Will Real Estate Crash In 2024? (Answer Will Surprise You)

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Cameron Long

  • @_Stay_Curious says:

    Prices are already falling out here in CA. Homes that were 900K in June are still on the market, but now at 750K and no one wants them.

  • @markme4 says:

    You’re the best out there George, thank you

  • @randywr1 says:

    I give this video an A+! Great explanation, George!

  • @MrNorm-lr5iv says:

    Good video. But you didn’t mention that banks are also tightening credit & loan qualifications which will add additional pressure to demand getting denied.😉

    • @jodaboda1 says:

      do you have a source for that? I’m seeing the opposite– looser lending standards (but obviously high income requirements for the high payments).

    • @MrNorm-lr5iv says:

      @@jodaboda1 I base my reasoning on auto loan delinquencies & defaults on pace to exceed previous records including’08 GFC. Banks are abandoning auto loans for that reason. Not hard to reason same will follow on real estate. Don’t forget, luxury cars & trucks cost as much as condos & homes.

  • @jelmore9898 says:

    Average home price is 10x average income, not even close to 4.5x 🤦‍♂

  • @hood6854 says:

    We have an economy right now where homeowners are paying $4000 a month for a mortgage on a house identical to what the neighbors have and are paying $2200 a month for. The longer this keeps going the less money is going to be spent into the economy. So much for the “equity” our current administration preaches.

  • @Gattberserk says:

    It will bring the price of home much much lower, but it will come to the average price to income ratio which was suppose to be the price of housing.

  • @doyoueatrocks says:

    Debt:gdp is still 123% so America is still technically bankrupt

  • @bryanroddenbery6975 says:

    The stock market wealth effect and the surging demand of homes in FL, TX coupled with digital nomad jobs for the big tech companies and interest rates falling will push prices higher in low tax states recognized for better covid policies. I think prices are up overall next year as it is also an election year.

  • @user-zp6yb5cm9g says:

    The chart for home prices vs income belongs to Re-venture. A great real estate source, by the way.

  • @feetindagrass says:

    It’s very interesting to see these two explanations back-to-back like this.

  • @keithhill1035 says:

    Thank you for calling out Dave. I am sick of people telling me how great he is and getting crappy gifts of his stuff.

    • @jeffreyjustis5338 says:

      My friend has been singing his praises for years. It’s so annoying. The guy is a typical knowitall and has a myopic view of accounting and wealth management. He says all debt is bad and should be paid off immediately. That’s so patently false that he shouldn’t have a show teaching people anything. Some debt is bad. Other debt is amazing.

  • @77magicbus says:

    Excellent analysis and authentic presentation. I think your logic and reasoning is spot on.

  • @sebastianosuch273 says:

    Hey George. Thank you for all your good work.

    Please make the same video about commodities. Is it the time to buy, or should we wait for a little crash before inflation spikes up again?

  • @Mycochef says:

    Excellent analysis, George! Here in Canada it will be even more severe and quick. We don’t have 30 yr Mtges. Only 5yr. In Toronto and Vancouver new homes are being burned due to collapsing prices. Insurance companies are having problems as a result. Big problem also is that 57% of new dwellings are investment buys by speculators.

  • @MrEdb1969 says:

    Just this year he has been telling his listeners that “this time is the best time to buy a house”. With prices inflated so high, so fast…. just unbelievable.

  • @Michael201078 says:

    Great video and analytics. Agree 100% with you. Here, in EU, situation is the same. House prices are overheated by the low interest rates for previous 10 years. Now it should be balanced.

  • @wabbitrage8358 says:

    I love how george takes counter arguements and deals with them head on.

  • @danm8747 says:

    My Dad told me in the early 2000s when the market collapses the bank will go on a foreclosure streak stealing everyone’s homes by forcing them to pay off the negative equity. We really didn’t see that in 2008, but I can see that happening now with how inflated those prices have been

  • @percivallucido190 says:

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