The SURPRISING Hormone Women 40+ Should Be Taking

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Hey, it's Chalene Johnson, and today I'm tackling the essential, yet widely misunderstood topic of testosterone supplementation and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in women. Join me and Dr. Kelly Casperson as we bust myths, address the misinformation surrounding HRT, and explore the surprising benefits of testosterone beyond just boosting libido. Gain insights on how to advocate for yourself and communicate effectively with your healthcare provider.

What You'll Learn:

1. The True Role of Testosterone in Women: Uncover why testosterone is not just a male hormone and its critical functions in women's health.

2. Debunking HRT Myths: Learn about the misconceptions from the Womenโ€™s Health Initiative and the real data behind HRTโ€™s safety.

3. Testosteroneโ€™s Benefits Beyond Libido: Explore how testosterone supports brain health, clarity, and overall vitality.

4. Navigating Hormone Replacement Options: Understand the different forms of HRT available, including safer, modern applications.

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Cameron Long

  • @deniselee8151 says:

    I have been injecting testosterone since I hit menopause 12 years ago and cannot live without it. Women freak out about but then again Im in amaizng shape and I have zero wrinkles at 60 years old . LIIFE CHANGING

  • @wendypanozzo9133 says:

    YES! I’ve been on T since January and I describe it like my battery power has a new charger. You have to fight for it though. I think I could go higher in my dosing but Dr’s are still so scared.

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