Global CBDC Announced (Here’s What You Need To Know)

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Cameron Long

  • @TheGetFreshFlow says:

    Ban central banking.

  • @samanthaporter6662 says:

    I can show people these articles, the Hedera , WEF connections…. Lay it all out, show them all the info from multiple sources and they still look at me like a conspiracy theorist!

  • @Minder666 says:

    This truly is pure evil.

  • @jakethomas1829 says:

    Pay your taxes Plebs.
    Otherwise, the just us crowd will Justice Dept your life…

  • @vulcan4d says:

    Step1: convert Fiat to government controlled digital currency
    Step2: ban cryptocurrency
    Step3: control your money

    The reason we have TFSAs, RRSPs, etc is because you give the government full visibility to those accounts. With digital currency, they will see it all.

  • @edchristman9914 says:

    We are truly in the last days. This is the mark of the beast system in Revelation.

    • @shadowbanned4days says:

      Yep cbdc with vaxxed

    • @albionicamerican8806 says:

      It’s more likely that the CBDC shows the ordinary reality that people can get ideas from books, and then use these ideas as guides or inspirations for building real things. Communists derived inspiration from utopian literature like Plato’s _Republic,_ for example; but no one argues that Plato’s writings are supernatural.

    • @edchristman9914 says:

      We are in the last days. Everything is shaping up exactly as the Bible predicted. Turn to Jesus before it is too late

    • @RevGary says:

      ​@@edchristman9914absolutely correct. Blessings to you and your family from Glasgow Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✝️🇬🇧🙏🇺🇸

    • @Wayne--O says:

      @@albionicamerican8806 Yes, yet none of those writing or gov’t models foretold the future. Sending money to someone across the country in minutes, or it being monitored centrally, wasn’t thinkable 75 years ago let alone 2000 yrs. ago. Compliance, greed and control are the kickers in the coming adapted models. You don’t just guess this stuff 1500 years before a bicycle.
      Outside that, technologically were capable implementation wise of a said beast system. The linear path to such a system could certainly be considered natural, but calling it out so long ago definitely isn’t.

  • @Causeiamafisherman says:

    Imagine if some event caused the whole ponzi fiat system to die…

  • @heidicaye2574 says:

    “Sandbox”…sounds like something you need to sh$t in 😹

  • @attackxxx says:

    Competition leads to low prices. Monopoly leads to more billionaires and more homeless.

  • @RickBlaine says:

    I was wondering why the price of gold and silver was going through the roof! Just saying.

  • @meshworkj says:

    Only way out is to fight.

  • @TheFunkybert says:

    Some crisis will come along in the digital monetary space that will provide the perfect “opportunity” for this unified ledger as THE solution. For your safety.

  • @jimiellis6060 says:

    It’s going to happen! And it will be facilitated by the younger generation!

    • @19cuervos says:

      Word up ..they will line up to continue and support “progress “

    • @seanmonear4917 says:

      We are getting out of the sh*t system old people left us, you greedy geriatrics screwed the banking system out of greed, and outrageous government spending, petty sure its the old greedy as*holes that have put us in the situation we in……. running your mouth……

    • @seanmonear4917 says:

      We not choosing to support the current system ran by a bunch of thugs. YOU run our debt up to 35T we arent the ones choosing to spend a Trillion dollars every 100 days. Don’t worry just keep that 60/40 portfolio heavy bonds😂😂😂😂

    • @ShannonRamos says:

      @@seanmonear4917 Central Banks have already outflanked all forms of “currency”. A mass mind shift will only take place once societal collapse happens and the crisis is exactly the nudge that will be used to push everyone into their new (much worse) system of tokenization and digital governance. When things actually get as bad as they want, all the real millionaires will have big rigs, fuel, and mohawks.

  • @rlperpare says:

    We are about to go back to 1700, you better get your horses saddled up.

  • @richhands5269 says:

    My three favorite channels: George Gammon, Stock Brotha, & How Money Works. Make my week complete! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • @carlh-thehermitwithwi-fi679 says:

    i flatly refuse a CDBC. I’ll go straight to barter.

  • @BerkanVeysel says:

    If you are into it or not does not matter, AKDMTTP is the right thing for this world now

  • @BercemMunever says:

    As expected we went down a little but AKDMTTP keeps everything strong and in place. These guys really know how to be convincing and the preparation all the years was so well done. Nothing will change in 2024 and nothing will come close to this incredible smart one. True believers for AKDMTTP will have a good year

  • @GunayNuray-vs9zo says:

    Riding the AKDMTTP train feels so good, they really know how to make promises count and bring them to reality

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