Where I Keep my CASH #shorts

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Where I Keep my CASH –

Where do you keep yours? Post in comments below…


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Cameron Long

  • @davidbell4626 says:

    There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with that!

  • @thuto_heiress_zulu says:

    That body language is sus.

  • @jaysonmoscato says:

    Why dude so arrogant. 😅

  • @billk122 says:

    Yuk man

  • @pholtable says:

    Money only buys convenience lol so funny when people are 1000% identified with it.

  • @mann8098 says:

    We need a little deflation 😂 Just a tad.

  • @CP-bf6wx says:

    Thank you for yesterday’ webinar ! Happy Father’s Day with your loved one !

  • @danisle4379 says:

    I KNOW he and Ed Mylett are buddies.
    Pretty sure Ed Mylett set Grant up with eirher Whole Life policy or an IUL.
    Grant keeps his cash im multiple places.
    But, maybe he doesn’t consider his life insurance cash….which would be a wise idea.

  • @airportdocumentaries says:

    No, you didn’t lose anything. You only lose the money when you buy stuff. Yes, you can buy less today due to inflation, but you haven’t lost anything.

    • @matthewmatheny says:

      You can buy less. That means you lost purchasing power , which is all currency really is. So the devaluation of the currency through inflation is an actual loss, and it’s the worst kind because you can’t deduct it or recover from it. You’re right, the money needs to be spent in order to realize the purchasing power. Which is all cash should be used for after living expenses is to be buying assets and other assets that can grow and outpace the devaluation of the currency.

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