Losing Weight After 50 My #1 SECRET

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Join me as I share my journey of losing 12 pounds and 12% body fat using unconventional strategies tailored for women facing midlife changes like perimenopause and menopause. Discover how I stopped dieting, changed my exercise routine, reduced stress, and considered hormone replacement therapy to create a more sustainable and enjoyable approach to health and weight management. Let's get real about what works for us!

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Cameron Long

  • @chalenejohnson says:

    🎯Join the all-new Phase It!! A Personalized Plan to Fit Your Life

  • @lisaharness1811 says:

    I neeeed this video!! ❤❤

  • @juysdeano says:

    This is soo timely!! Thank you so much!!❤❤❤

  • @raccooneyes2099 says:

    i’m turning 50 this year and i’m so depressed.

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      I hope you know you’re not alone. The rate of anxiety and depression in women as they enter perimenopause and menopause is astronomical. Please consider working with a Doctor Who really understands women’s hormones.

    • @NansGlobalKitchen says:

      I gain weight with just drinking water.

    • @leiac98 says:

      I was like that… Get hormonal help

    • @JenFine223 says:

      Sorry your feeling bad I feel so bloated everyday not sure why I still get my peroid

  • @MomsMoneyMindset says:

    Doctors think your lying when you say you workout and eat healthy. People see you and think you’re greedy or lazy when you likely eat healthier than them and workout more and harder than them. The beginning of this video alone deserves a 👍🏾 ❤️

  • @colleensherrihughes2598 says:

    I agree with you Chalene! No more counting MACROS! Especially for busy people! Keep it simple ❤. Lots of veggies (organic no pesticides), palm size clean quality grass fed protein, wild caught fish, with healthy fats. Even protein for snacks & veggies with protein for breakfast 🌻

    I’m more concerned with omitting chemicals & reducing stress❤

    You are SO right on!

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      I love this!!! And as I said – if it’s something you’ve never tried and what you’re doing isn’t working, well then maybe it is for you. But for many of us, we just need to be done with restrictions and life limiting rules!

  • @jillianallen7284 says:

    What if you can’t take HRT because you had breast cancer?

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      I understand your concerns especially based on the WHI which has since been debunked. I’m certainly not the expert, but I would encourage you to watch some of Dr. Corinne Mann’s content. She is a breast cancer survivor and a hormone doctor and has the absolute latest up-to-date research in your best interest!! Here’s to your long life cancer free my friend!!!

  • @TimeOutForLowCarb says:

    Thank You

  • @lissettehurtadoschoel7573 says:

    Over doing it and stress is a big culprit. Healthy habits are not a one size fits all. Being fit is a journey and not a destination, for sure. 🌟✨

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      So true, and I just wish it were one or two things. It’s not. It’s nuanced. It’s personal. And it is a journey. But don’t give up if you’re reading this!!! And please know you’re not crazy! We believe you

  • @JassZen says:

    Thank you love

  • @ShannanThomasTrucking says:

    Thank you Chalene this is SO HELPFUL !! ❤❤❤❤

  • @Coffeenow111 says:

    I’m so depressed to see this old body, why this has happened is beyond me. I barely eat and I’m just fat. Ugh.

  • @katherineb9 says:

    thank you , this was really really helpful ! love your embodied wisdom !!!

  • @tamip208 says:

    I am 56 and have gone through this journey, and you are 💯 accurate!

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      Tell us!!!! Ladies need to know it’s okay to do things differently!! We deserve to be believed!!!

  • @JulieEpping-dx4ci says:

    Soooo great! I gave up rules and “beating myself up “ when I would break a rule!! It has been Life Changing!!! Freed❤️

  • @NansGlobalKitchen says:

    I am gaining weight by just drinking water and black teas my BP and BSugar is going too high. Doctor wants to put me on prescription medications. I had a complete hysterectomy without any after care no hormones treatment. and I don’t think they will give that now I am 70 years old now. I am doing intermittent fasting 18/6 OMAD I also live with fear anxiety and lots of stress everyday. So true I don’t enjoy eating or going to restaurants with my family! anymore

  • @TimeOutForLowCarb says:

    Love this video. BTW, I take 400 mg of the Berberine vitamin daily that has helped with my cravings along with low carbs. Im learning to do what you do…eat protein and fiber first before carbs. 🙂 And I like the 80/20 mentality….or even eat simply 70 percent of the time…and 30 percent….play food.

    • @chalenejohnson says:

      It’s so helpful! And a way too naturally increase your GLP 1 which we need to regulate hunger hormones!

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