4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside and Out w/ Kate Northrup

Know your worth to get over your money anxieties and start living abundantly. In this video, you'll learn from Kate Northrup the four money beliefs that keep you broke, and what you can do to change them.

Belief #1: Someone else should/will do this for me. This belief gives another person your power. Instead, know your worth and believe that you're capable of solving your own financial problems, like getting out of debt.

Belief #2: I'm not good with money. This belief only holds you back. We've all learned the skills we have, and being "good" with money is one of them. Know your worth and understand that your beliefs become your actions, and your actions become your life. Pay attention to your money and you'll start to build a better relationship with it.

Belief #3: People with money are greedy OR it's not spiritual to have money. When we have a negative judgment against others, our subconscious will never allow us to have that abundance we're judging because we believe it's negative. Know your worth and your worthiness to have abundance, and understand that money is just a tool to trade value for value.

Belief #4: I'm not ____ enough. This thought takes you out of the game. No one will value you more than you value yourself — know your worth and begin to put your attention on what you value about yourself and the ways you bring value to the world. Write down three of these things before bed each night so that you begin to grow that muscle.

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Cameron Long

  • Patricia Bright says:

    Love this channel Marie! 

  • Brenna serby says:

    This is so amazing not just on the money side of it but in valuing and empowering yourself to think better. Next semester I am eligible for internships but I keep looking at companies and think I am not good enough to apply or they’ll shoot me down. This has been another big eye opener for me! Thanks again Marie!

  • ArtCreationByNa says:

    “Wanting money is a shame. Wanting money is shallow.”   That’s been holding me back. Thank you for your videos. I’m learning to building a good relationship with money. And learning to respect money. 

  • Dea S. says:

    Something that’s been holding me back is the belief that money is hard to get and there isn’t much of it. Thanks to these videos I’m opening up my mind and realizing money is only as hard to get as I make it. I’m reminding myself that it actually ISNT hard to get and there is PLENTY to go around. Thanks guys!

  • M L says:

    And I loved how Kate talked about spending $ on workshops. Buying “spiritual” growth products is basically the same as buying designer clothes, just camouflaging it

  • Susan Lerner says:

    I just went through my debts and totalled them up, also my monthly expenses.

    One of my negative feelings about having money is my dad was stressed and sick all the time because of his business, and ended up retiring early.

    I love the idea of writing down 3 things I value in myself and I can’t remember the other part.

  • Kate Osborn says:

    OH MY GOSH, THIS VIDEO COMPLETELY SPOKE LIFE RIGHT INTO ME!!!!!  It is literally one of those videos where my eyes and ears completely perked up, even though I do not share the same money beliefs discussed on this video, what Kate Northrup was saying was COMPLETLEY what I needed to hear today, so thank you for creating this video and interviewing her!!!!

  • Sarah Theresa says:

    Looking at my bank account with an abundance and gratitude mindset is going to be my new daily ritual. I hope to apply this to my monthly small biz book-keeping as well, making it a ritual of love and apprecation! Thank you for this intervew! <3

  • Shane Paul Life Coaching says:

    “No one will value you more, than you value yourself.” Powerful quote. Great information Marie and Kate. Thanks.

    • nanu1980 says:

      It is a powerful quote, however, it is not correct. Fortunately, there are people who see value in others and their contributions. And there CAN be people who value someone more than they value themselves. And I’m sure if you think about it, you’ve heard or whitnessed those stories, too. Yes, there might not be man of them. And most of the time its our close friends and relatives. But even “out in the world” there can be strangers, who value what you have to offer. It’s just that you shouldn’t rely on these few people to show up. But in my opinion, it’s not good to cement the believe that those people can’t or won’t exist at all. When you meet one of these, be open and grateful.

    • stevo728822 says:

      Just sounds like a load of crap to me.

    • Rocky P says:

      It’s not their original quote either

  • Mars vs Venus says:

    The one thing that held me back is that I felt like I could not be successful and be alone (no family I could trust, love or fall back on). I felt like everyone who had a family had an edge over me. Time to work seemed to be overwhelming because “I had to do everything by myself”.

    The one action I can take to demonstrate that I am ready for a new belief is to not be afraid. 🙂 Aww gee . . . What a revealing 20 awesome minutes this was.

  • Karla PS says:

    Marie, I am not in debt, but I have some avoidance patterns that could definitely get me into debt if I weren’t living with my parents and saving. I just want to say thanks for this video and enabling me to identify these issues before I put myself into a trouble spot. This is really valuable information 🙂

  • Adalib Nunez says:

    I love this!!!! I’m going to 1. start checking my bank account balance every day and practice gratitude for three things of value in my life, and 2. think of myself as having worth and adding value to others’ lives.

  • Hashima Watts says:

    My negative money belief is that I don’t think I have enough money to grow a successful business. The way I’ve been tackling it is writing a list of every single thing I can do to improve my money with the finances that I do have. Thanks for this video, it gave me a new perspective!

  • Margaret Easton says:

    That was so apt for me , thanks Marie and Kate, I know which self limiting beliefs I have and where they’ve come from, need to work on them now! I deserve and am worthy of abundance. 🙂

  • Johanna says:

    There used to be this belief of not being enough, of being worthless. I’ve become a long way with that but that beautiful practice Kate was talking about (writing down three things that one has done well that day) is something I’m totally going to try out. I can already feel how powerful that’s going to be. Thank you for this video, it was really helpful to me. Love and greetings from Finland <3

  • Lena Young says:

    Greetings Marie, just discovered your channel 18 minute ago, heartfelt topic that needed to be spoken about. This discussion definitely pierced through some stone-wall ideals I’ve somehow carried with me without awareness. The disguised for me was that those I’v deemed as financial stable had someone to help them along the way! My resolve to the matter is, I desire a better story then suffering without a cause. We all go through challenges BECAUSE we are advancing to a better version of ourselves. You BOTH have been enlightening the process. Thanks

  • Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette® Learn Parisian French on Skype says:

    I love this; every time I pay attention to finances regularly, my income increases. But I thought that I have to look at my full balance sheet and it is a bit overwhelming. But looking in my checking and savings accounts as well as my credit card, it’s so much easier to do, and I will set a daily alarm to do so. A huge thank you!! xoxo

  • Diana Dahanovi says:

    Love you both. Thank you for these points. I know my ‘mantra’ is I need ($20,000) to do what I need to do to become successful. Whatever amount of money I determine I NEED to have to (1) become successful, (2) start the road to success (3) extract myself from an abusive environment is ALWAYS 100x more than I have…
    If I BELIEVE the universe will support me in my steps toward my goals, that could be the action I could take… Move forward (somehow) as if ..

  • Jake Park says:

    Money beliefs that have been holding me back: “Money is scarce.” “That’s expensive.”

    When I spend money, I will start to look at it as a transaction of value. I am giving money in order to receive something that I value. I will remind myself every day that I am valuable and abundant. I attract money into my life because I add an abundance of value to the world and the people around me!

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge and encouragement!

  • Shera Linares says:

    “If you free yourself financially, you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet”! 🙌🏼 precisely!

    • Archana Nath says:

      What is holding me back is. the belief that I am not smart enough to take care of my money issues

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