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If you're looking to get more done in a day and want to make the most of your time, check out my calendar blocking strategy!

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Cameron Long

  • A Beautiful Horizon says:

    Yaaaaassss! I’ve been doing this for a couple months now and it’s awesome! I continue to switch things around, prioritize, and clarify. It’s helping so much!

  • Michelle Cox Photography says:

    I really need to get into this …. because man…. I am a “lister” and you are totally right — there is nothing that MAKES you do it. I need more discipline in my life sometimes…………

    • Blair says:

      Michelle Cox Photography I couldn’t agree with you more 😭😢

    • Kerry Lee says:

      I love to do lists so much I made a ‘list calendar’. I list everything I think of on Sunday and then remove it once I’ve added to my normal calendars. Then when Sunday or Monday morning come I find time for all the things on my list calendar and delete them as I go so I know I’ve scheduled everything.

    • Michelle Cox Photography says:

      That seems like a really great plan you have. Maybe I will “ease in” with something like this!

    • Ladies of Purpose TV says:

      Yesss girl I’m a lister too! This video was fabulous!!!!!! Going to try block scheduling now:). Good stuff!!!

    • Inside Diane's Life says:

      Kerry Lee:  That is awesome.  I think I will try.  I love making list.  I just need help making time for the things on my list.

  • The Mindful Millennial says:

    I thought I had google calendar pretty well figured out – now I am doing a little digital spring cleaning and re-doing the specific calendars! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Marjorie Lowder says:

    Super helpful video, Amy! One problem I think calendar blocking might help me with is punctuality. I find I am consistently 5-10 min late to almost everything, and I’m sure it is due to underestimating the time it takes me to get ready and out the door, or to do certain tasks. So I think this might be a real help for me. I many give it a try for at least a few weeks and see!

  • dana3090 says:

    I am a work-from-home Mom with ADD and your calendar blocking set off SUCH a lightbulb for me…I’ve been doing it for a month and I actually feel like it has changed my life. So simple, but makes such SUCH a difference with how I view my day and do things. It makes me feel so happy and less anxious as well as insanely productive. Woo hoo! Better than any ADD medicine I’ve been given.Thanks!

    • Gravity two says:

      I wish this was around years ago (something similar was, but was an entirely different approach – it was all list orientated).

    • Jan Anderson says:

      Ken Brown drink lots of coffee and put multiple alerts on your calendar.

    • Kemp Freehold says:

      Ken Brown the alarms in your phone are your BFF and have routines so that you do the same things in the same order. and have check offs for those routines because you won’t remember what’s on those routines. You’ll remember some of it but not all of it. I have a morning list, mid morning list, lunch list, evening list, and before bed list. I also have alarms set on my phone at appropriate times to check my routine lists.
      I also make a list for each day. I haven’t really tried blocking because I’m a stay at home mom with four kids and I’m always interrupted. But I’m going to give it a try

  • Elizabeth Downey says:

    I’m a paralegal working with 3 attorneys and I am the only one that calendar blocks my work. While everyone else is getting overwhelmed with the work load, I’m scheduling every single task and keeping up with everything done and needing to be done. I owe my success and lack of stress to calendar blocking!

  • Melissa Bekius says:

    I tried to block my entire day because I THRIVE on lists and schedules. It didnt work with everything, but I’ve found that blocking times with reminders to do things like spend 1 hr cleaning really helped me get more done! I’m a new mom (my little is 5 months old) so having a strict schedule was hard, but having reminders to get things done through the day really helped keep me from “losing” time during the day and getting nothing done. Loved these tips! Once my son is on a more consistent schedule I’ll definitely use these tips to get more organized!

    • Aurelia Harrison says:

      Melissa Bekius I totally agree. I failed to keep up with my schedule when I planned every minute! I’m slowly easing my way into planning tasks while being brief. I’ve learned to trust my memory and I can still use lists for those unspecific tasks in my calendar.

    • petmom ful says:

      @Aurelia Harrison There is a channel by a mom, Jordan Page, who puts blocks of time on her day, without tight scheduling. You may want to watch that video because it is a great way for a mom to get things done. She even blocks in nap time so she can relax or nap a bit.

    • Aurelia Harrison says:

      petmom ful Thanks for this so much. I’ll be sure to check it out!

  • Mariana Ortiz says:

    This is wonderful. I have the longest ‘To Do’ lists and do not schedule them in like I schedule friend/family get togethers. I totally should though. Thanks for these useful Google Calendar tips! Hope it’ll help me get things done! I lose track of time easily so using the calendar reminders will assist me immensely!

  • Jingjing Zhou says:

    I love your videos Amy! You manage to explain and present things so easy and understandable and the best part in such a funny way! 🙂 Thank you Amy!

  • CharliMarieTV says:

    I’ve been trying calendar blocking this week after watching this and it’s going SO WELL! Instead of planning the whole week at once though (the main unmoveable things are already in my calendar anyway) I take ten minutes at the end of my work day to plan the next day in detail. This way if I get further with a project than expected, or not far enough i don’t have to go through and change the rest of my days to adapt. Thanks for the great video Amy!

  • Oda Tol says:

    Thank you! I usually calendar block some things while I’m in uni but after finishing uni and being in bed ill for 2 weeks, I’m really scared of falling out of productive habits! Now I’m somewhat motivated again!

  • Jess Callaghan says:

    It’s crazy – I always do to-do lists. Always felt productive, however I have nothing to show for it and no idea how long I spend on things. Brilliant idea this time blocking. New subscriber and loving your channel!

  • Chloey McLeod says:

    I thought I was weird for doing this. I love using google calendar, with work and school it’s the best way to keep myself in check. It’s mind blowing how much time we waste watching tv or whatever mindlessly! I ❤️ time management and productivity! Thanks for the video Amy.

  • Curls and Corsets says:

    I feel more productive just watching this video! Alarm is set for 6am to begin my calendar blocking life! ❤️🙏

  • Jayme Orr says:

    I would love to see this video applied to someone who works at 6am everyday. I would love to be optimistic and give myself 4 hours before work but waking up at 2am is just crazy lol. The problem I run into is not getting things done before work and then being too tired to get anything done when I get home! 😔

  • kizzy says:

    I’m realizing how unorganized I am in my early 20s… and I know that these bad habits are making my life MUCH more difficult than I need them to be. It’s time I start forming good habits that follow me into my later years. This is such a great tip, Amy. Thanks for sharing. I think for someone who has ADD, this is an incredible tool. I can’t wait to start using this!

  • Suzi SaintJames says:

    Oh! Amy! You missed a huge selling point: Use Google calendar to plan your schedule, and if you are a pen and paper person, print out the next day’s page the night before or when you get up print today’s page. The best of both worlds! ❤🌅🌵

  • Veronica’s Visions says:

    Google Calendar is my go-to. I’ve tried others but I always come back to google. This is how I stay organized, productive and sane. Without my calendar system I would be so lost. Great video!

  • Tamanna Begum says:

    How have I just come across you? You are amazing!!! You are so inspirational!! I am definitely doing this calendar blocking first thing in the morning! I’ve been needing to find away to get my life organised and this really is the starting point xx

  • Elaine says:

    I have watched so, so many “get organized,” “fix your planner,” etc etc videos- probably around/over a hundred- but THIS!! thank you so much for being realistic and versatile. I work 2 jobs and am a college student, but this has finally made everything so much more managable. I keep coming back.

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