My Top 4 Arm Exercises for Women 40+

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Hey, it's Chalene Johnson, and today, I'm excited to guide you through a fantastic arm workout designed for all fitness levels. Whether you're just starting out or more advanced, you'll find this session both challenging and rewarding. We'll focus on using dumbbells to sculpt and strengthen your arms, emphasizing proper form and technique to maximize your results.

Let’s dive into the details of what you'll learn:

➜ The correct stance and technique to engage your shoulders and arms fully.
➜ How to perform tricep kickbacks, a lateral raise, bicep curls, and other moves with the proper form to target the muscles effectively.
➜ How to execute a lateral raise correctly to enhance shoulder definition.
➜ Using the proper posture to avoid injury and improve muscle tone.
➜ Tips to ensure you maintain form, prevent injuries, and ensure each muscle group is targeted effectively.
➜ How diet influences muscle growth and how to adjust your eating habits to support your fitness goals.

Join me as we power through these arm exercises, and don't forget to grab your dumbbells. Let’s get to it and start building stronger, more defined arms today!

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