Todd Herman: 5 Ways To Change Your Life & Make It Stick

Tired of trying to change your life only to revert back to your old habits? Todd Herman is here to help. In this video, you'll learn the five ways to change your life and make those changes stick.

Step #1: Know what you're seeking. To change your life, you first need a vision of change that's very clear and specific. If you're trying to break a habit or learn a new skill, figure out what specifically that looks like for you.

Step #2: Set trigger goals. Trigger goals are micro-changes you can set up in your life to help you achieve a larger goal. For example, if you are trying to build a new exercise routine, a trigger goal for yourself could be to get dressed in your workout clothing 4 days a week. This will make you more likely to stick with your larger goal and ultimately change your life.

Step #3: Set improvement goals. Improvement goals are numbers with a date attached to them. These goals will help you set up a feedback loop so you can measure if you're moving towards your goal or not.

Step #4: Get social support. This could be a coach, mentor, online community, or even a friend who has gone through what you're going through before. These are people who can cheer you on as you change your life.

Step #5: Script your setbacks. Prepare for setbacks by knowing how you'll deal with them as they come up. Anticipate how you'll feel and react ahead of time so you're prepared and ready to respond in a way that won't throw you off your goal.

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Cameron Long

  • Nellah Grace says:

    I love how Marie is genuinely excited about what Todd is saying… which is absolute Gold btw!! loved it.

  • Trenda S says:

    This was awesome! Thank you so much. Learned so much in this segment. I will definitely be applying what I learned today to make new changes.

  • XHL763 says:

    This video came at a great time. I was let go from my job and have to admit I was an oww brain. This is great advice and definitely applying it to my life. I already have the tribe set but going to do the having a clear vision of what I need to change. I’ve heard of vision boards, so I’m going to create that to work from there… Here is where I would apply the trigger goals. Thank you Marie for this video!

  • Jason Gearhart says:

    I’ve definitely got an OWW brain. I hit that resistance earlier this year with my heath goal. This is inspiring me to get back on it. It’s amazing the learn the biology of what causes us to fail and retreat into our comfort zone!

    Technique #5 is definitely a powerful thing, and I think that the one that will impact me most going forward. It’s definitely a question I would have never thought to ask myself!

  • A says:

    This is one of the most incredible breakdowns of habit-changing I’ve seen. Thank you for this!

  • Lola Lovejoy says:

    Really needed this video. Thank you Marie and Todd. I’m definitely more OWW than a WOW. Going to start by using step2 and step 3 to incorporate the much needed change in my life. Wish me luck.

  • Toni Natoli says:

    I appreciate the way Todd Herman has distilled the latest neuroscience on making substantive changes in one’s life. As someone who’s been retraining a hair trigger limbic response for a long time, his approach of reducing surprise and overwhelm, specifically with the microchanges/goals and scripting setback is very welcome and appealing. I want more WOW brain action and this is doable. Thanks!

  • amidlifewoman says:

    What he shared in the beginning part explained a lot to me. For the 1st time ever I realize that those “yuck” feelings I get when trying to change something about myself isn’t really me. It is my body/my brain wanting more of the uggg feelings that it is so use to getting. This specific subject needs shared & taught MUCH more often! I bet I al ot of people would get from it what I did. I am a self help junkie & have listened to hundreds of speakers and not ONE time was anything like this ever mentioned. Thank you! Beth 🙂

  • Beautiful Creative EBONY says:

    I struggle really really hard to create my own business. Each year I start and that’s all I ever do is start. But Marie you are my inspiration a long with some other people I watch on YouTube. Y’all have inspire me to start NOW and not wait because I’m getting older with time and I don’t want to regret not doing it now later. Thank you so much.

  • Melvin Melendez says:

    This interview was amazing! I discovered Marie Forleo’s videos a couple days ago and I am hooked. She is so positive, talented, and inspiring! Definitely feel like I discovered her at the right time. 

    I recently quit my job after 5 years so that I could pursue my dream life of working for myself. In this journey I am focusing on what I truly want out of life. It is scary and uncertainty has hit me in the face hard! I am now focusing on starting my own business and researching like crazy all over the web to get prepared. Its been a tough  but exciting!

    I would identify myself as a Wow until I’m an Oww type of person. I start off extremely optimistic and pursue what I’m interested in like a lion chasing its prey. As soon as I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work I start the self sabotage! 

     So I identify with each step of the process but two of them stuck out the most.  Step #4: Gathering a tribe and Step #5: Script your setbacks. Being alone in your pursuit to making your dreams come true is tough. So realizing that I should surround myself with a tribe makes me feel supported, which is what I need! Step 5 spoke to me because it makes perfect sense! Anticipating how I am going to react in certain situations ahead of time will better prepare me for battling the self hate!

    Thanks again!!!!!

  • Melissa says:

    This is amazing advice here. Thank you both for bringing this to all of us. I’m so grateful!

  • Hussein Abdelfatah says:

    You are full of life. I can see and feel your great kindness and knowledge. I love your full awareness of all the topics you discuss. I hope my two daughters can learn from you 🌻

  • Sassy Walden says:

    Don’t have an ‘aw-brain’, but a ‘Wow-brain’. Be willing to go through the pain to change.1- Set (envision) a path to improvement.
    2- Set Trigger (small) goals leading up to the big goal.
    3- Set Improvement goals.
    4- Gather a tribe around yourself. Get a coach, mentor, people to support you.
    5- Script your setbacks; What will you do if you don’t get the response or support you expected to get to accomplish your goals?

  • Melissa Rohlfs says:

    I’m definitely an “owwww brainer.” This was so helpful to me in recognizing my “pain points” for what they are. I’m going to work on planning my tomorrows and ID’ing those steps to personal achievement.

  • Juliana Gusmão says:

    Thank you so much! I’m struggling to make an important change in my life and this video came in the perfect timing to help me with it!

    I’m starting to practice the 5 steps now!

  • Queen 👸🏽 says:

    He just explained exactly what I’m going through now “confidence and growth” …. I used to think all these people say/do is a woohoo and they just want to waste my time and money but now I have opposite opinion in fact, I reflected on my old thoughts and think to myself, how negative I was is shocking! I’m just so grateful for the people who put great content out there everyday because it is absolutely changing lives!!!

  • TDL 2377 says:

    Thank you so much for this piece of precious information. It really helps me to understand better. I am currently in the change and it is not just like injecting positive thinking to myself only. Along the way I discovered there are so many micro stuffs to deal with in my perspective, memorisation, action, etc… all that without understanding it feels like being defeated when I encountered a minor setback. The 5 keynotes are really helpful in my goal setting, thank you so much once again.

  • Finding The Bliss says:

    This is an old video but I just loved it! These 5 straight forward steps are a great help for planning out chance. I’ve been on this road for a while and these 5 steps sum it up really well. Thank you Marie and Todd.👏🙏

  • Amber Berberich says:

    Nowadays, I tend to have more of an OWW brain. I have been struggling with being consistent with changes I am working on. The steps from this video that really helps me is: 3. Setting improvement goals and 5. Script your setbacks. I have the other steps down, but these two steps I mentioned have been the missing pieces. I am excited to start implementing them! Thank you so much Marie and Todd!

  • Katarina Ogilvie says:

    WOW! Literally! Such an interesting take on resistance to change, really helped me look within actually. Marie, you just always speak to the most interesting writers. Thanks, Todd, your book is on my list!🌈👍

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