Webinar Mastery: The Proven Formula for Highly Engaged Webinars that Convert

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I've run over 250 webinars that have converted into over 100,000 emails and over 3 million dollars in sales, all without the "slimey sell" – and today, I'm going to show you the blueprint on how to run an effective webinar yourself, too. This is the first time I'll be publicly sharing my methods, and I look forward to helping you finally create engaging webinars – from how to structure your talk, to how to pitch and follow up, I got you. Come join me on July 8th at 12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET) for a hands on workshop with me!

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Cameron Long

  • @michaelharrington2234 says:

    background blurry?

  • @CathySirvatka says:

    This was a really great webinar full of useful stuff! Thanks, Pat!

  • @Pokemon_mentalhealth says:

    Dang!! Missed the live! Rewatch engaged

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    Hi Pat

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  • @SarahDawnsDesigns says:

    A question about asking for permission for the pitch – what do you do if someone says ‘no?’ If you keep going, it sort of invalidates you asking for their permission. But if other folks say ‘yes’, then what do you? Do you just politely tell the ‘no’ person that you’re glad they came but you want to pitch the people who are asking?

    I feel like that’s sort of a no-win scenario if someone says ‘no’. Thoughts?

    • @sandymann4090 says:

      Great question, Sarah! I haven’t seen anyone reply no before, assuming that the “permission to pitch” is a way to tell the audience I’m about to go into a sales portion of the presentation and ppl are welcome to leave if they aren’t interested.

    • @SarahDawnsDesigns says:

      @@sandymann4090 Oh, that’s an interesting way to look at it – so any potential naysayers could be politely told that the rest of the webinar just isn’t for them, maybe?

  • @myhorsejourney.official says:

    amazing image, anyone know what Pat uses for camera/lens?

  • @carolparker2868 says:

    Yes – in Hawaii

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  • @Alynnevans76 says:

    Well done Pat, been following you since the early days. You are making a difference.

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  • @AngelaSams says:

    REPLAY. Thank you for helping me in 2020. You literally gave me a reason to get out of bed every day.

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