If I started a personal brand in 2024, I’d do this

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

It is now more important than ever to build up your personal brand, but what does that mean exactly? In this video, I'm going to teach you a simple structure for building a personal brand today that will help you become more well-known, gain more followers, and help you build a business that you can call yours. Once you learn this, it will be something you'll never forget.

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Cameron Long

  • @SeanMize says:

    Thanks for creating GREAT training like this!!!!

  • @georgiabandbook3473 says:

    Love this 🎉

  • @derryXDINES says:

    Pat – my eyes rolled about 20 minutes in… In a good way!

  • @cierraslowsdown says:

    I’ll have to return to this when I can give it my undivided attention, but what I’ve heard so far is good as always, Pat!!

  • @pash_vc says:

    Just in time. Exactly what I need to transition from work to building my own community. Love ya Pat ❤

    • Anonymous says:

      Building a personal brand intake years, you must build an audience.
      Almost each word mentioned in the video requires in-depth study.
      I have 5 key tasks that I HAVE repeat EVERY DAY, 6 day per week for years.

      My channel is only 1200 subscribers, but I’ve made multiple -figures with my personal brand.
      I use organic strategies.
      My niece is agricultural land, hunting ranches in South Africa.
      My channel is my name.

  • @anthonyparkinv2 says:

    Im 43 years old and ive just started out on my youtube journey and trying to start my brand. 37 subscribers so far. Its going to be a long road ahead but im determined to succeed. Because when i succeed at this. It means im also helping others succeed too.. Best of luck to everyone starting their own personal brand journey!!

    • @_kathrynprice says:

      I’ll be 60 in a few months and I started my personal brand in 2022 and this year I’m growing YouTube with shorts and my new podcast. What is your niche?

    • @anthonyparkinv2 says:

      That’s amazing and what an inspiration you are❤. My niche is aimed at self motivation and self Improvement. Trying to inspire the older generation that youtube isn’t just for young attractive people but anyone at any age can change the direction of their life.

    • @anthonyparkinv2 says:

      @@_kathrynprice I just checked out your channel and you’ve got some great advice in your videos. You have a new subscriber from 🇳🇴 Norway!

    • @3on3HoopsPod says:

      Same! I’m 46 and the only thing I regret is not starting sooner. But I am 100% all in and have become addicted to learning and getting better at this. Im determined to succeed at this!

    • @thegreenlogbook says:

      You just got one more sub, bro. Gotta support the 40+ club!

  • @_kathrynprice says:

    I love this! I’ve been following you since way back then. I’ll be 60 in a few months and I started my personal brand in 2022 and this year I’m growing YouTube with shorts and my new podcast. What is your niche?

  • @TheArtOfBeingFreed says:

    This was an amazing video. I actually took notes in a trained chat on Google Gemini and I have great feedback that’s personalized to what I’m building. Shout out to everyone working on a personal brand. This is your time to shine! Thanks for sharing this!

  • @quickpstuts412 says:

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I feel like this video addressed my comment on your last video. Yes!!! That’s what you do well. You connect with people’s needs!!

    Most people spend way too much time on the ideas and the products, but they don’t validate what people need and want.

    I find that most new entrepreneurs focus too much on what they want to create instead of the actual market demand. You can’t force people to understand your vision. Your vision needs to align with what they already want and need.

  • @leadgenjay says:

    Great insights on personal branding

  • @bobaventures says:

    Hey Pat. Recently found you through Sean Cannell who I found through Chris Do. Your content is awesome man. Keep it up.

  • @FSP.Entertainment says:


  • @Bouldercreeklodgemontana says:

    Brillant thoughts Pat

  • @fitforfreelance says:

    This is the perfect starting place for new brands 💯

  • @tube-master says:

    Having real conversations with real people in your niche will give you the most powerfull way to find out more about your audience. And when you genuinely are interested in the conversation, people will connect with you and will be interested in what you have to say 🎉 Solid GOLD 💛

  • @thegreenlogbook says:

    Looking to make things happen with my channel, which is my online journal on life after Military Retirement, especially with finding my next mission in life and being a veteran advocate. I appreciate the info you put out there, Pat!

  • @tradewithrohit247 says:

    People Pursuits Problems, Platform,
    Pursuits includes Personal, professional,

  • @PapisenPijama says:

    Hi Pat, I’m 41, 3 kids, living in Spain and just started a YouTube channel on parenting, punching fear in the face and going for it! Unique experience as I’m living the experience with my own kids! Love your videos, many thanks for the inspiration

  • @SophieSionByde says:

    What a great video Pat! Thank you!

  • @kcole0619 says:

    @7:48 Did you misspell “perfectionism” on purpose?? Either way, brilliant. And, it’s my personal problem to getting out there.

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