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Cameron Long

  • Haseena says:

    Love love love! Marie you are truly a shining star that brings joy to the world as well as being a badass entrepreneur 💖 2018 – The ride has just begun

    • Paintingin Anapple says:

      I love❣️ Marie TV. Watched the trailer over 3 times. Thank you Marie for your awe-inspiring interviews, your personality-filled Q & A’s , your timeless tips and your raw, unfiltered vlogs. You are the epitome of an inspiration! So glad to be a Marie-insider 😊.

    • Marie Forleo says:

      Indeed it HAS! And we love having you in our world 🙂
      – Team Forleo

  • GENT WITHIN says:

    Been watching Marie TV for years now. So much value dropped every week. Thanks for being you and doing what you do! Big shout out to the whole team for putting out consistently great work!

    • Ana Telma says:

      Gentleman Within I was going to leave a comment, but yours is perfect! This is everything I also wanna say!

    • Marie Forleo says:

      We’re thrilled that you’ve been in our world for so long! Thank YOU for contributing your voice, and being a bright light in our community 🙂
      – Team Forleo

    • Jocelyn S says:

      @Marie Forleo Do you write about Dalits, casteism, varna system, avarnas, untouchability, etc…?

  • Nica Tee says:

    Love Love Love this! Cannot wait to see what pearls of wisdom you share with us in 2018.

    • Jocelyn S says:

      Marie Forleo Do you write about Dalits, casteism, varna system, avarnas, untouchability, etc…?

  • Jims Gamez says:

    I just recently discovered Marie Forleo (less than a week ago)! I like her personality in her videos and she has great answers to great questions. She has practical advice for common situations business owners find themselves in, which feels better than the common motivational “you can do it but it takes hard work”-speakers.

    • Marie Forleo says:

      We’re thrilled that you found us here James, and that Marie’s message and style of teaching resonates with you! Stay tuned for so much more to come; we’re just getting started.
      – Team Forleo

  • ABP says:

    I am so grateful for you & your team, Marie! Thank you so much for the inspiration & laughs! ♥️

  • Kyle McIntyre says:

    Can’t wait to learn more from you this year! You are such an inspiration and your videos have inspired great, positive change in my life!

  • YUKO KUDO says:

    i just love you Marie. You inspire me and so many others. Thank you so much for what you do. And yes, I’m on B School 2018!!! so excited.

  • Audry Michel says:

    Been watching you for years, thank you for always putting out such helpful and inspiring content 💕

  • Lavendaire says:

    love it!!

  • Ashton Colby says:

    An incredible summary of your contribution!! Been watching for awhile now and really am so proud to see how much momentum is behind your work now more than ever!

  • Rachel Tee says:

    YES!!! Nicely done. So amazing to see your progression. Labour of love.

  • Lysana7 says:

    This trailer touched my heart! I love you and your positive energy and wish you the very best for 2018! 🙂 Love from Germany <3

  • Look In The Box says:

    So much energy and positivity 🙏🏻❤️😘

    • Jocelyn S says:

      Marie Forleo Do you write about Dalits, casteism, varna system, avarnas, untouchability, etc…?

  • Florencia Méndez says:

    Hace unos tres o cuatro años que sigo Marie TV. El impacto (muy positivo) en mi vida es innegable. Estoy ansiosa por finalmente poder ser parte de b-school este año. Gracias Marie y al equipo por inspirarnos a ser mejores cada semana. Y, más importante aún, a hacer del mundo un lugar mejor. ¡Gracias infinitas! Thank you so much for putting so much heart and pasion into your work! It’s definitely contagious. We love you!!

  • Anel phoenix says:

    I love MarieTV so much! I’m so happy that I’ve found your channel years ago and I’ve been watching you ever since. Thank you for existing 😘

  • Isabelle St-Jean Kinésiologie says:

    Thank you Marie, love you for being all of what you are and bring to us. Let’s do this <3 Thank you xoxox

  • PropelHer says:

    Loving the new intro video. Absolutely love how you are so business and so fun at the same time. The whole world needs to dance so I love that you embrace that side. Looking forward to many more episodes of MarieTV x

  • Jeanne Street says:

    Beautiful Marie! “The difference you were born to make”… amazing!
    As a former student of  B-School and The Copy Cure I can tell you that Marie and her team have your back, you will overcome all your business fears and reach your goals!
    xx Thanks for sharing your light with the world Marie!

  • Tommie Busche says:

    @Marie Forleo Your kindness, generosity & exuberant spirit brings out the best in everyone you meet. Thanks for being the amazing soul you are. I truly appreciate you.

  • Reelika Schulte says:

    Everything really can be figured out. If there’s a will, there’s a way! As a coach, and entrepreneur, I am always enjoying personal development, and the more we learn, the more we grow. Keep up the great work!

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