The AI Content Tool Does It All (but, is it too much?)

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Today, I'm taking a first look at a new AI assisted tool called Underlord, which is built right into Descript. I've used Descript to edit my podcasts and videos for a while now, but Underlord is their biggest update so far, and I wanted to take it on a test run.

Let's see how useful this is.

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Cameron Long

  • Anonymous says:

    *To the beautiful soul reading this, I wish you blessings and the realization of all your dreams. Keep believing.* 🌱

  • @pure.panic.productions33 says:

    You know I’m excited to use something like this to just polish off those few rough bits, right? BUT I worry it may make way for a stint of lazier (fix it in post ) creators. But then I’d like to assume the ones who put in the real work will shine more authentically

  • @homesteadingforbeginners says:

    I’m blown away by Descript now. With Squad Cast I can get rid of my streaming platform because I was using it mostly for local recording anyway. I’ll actually be saving money! So excited!

  • @Michael_aguzman says:

    This is pretty amazing, this tool!!

  • @tube-master says:

    Great tool! Thanks! 🎉

  • @Catina28 says:

    Oh my. This is amazing. Do I still need my captions app? I already loved descript but this is a new level for sure.

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