The AI Content Tool Does It All (but, is it too much?)

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Today, I'm taking a first look at a new AI assisted tool called Underlord, which is built right into Descript. I've used Descript to edit my podcasts and videos for a while now, but Underlord is their biggest update so far, and I wanted to take it on a test run.

Let's see how useful this is.

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Cameron Long

  • @zinzamailer1601 says:

    Always great. Learn from your content.. I want advice from you. I offer a special Ad Creative service for e-commerce and designing landing pages. Is it possible to integrate affiliate marketing for other products and tools on the same agency website, or will it harm the business, especially if it is promoting tools that implement what I do as a job? I want to Your advice

  • @joshuadelaughter7968 says:

    Wow this is insanely cool.

  • @SterlingMcKinley says:

    Yes I use the script to edit on my podcast and social media videos. This program is easily worth $100 per month and it has saved me so much time. The AI features make it even more valuable.

  • @RodHarlan says:

    FYI, something got messed up with your video edit and it stopped showing your computer screen the final 1/3 of your video, starting at 11:51. The audience can’t see what you’re referring to as you discuss the various features.

  • @elsynjogu7578 says:

    Thank you 👍

  • @sandeepvaishnava7082 says:

    after 12 min no screen share

  • @tube-master says:

    Underlord is great especially when in conjunction with all of Descripts functionalities! Thanks Pat 🤦‍♂️

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