

    I’ve tried intermittent fasting before but my duodenum got deformed. I might have done something wrong. But I will try this method and see if it works. Thank you Chalene 😍😍😍

    • MeS says:

      I’m so Immensely Sorry to hear your duodenum become disformed God bless you
      This must’ve been huge worry + immensely frightening time for you
      Sincerely hope pray you’re feeling much better now & recovering immensely well + speedily
      God bless you yours sincerely million times 🌼🍀🙏🌼🌞

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you’re feeling better now. Just be sure to pay attention to your body’s signals to determine if this approach is suitable for you. 😘

  • dawn morgan says:

    Just turned 59 – go to the gym 6 days a week and LOVE lifting heavy!! HAD A 39 year old lady tell me that my shoulders were “her goals.” ❤️💪🏻😂💪🏻😂💪🏻

  • Marianne says:

    I am 51 and I used to do yoga but never got the booty and legs I wanted. Ever since I go to the gym and use weights my booty has grown 7 cm and it looks rounded like a 🍑 😊 my legs are getting so thicker and defined and I am not getting sagginess in top on my knees like 50+ usually get. So yeah! You are so right about everything you say Charlene. Thank you 🌷

  • Amy says:

    I was thrown into fasting from a stressful event in which I then lost my appetite. I found Mindy and her book and while I dont follow the diet program I track my cycle and fast like a girl👏
    I commented this on another video a few weeks back but I would love love love love to hear you interview Mindy 🙏 🤞

  • sharon rios says:

    I’m 52 . Strength training is my fav. Been strength training for 25 years!! Love your show! Thank you

  • Tiffany W says:

    Please do a diet phasing episode. I need simplicity.

  • Adventures With Robin says:

    Roll call, present! 😂 I’m lifting 2-3 days a week now and you’re right. Only young women at my office gym or men. I’m the oldest women I’ve seen there (thriving at 51 and soooo happy to be menopausal!). You’re right – there is nothing to be afraid of. I remember telling one of my girlfriends moms when I was around 14 years old that I couldn’t wait for menopause. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “oh, don’t wish for that!). But I knew even back then that it would be no problem for me 😂

  • Iss says:

    Chalene, you should do an episode on the intracrine system. My son is in med school; he told me about 25% of women can make sufficient estrogen etc at the target cell level from dhea, which is why they don’t have the usual menopausal symptoms. I am not one of those women. That made it even more important for me to use hrt. I had brain fog. I am certain the hrt will prevent the alzheimers I was otherwise headed for later on. This also explains why my MIL, who is 94, never had menopause symptoms and is sharp as ever mentally.

  • Kandi Blick says:

    Yes, please do a video on diet phasing 😊

    • Chalene Johnson says:

      Don’t worry I got you 😘

    • Kandi Blick says:

      @chalenejohnson …I am IF(fing lol) now. I seem to be doing it a bit more like your “undulating prioritization” method and I’m finding myself alot calmer, definitely losing weight (22lbs in 30 days) and feeling like it’s a lifestyle vs a burden. I ADORE you, your mindset, honesty, and of course your content. Whenever your notifications come up, I feel like it’s my beastie letting me know she’s calling me and caring for me. Thank you and I’m looking forward to your “ASMR” January 2024 release lol!!! Thanks again and have an awesome day!

  • Tlapakids5 says:

    I’m 52 and I started lifting weights (heavy) four months ago and I feel stronger and look better then ever. I love that I can shape my body and look and feel fantastic at this age. Thank you for these awesome helpful videos, Chalene! ❤️

  • Ingrid Privette says:

    Girlfriend, your shoulders are gorgeous ❤ And thanks for bringing this topic back to the forefront. I’ve tried IF and been frustrated with the lack of results. At 53, it’s not the age to get a food related disorder 😂

  • Tricia Greene says:

    I can’t tell when my cycle is….I had a Hysterectomy, but still have my ovaries 😩
    So I know I’m having hormonal ups and downs. I’ve been going through crap for 5 years now as far as hot flashes, night sweats and 25-30lb weight gain 😢.

  • Eli S says:

    62 lifting at home the gym and with a trainer. I need a better gym instead of the low budget one I currently attend. But yes. I am the oldest broad in the gym 🤣💪🏼

  • Tracey Ní Breitheamh 🇮🇪 says:

    Once again you are reading my mind. Thanks for coverring this. I’m so bamboozled by the Internet, the tummy is the place my fat wants to stay. Ugh…it’s so stubborn. ❤

  • adele coll says:

    Good video! Thanks for the inspiration! Going to lift now. 💯❤️💪😍

  • zumbapilatesmom1 says:

    Love this video.
    Not related, but love your hair style. Can you do a video showing how you style it?

  • Amy Webb says:

    Working out right now in my home gym with weights on a machine. I live up in the mountains of Colorado way far away from the city. I do my intermittent fasting just like you do. I don’t sweat it. I am at a great weight and feel healthy and totally alive! I love —it I love your show —and I’m 58!

  • Diann Stover says:

    I hate intermittent fasting lol. I will never do it. Except at night. I try to go 12 hrs if not I don’t stress it.

  • Pinto Bean says:

    LOVEEEEE LOVE LOVE!!! Lifting! 48 yrs old!!! WHOOP WHOOP! I started lifting consistently a year ago. I will never stop that part of my routine. It makes me feel empowered, strong, unstoppable!!!! 🎉❤

  • >