Cameron Long

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    First viewer ❤

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    *I will unsubscribe ur channel* *if u don’t give a heart at the* *earliest*😂

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    I like grants energy

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    What’s the best way to make money from crypto investment as crypto is turning around massively ❤❤

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      I think you need is an expert assigned by brokerage company that will trade for you and handle your capital professionally and will give you weekly returns of investment without Extra fees.

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      Ms. Anna Rodriguez as my t’rader . Her ability to t’rade and produce big pro:fits ,in my opinion is excellent😊

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      Yeah that’s right I think the best way is to invest with a professional, at least it saves the trauma of too much losses.

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      Really you actually knew her ?! I thought I was the only one she has helped through the fears and falls of trading😊

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      Seeing remarks regarding my manager Ms Anna Rodriguez is quite energising . It was just like this when I first met her a few weeks ago. Having started with just 4k about 2-3 weeks ago . I have already made it to 21k , she is very remarkable.

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    Hi sir i really like your videos , i just turned 16 and want to become like you but I think that the school system didn’t teach us the things that makes people like you . I just wanted to know that what are the top 5 things to learn other than school subjects to become a successful person… whereas my Plan is to become a person who serves the people of the world with valuable skills and knowledge (but didn’t know what are the skills to learn and what types of knowledge to learn,because school education is just sus they only teach us to become the part of the system) but i wanted my life to be different i want you to guide me., if not heare pls reply where should i contact you.

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    Grants a beast!

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