Stop selling info and do this instead

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Gone are the days where we can simply package information into something and put a price on it. There are ways, however, to position your expertise, serve an audience and generate revenue, which I'll share with you in this video.

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Cameron Long

  • @KendallMatthews says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    It’s time to partner with implementation teams.

  • @iamrebeccaanne says:

    I’ve been selling online courses since 2020 and have definitely seen exactly what you’re talking about however we also provide mentorship and community which is why we are still in the game 🎉

  • @Kozette88 says:

    Thanks for telling us, Pat. 🙏🏽

  • @Chickasawndngirl says:

    Thanks Pat! Love the All Access Pass! The community, Accelerators and courses have helped me more than I can say! ❤

  • @jillymonson says:

    When I started seeing direct ads from some of the “big names” in course creation, it was clear that wave was over.
    AND after taking courses in the past and finding most are b.s. or a regurgitation of b.s., I was over it. I feel like so many people don’t know what to teach, so they take a course and then start selling a course on the same topic. sigh.

  • @BobbyRayBurns says:

    So… we’re simply back to trading “time for dollars” – working. LOL

    • @patflynn says:

      Not exactly, but we’re clearly moving away from automated income from information only. Creating a software to solve a solution, for example, is far from time for dollars.

    • @thecontentproducer says:

      Basically, but SaaS is the new vending machine.

  • @AlbeiroOchoaGutierrez says:

    I have been selling tutoring services since before the pandemic. Clearly, it is complex to scale, yet it commands a higher price and has a higher completion rate.

  • @brandonb8807 says:

    Thanks so much Pat! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get started with the experiences I’ve had in my life (I’m 45, lol) and I couldn’t see a way to package and monetize what I know that hasn’t been already put online. But you’ve given me a knew way to look at it. Now I’m reinvigorated to take another look at all of this!

  • @jmarino715 says:

    Wow… never thought I’d see you of all people to make a video like this. Thanks for being open and honest about it.

  • @StephaniePerry says:

    I sell the same information in course format and in challenge format with coaching and community included. The challenge outsells the course 10 to 1 at almost 2x the price. And I get great testimonials from the challenge, while the course students are silent. I assumed they were finishing but weren’t reaching out to me. But now I think they likely aren’t finishing. Thanks for these stats.

    • @patflynn says:

      10 to 1 that’s insane. Nicely done!

    • @teenageapocalypseusa5368 says:

      What is a challenge format?

    • @vincentcaudo-engelmann9057 says:

      Seconding the what is the challenge question.

    • @renosance8941 says:

      @@teenageapocalypseusa5368 You give people a goal… like “wake up early for 30 days” then give people a community (group chat, Discord, FB group, etc.) that everyone joins to keep each other accountable.
      From there, people interact with everyone else doing the challenge, including the hosts/coaches, and shares their progress, accomplishments, setbacks… you can throw in little bonuses, do little live events, have weekly check-ins, and just keep people engaged with the program.

      When it’s a group effort, and you know others are directly in the challenge with you, people are more likely to finish, compared to a course where… a solo individual can just fall off, and never finish.

    • @renosance8941 says:

      @@vincentcaudo-engelmann9057 (see my reply above)

  • @ProfePlaysMinecraft says:

    Extremely timely!!!! Totally needed to hear this as I’m working on creating courses…. Which apparently might be obsolete.

    • @patflynn says:

      Nah, not exactly. Think about how you can be sure your students can implement – or what you can do to ensure they get results. Info alone is a tough thing right now unless it’s truly unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

  • @itsirenechan says:

    In the start of 2023, I intended to publish a course and sell it. I’ve been freelancing for almost two years by then. But for some reason, I could never record the videos for my courses. Later that year, I made a change. I started hiring people to get some of the work done. When I started doing that, the growth was almost immediate. I was able to grow my team, revenue, and this year, I officially started my own company helping early-stage startup founders 10x their marketing results with half the budget using freelancers in the Philippines and leveraging AI workflows. And for me, selling execution is a lot more fun.

    This video confirmed my decision! So happy that I followed my gut. Glad that there are videos like this that are looking at the hard facts and pivoting.

  • @debasmitabasu_456 says:

    The speaker, Pat Flynn, suggests three ways that creators can sell implementation instead of information:

    Do it for them: This means providing a service where you do the work for the customer. For example, if you teach people how to build websites, you could offer a service where you build websites for them.

    Do it with them: This means coaching or consulting with customers to help them achieve their goals. For example, if you teach people how to lose weight, you could offer coaching services to help them create a weight loss plan and stick to it.

    Do it with others: This means creating a community or cohort where people can learn from each other and hold each other accountable. For example, if you teach people how to start a business, you could create a community forum where people can ask questions and share tips.

    Flynn believes that these methods are more effective than selling information because they provide more value to the customer. Customers are more likely to succeed if they have someone to help them implement what they learn.

    • @sharimubarak8000 says:

      Thank you, this was super helpful to read through while listening to the video. I appreciate you.

  • @English.Fluency says:

    Thank you Pat, I just stumbled on your video, and you answered a very pressing question I had. Again, thank you! I happily subscribed to your channel

  • @richardpryn says:

    Love this Pat – I’ve been following you for almost 10 years now and I have so much respect for you and what you do. Really appreciate this advice 🤘🏼

  • @bobninda says:

    Very valuable info – thank you!

  • @DaveSoltura says:

    Pat, I needed to hear this from you. You’re one of the first digital entrepreneurs I’ve followed who’s has massive success with info marketing/courses. I’ve been meaning to do courses again and again, but the landscape really has changed. Perhaps at best, I’d consider doing micro offers between $9-27 for larger audiencese, but community power is the way to go. You’ve also reinvigorated my perspective on service–even passive income goes dry. Thank you for the wisdom!

  • @Lindagreg442 says:

    Excellent video Today I reached 200 thousand usd I’m really grateful 🙏 for all the knowledge and information you gave given me in the last few months. I started with 25 thousand usd last month

    • @JamesRick-ok3ev says:

      Wow this looks great please how can you earn the amount you buy a wait

    • @Fortune858 says:

      Buy and hold is risky because no one knows what the market will be like in the future so it’s better to invest rather than buy and hold because in the process of buy/hold you can loss everything when the price falls against your expectations

    • @zksabledvatu says:

      Yes it’s over and that’s what many investors don’t know especially newbies

    • @spanmlunybass says:

      Thank you so much Mr Lee Davis for the gift of life and blessings to me and my family $140K weekly profit Our God have lifted up my Life!!! A. V

    • @SophiaBliss-ul8vs says:

      I’m favoured financially, Thank you Jesus $32,000 weekly profit regardless of how bad it gets on the economy.

  • @natalieminnis says:

    I never ever ever watch those long “explainer” ads… except one time, about 6 months ago, one of them caught my attention and I watched it right through, all 5 mins. The narrator had a real authenticity, clearly knew his subject inside out, and the course he was offering was perfectly targeted towards a niche interest of mine. And it was a course that no one else was offering. The ad linked to a one-hour video, which I dropped everything to watch – very unusual for me! As I was watching it, I was thinking “will I buy the long or the shorter version of this course?” I got my credit card ready… but it suddenly occurred to me – WHEN am I going to get enough time to fit this all in? I realised that realistically I simply didn’t have the time. I signed up to the email list, but surprisingly, I only got one email. I suspect that the promoter got more sign-ups than he’d even expected, the ads were so beautifully made and expertly targeted. It would be interesting to know how many people actually completed the course.

    • @StephenCourson says:

      What was the course/service? Interested to see it

    • @natalieminnis says:

      @@StephenCourson It was a flexibility programme for climbers. Other such courses are available, but this one was perfectly targeted to my level with clear, specific achievement goals.

  • @CarlosRosario says:

    Much needed and thank you.

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