#1 Anti-aging Secret From Women’s Top Bone Doctor

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In this episode, Chalene Johnson talks with Dr. Vonda Wright, a leading expert in women's health and longevity, and spills the secrets to anti-aging and maintaining vitality. Learn why estrogen and testosterone are key for bone and muscle health, helping to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis. Dr. Wright shares practical tips on strength training, hormone replacement therapy, and essential supplements like Vitamin D, K2, magnesium, and omega-3s. Get inspired by her personal experiences and expert advice to stay strong, healthy, and vibrant at any age!

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Cameron Long

  • @lourensway says:

    I listened to it all while I was working out.
    What can I tell you besides thank you, you’re amazing, god bless you…
    I have an enormous respect to people who educate and school me.
    I’m 37 and pregnant, but I’m learning a lot about menopause. Thanks to you!
    One more thing my love, you look good because your heart is beautiful and your soul is shinning🙏🏾
    Hope to meet you one day. I have a huge respect and admiration to you💗💗💗💗

    LOUREN Cutrone

  • @cantbeaslave says:

    Progesterone is calming and helps women sleep when give in sustained release pill form.

  • @yeahweburnstuff says:

    Saying ‘I don’t get it.’ Is not the way to get more subscribers.
    Sell the benefits; e.g. ‘When I go live you get to comment in the live chat.’ etc.

  • @louisehamer9083 says:

    Correction. Can make us a type 2 diabetic. Type one is autoimmune

  • @deb8416 says:

    If a woman has not been as active in the past 6 to 12 months, could we still recoup our bodies? I had a broken wrist, but, hey, i broke my fall and didn’t break my hip! I have your PIYO program Chalene!!!❤❤❤❤

  • @bethreed281 says:

    Great interview. I use a total gym along with going along with trainer Rosalie Brown via you tube. Wondering how to transfer over the doctor’s ideas to this equipment. 😊 Thanks

  • @deb8416 says:

    Will Coconut oil revive our hormones? That was a commercial that came up. Just want to know.
    Why is it that doctor’s; mine, don’t prescribe hormone supplements???

  • @kimbailey4060 says:

    Does Dr Wright do 2nd opinions?

  • @blairedallas1060 says:

    Oh no Chalene! At about 32 minutes in it starts echoing you both! Hopefully it’s an easy fix. Keep up the great work gal!

  • @inquisitive-surmenogirl says:

    I’m so confused on progesterone with no uterus & no ovaries. She says progesterone doesn’t really play a role in bones however Dr. David Rosensweet when I listen to him says estrogen prevents bone loss but progesterone lays down the new bone so without progesterone you can’t rebuild new bone. Is that true?

  • @user-nq2dp9jz5v says:

    Is the sound messed up? I started having trouble around minute 30 I think.

  • @mauras7579 says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this . As always you are spot on, Chalene. This conversation is one of the most important things I have heard all week. So grateful . I am a delighted subscriber and don’t understand why people don’t subscribe – gratitude is so important, people – what better way to thank this beautiful soul for all this priceless wisdom than to SUBSCRIBE? 🙏🏻

  • @rochelleglam says:

    Such a great interview!

  • @MiaAnstine says:

    Woah. What happened to the audio at 32 minutes?!

  • @mauras7579 says:

    Chalene – this show was meant for me as I am a woman pushing the restart button and M thinking to move to Florida ….I am the only one in my group of friends that would even consider moving to “The Villages”, and I am sure I am not the only one that is “not that person” who is considering it. Any chance you would interview your Mom and do a segment on that type of communal living for mature women?

  • @tonilc68 says:

    I have been working hard on keeping myself active and healthy. I use the information and advice from all of these videos. I just turned 56 years old and feel so good. Love all the information you provide, Chalene! Thank you so much for all your time and knowledge! ❤

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