How to Make a Million Dollars in Revenue

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How to Make a Million Dollars in Revenue –

ATTENTION: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Executives … Today I am going over 10 Strategies To Add $1,000,000 To Your Business This Year!

Join Me During This Live Training On How We Have Successfully Done This For Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners.

I am covering: Million Dollar Math, Reverse Engineering $1M In Revenue, Set Action Targets to Graph, Create a Product/Service, Setting Up Funnels & Marketing Offers, Build Your Landing Pages, Craft Sales Scripts, Convert Leads, Measure Key Metrics, & Scale Operations.

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Cameron Long

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    Great info. Thanks G!

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    Thank you, Uncle G. You are, by far, the best motivational/ inspirational figure on YouTube 💪🙏🙌🫶

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    Tired of working for someone else, hungry for passive income.

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    Business owner. Need help growing and building passive income. I just started a second business in real estate, thanks to you and Pace Morby

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    I want to be a Billionaire 🎉🎉🎉

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    This guy is the real deal, he came from nothing, which inspires me. Cant wait to attend the training.

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    The value that Grant gives out for free is really unbelievable.

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    Just watched this on a plane and created my 10X plan. My 1X goal was to break even for my startup. My 10X goal is to generate 10X our annual overhead with gross revenue. I figured out how many units I needed to sell to achieve that. I then figured out how many customers I would need to have in-person meetings with at a 50% close rate to sell that many units. I then used an average contact-to-meeting ratio to figure out how many prospective customers I would need to contact to generate sufficient meetings. I then figured out how many times I would need to contact those customers on average in order to generate the meeting. I then multiplied the number of touches by 10, while planning to use multiple outreach channels (direct mail, social, email, phone) with multiple contacts at the same company to ensure I don’t overwhelm any individual person at that target company. LET’S GO!!!!!!!

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    Wow, this is so wonderful message and eye opening.

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    Wake Up Gen Z

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